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The Clarkl Soup Kitchens [Mary Carmen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Clarkl is a planet of cold days and even colder nights. Although .
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The volunteers also have a passion about their work with the Kitchen. In addition to volunteering their time many of them also give of their resources. One husband and wife team furnished can goods and desserts every week. A member of the church also brings desserts and drinks quite often. Zion 1st Baptist Church, St. A little goes a long way, Lankford said if a person does not have to buy a meal, they may be able to use their money to catch City Link and go on a job interview.

Covenant Soup Kitchen Impact Story

Mondays-Fridays 10am - 3pm Soup Kitchen: Mondays-Fridays 12pm - 2: Thursday 12pm - 2pm. Boonton, NJ Sun, Mon, Wed 7am - 8: Tues and Friday Pantry Bag Distribution Saturdays Wednesdays and Thurs 12pm - 1: Garfield, NJ Tuesdays-Fridays 9am - 4: Thurs 4pm - 6pm.

We are open for lunch every Saturday at noon. Tues Breakfast 7am - 8am. Monmouth Junction, NJ Thurs and Friday 6am - 7: Thursdays 1pm - 3pm Soup Kitchen: Friday 1pm - Finished no later than 4pm. Marlboro,, NJ Thurs pm Food Pantry for Seniors: Paterson, NJ Saturdays 5PM - 6PM. Thursday 10 - 11 AM SK: Saturday 9 - 11 AM. Wednesdays 12pm - 2pm Soup Kitchen: Wednesdays and Fridays 12pm - 2: Saturdays 10am - 11am Soup Kitchen: Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays Noon - 2pm Saturday: Noon - 1pm Sunday: Mon, Wed, Fri 12 - 1pm. Wednesdays 11am - 2pm Soup Kitchen: Wednesdays 1pm - 2pm.

Fridays 12pm - 2pm.

Thurs 11am - 12pm. Sun 3pm - 4pm Sun by appointment only. Wednesdays and Fri 10am - 1pm Photo ID and proof of address required. Daily Monday -Sunday 8am - 10am Note: Mon, Weds, Thurs, Friday 8am - 12pm, 1pm - 3pm Mon 3pm - 6: Mon 7pm, Sat 4pm. Wed 12pm - 1pm, arrive at 11am. Please call for dates and times our pantry will be open.

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Sundays 8am - 10am. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10am - 1: Sunday, Monday, Friday 2pm - 3: Thurs 12 pm - 2 PM. Tues-Fri 8am - 5pm. Every other Wednesday 11am - 1pm. Tues 6pm, Sept - June only Food Pantry: Mondays through Fridays 10am - 2pm. Tues, Wed, Fri 12pm - 1pm Food Pantry: Mon 7pm - 8pm, Friday 12pm - 1pm.

Mon and Wednesdays 9am - 1pm ID and proof of Brooklyn address required. Queens, NY Tues, Wed, Thurs 12pm - 3pm. Tues-Thurs 2pm - 4pm Call first to check for availability of food. Red Bank, NJ The program is run by volunteers that are affiliated with The Church of the Holy Trinity. Cliffside Park, NJ Ridgefield, NJ Paul's Community Corporation is a food pantry.

Mon, Wed, Friday Mon, Wed, Friday 3pm Must have referral. Sun Breakfast 10am, Lunch Mondays 1pm - 2pm.

Mission on the Move Soup Kitchen

We provide non-perishable food and toiletries to any one in need, regardless of race, faith, background, or age If you are need of food from our food pantry, please vi. Zion Church is a food pantry. Hackensack, NJ Wednesday through Saturday 10am to 2: You can come in to register between 9am and 8pm Monday through Saturday and Sunday 4pm to 8pm. In order to become a member, you must bring New York, NY Tues-Friday 10am - 1: Tues 10am - 3pm, Wed 3pm - 6pm, Thurs 10am - 3pm, Friday 10am - 2pm Friday is intake day, required for 1st time clients; must bring proof of residence, income, and family size.

Anthony's Food Pantry is a community service of St. We provide food, clothing, housewares and other items to our customers.

Clark Food Pantries, Soup Kitchens & Food Banks

Thurs 10am - 1pm Photo ID required, once a month. Sat 9am ID Required. Friday 10am - 11am Closed during July and august; ID and proof of address required. Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm Must have letterhead referral. Mon-Friday 3pm - 5: Wed 10am - 11am. Mon 12pm - 1: Tues and Wed Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday 11am - 2pm. Mondays through Fridays Breakfast 8: Mondays through Fridays 9 am and Mondays through Fridays 8 am and 2: Wed and Thurs 12pm - 2pm Food Pantry: Tues 1pm - 5pm Bring ID for first visit. Prospect Park, NJ Monday 9am - 11am; Tues, Thurs, Friday 9am - 11am and 1pm - 3pm Only serves families from zip codes and with children under 18 Proof of address required.

Tues-Thurs 10am - 2pm Photo ID, referral and proof of family size required. Mondays through Fridays 12pm - 2pm ID required. Tues and Thurs 7pm - 8pm. Mon 1pm - 4pm East Harlem residents only. Tues 10am - 8: Bogota, NJ Joseph Food Pantry is a food pantry. Every other Tues 1pm - 3pm Must live in Friday 2pm - 6pm. Wed and Friday 12pm - 1: Friday 1pm - 2pm pre-register on 1st Friday of the month. Mon, Wed and Friday 10am pm 1pm - 3pm. Albertha Shumpert Soup Kitchen: Thurs pm Food Pantry: Mondays through Fridays 1pm Food Pantry: Tues and Thurs 9: Kitchen Food Pantry only: Call first to get date.

Tennent, NJ Mondays through Fridays 11am - Mondays through Fridays 9: Mon and Thurs 8am - 12pm ID and proof of address required. Sat 10am - 11am seniors and 12pm - 1pm families Photo ID required. Mondays through Fridays 8: Tues 10am - 12pm No Soup Kitchen, food pantry only. Wed 10am - 1pm Referral and 2 forms of ID required. Bronx, NY Wednesday and Saturday Cranbury, NJ Wed and Sat 9: Friday 10 am - 11am. Wednesdays and Friday ID for shelter, walk in for brunch. Wednesday and Friday, Noon - 1: Monday - Friday 2 - 5 PM.

Our Mission

Freehold, NJ Hours for lunch are Mon, Wed and Thu from Tuesday and Thursday 1 - 3pm Soup Kitchen: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 2: Once a month, Tue-Thurs Tues and Thursday 4pm-6pm, Wednesdays 5pm-7pm pre-screening. Tues and Thursday 9 am - 11am; Wednesdays 4pm-6pm. Tuesdays and Thursdays 9 am - 11am; Wednesdays 4pm-6pm. Monday and Wednesday 2: Eatontown, NJ Dorthea Church is a food pantry.

Friday 10 am - 2: Englewood, NJ Monday through Thursday 9am to 1pm The Office of Concern was started in to help a few families who were displaced by a fire.

The Brixton Soup Kitchen Helping The Homeless

From that beginning we have become the largest single location food pantry in Bergen County, NJ. Our families include the working poor. Butler, NJ Princeton, NJ Pompton Lakes, NJ Mary's Church Food Pantry is a food pantry. Hightstown, NJ Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays 9: Mondays through Thursdays 1: Long Branch, NJ Tuesdays 7 pm and 9 pm. We rely on the generosity of the community and its faith to help us carry out this mission.

Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen

Covenant Soup Kitchen is a non-profit organization, which means we rely on help from the general public to aid our guests. We can always use an extra set of hands and a few hours of your time! Monetary donations can be made online, mailed, or brought directly to Covenant Soup Kitchen.