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Many of them are black, and those black blackbirds are among the first songbirds to return in the Spring - the red-wings, cowbirds, and grackles. Birders welcome them because they are the promise of Spring, the vanguard of what is soon to come. After our long winter months in Vermont, they finally give us something new to look at and listen to. I have been watching these blackbirds at my feeders. They are wary and skittish. The slightest inside movement sends them flying off.

When I walk outside, I see their dark silhouettes high in the bare branches. They are beginning their courtship, and singing - if you can call it that. Consider, for example, the Common Grackle: I suppose the song of the grackle is exciting to the females he is courting, and it may even be intimidating or threatening to another, less adept, male grackle.

They get plenty of practice; they are singing constantly, always with enthusiasm and energy. Song is loud and harsh - a gutteral protest followed by a breathy, strangled screech.

Paul McCartney Vocal Changes ('68, '76, '91, '04, '09, '14) - Blackbird

It is harsh and disagreeable, a squeaking, saw-filling explosion of notes. It varies considerably and sometimes suggests the sound of a jet of escaping steam. Likewise, the Brown-headed Cowbird seems to have been overlooked by the music critics, although its lack of singing ability is about the only thing that critics have overlooked. This is a bird that bird lovers love to hate.

How The Coyote Danced with The Blackbirds

It is a brood parasite; the female drops her eggs in the nests of other songbirds, usually smaller ones, and leaves all incubating and raising to the host birds. Cowbird parasitism is a significant problem for many of our favorite songbirds. In addition, the cowbird is ugly: The blackbirds the black ones are songbirds by taxonomic classification, not by their vocal abilities. Nevertheless, I welcome their songs, such as they are.


In March when winter is releasing its grip with great reluctance, they bring a sound that is filled with enthusiasm, energy, and hope. The blackbirds are decked out in fresh, iridescent plumage. They are active and energetic. He seemed to be sorting through the seeds looking for his favourite. I couldn't see which Last summer I had both a male and female Blackbird chomping away at my window feeder regularly. I haven't seen them over the winter and, so far, nothing since Spring sprung.

Both my male and female blackbirds are now using my fence mounted trays, which only contain seed mixes and sunflower hearts, but this seems to be when their raisins have all gone from the front lawn and ground feeder. No, never seen a blckbird on a feeder. It must have been really hungry.

At least the one in my garden does! He moves around the edge of the pond, waits for a sec, then pecks a wriggler out of the water. Then he moves and starts fishing again. The heron was bad enough, taking all the frogs, but a beautiful blackbird at my tadpoles!

I was looking out in my garden watching for the big garden bird watch last Sunday when I saw a blackbird on a peanut feeder. I haven't seen blackbirds fighting to such an extent. They just seem to chase each other away. You seem to have a severe territorial issue in your garden. I saw two woodpigeon fighting in the same manner yesterday but I went out and clapped my hands and ended the fight. One stayed and one flew away. I have 2 males who patrol my garden all day. They also sit in neighbour's trees waiting for the other to dare to land.

They were literally trying to kill each other. It was quite disturbing to watch, and I now have one with a badly trailing wing. He can still fly though.

I've never seen this before, and wondered if it is normal. Find out more about the partnership. England and Wales no.

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Replies 15 replies Subscribers 34 subscribers Views views Users 0 members are here. Hi there Some interesting facts about Blackbirds source: Blackbirds typically like to sing after rain. The most common causes of death for ringed blackbirds are cats and cars.

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The oldest ringed blackbird recovered was over 20 years old. Regards Kathy and Dave. GrahamC over 8 years ago in reply to Brenda H.


Hi Brenda - thanks for that! Up 0 Down Reply Cancel. Brenda H over 8 years ago in reply to GrahamC. GrahamC , you will find that Blackbird has produced many lists on various birds under 'All Creatures' on pages 2 and 3 Also Buzzard has provided a more in depth detail on http: Linda Riley over 8 years ago in reply to GrahamC.