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One Night with a Spy (Royal Four, Book 3) [Celeste Bradley] on wesatimunogo.cf * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For years, Lady Julia Barrowby has acted.
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Fulfilling Julia's fantasies is the perfect way to get closer to her, but seducing this fascinating creature is fast becoming more than a means to an end—it is his soul's deepest desire On the one hand, I hated the premise of the book: In fact, I had to force myself to Prior to giving writing a try, Celeste was a professional artist.

Believing that storytelling is as much of an art form, she applies those skills to writing. Mother of two teen divas, Southern-born Celeste lives in the Southwest. Her hobbies include gardening, jewelry making and collage. She feels very strongly that literacy can change lives. I think the Regency lord who happens to be a spy is a very trite, dull subject, so I am at the point now where I mostly give those a miss.

But I have a few writers that I will read those by, Celeste Bradley would be high on the list. Bradley is able to write books that are a good balance of witty and intense. She also has a very good hand for a steamy read. And One Night with a Spy doesn't disappoint on any of those fronts. Initially, I was predisposed to dislike Marcus. He was arrogant and a bit chauvinistic.

Seemingly blinded by his ambitions, he had no problem insinuating himself in the widow, Lady Barrowby's affections with the ulterior motive of disproving her eligibility as the Fox, the member of the Royal Four who needed a replacement since Julia, Lady Barrowby's husband had died. He is low down enough to read her diaries, in an attempt to use it against her, but finds himself enthralled by the erotically detailed, sensual fantasies she has written down.

Of course, he assumes that she is recording her true sexual adventures, and that makes him want to dislike her even more. However, his time 'seducing' Lady Barrowby culminates in his own seduction. He realizes that Julia is emminently qualified to serve as the Fox, having been her husband's groomed replacement, and in fact, acting as the Fox for the three years he was incapacitated with a stroke prior to his death. She's also very qualified to be the woman who steals his heart. Having seen this man gain a realization that he was way wrong in his estimations of Julia, I found myself shocked at his actions.

This creates a whole load of problems for Julia, causing her to go on the run or face being confined to a convent for the rest of her days. I was very angry with him, for hurting Julia that way. I understood of course that he was doing what was best for the country, or so he thought. But there was also selfish, blind ambition at work in his actions.

At this point, I was thinking that Marcus was going to have to work really hard to dig himself out the hole he put himself into with his actions, and that Julia was a lot more forgiving that I am. I wasn't sure how this would end, and that added a level of suspense to this story, along with the question about who and where the Chimera a fierce antagonist of the Liar's Club was. I was pretty much on Julia's team.

I thought she earned the right to be Fox.

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Just because Marcus was a man didn't make him more qualified. And she was a lot more honorable and self-sacrificing than he was, although they both had their reasons for wanting the position as the Fox. Although this didn't end up being as much of a favorite as the first two books in the Royal Four series, I really enjoyed it. I liked seeing Julia and Marcus' courtship, how Julia showed the great woman she was by her actions, and had Marcus falling deeply in love with her.


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The love scenes were very hot and sensual. Even though Marcus annoyed me, I could see why Julia loved him, and I understood why he was so ruthless in getting what he wanted. And he realized what was more important in the long run and went after it like a good hero should. The humor was good as always , and the espionage elements were pretty intense. I also liked the aspects of the story involving Julia's adopted kin, the Fair Folk who she had grown up with before she married Aldus, Lord Barrowby , and Julia's aged, toothless lion Sebastian's antics.

Although brief, I liked the cameos from members of the Royal Four and a few of the characters from the Liar's Club books. I still mourn that she isn't writing those anymore. I loved that series. However, the Royal Four series is great too, and the good news is I still have one more book in this series to read. I think I'll be reading it soon. View all 6 comments. Jul 13, Ruth rated it liked it Shelves: The premise for this one was great. A female super-spy wannabe with an intriguing background and an ambitious and attractive rival.

Unfortunately, the book just didn't live up to the outline and, frustratingly, it was only for want of a few tweaks. The heroine was clearly super-smart, but I really struggled to think that she wouldn't see through the hero's "disguise". It could have been really entertaining if she had and then strung him along. Also, why make her The World's Most Beautiful?

Why n The premise for this one was great. Why not make her ordinary-looking? It would have made the interactions with the hero really interesting. The excerpts from the heroine's erotica were rather long and tedious, although it added a nice earthiness to her, and the secondary characters were good, particularly her unusual household.

The hero was a bit weak and disappointing, although not completely. So, the weakest of the Royal Four so far, but I still enjoyed it, just not as much. Apr 14, TJ rated it really liked it Shelves: Bradley is back on her game. This story is rich in romance, mystery and suspense. Her writing has a depth that draws the reader into the emotions of each character then takes them on a ride you can't put down. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. On the one hand, I hated the premise of the book: In fact, I had to force myself to read it months after I'd read all the others in the series, including the Liars' Club series, by placing it as one of the books in a reading challenge. On the other hand, I liked the HEA and the certain level of heartache involved when the hero makes a major goof. I couldn't like Marcus whole-hearte 2. I couldn't like Marcus whole-heartedly. The level of deception and betrayal he dealt Julia did not sit well with me. I would have liked a whole lot more grovelling and to have him suffer more - a lot more.

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But perhaps Julia is a better person than I. I don't know if I would have forgiven him so easily even if I did love him and understand that he was doing what he thought was right. To be honest, although Julia is supposedly this intelligent, tough-minded, sharp-witted woman, I felt like I was told all this more than shown it.

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There seemed to be too much evidence of her gullibility and naivety that simply did not match up with her persona as the Fox. I was especially displeased when she turned into a gullible, lovesick woman who rattled off her history prior to becoming Lady Barrowby after her first orgasm. While I could understand that Julia the Fox was also Julia the sexually frustrated young widow and woman, I saw too little of the former to be willing to accept the latter.

I did not like the torrid, erotic diary entries although it seemed to fit her character as a lonely, sexually frustrated young wife. However, I did like Marcus's initial reaction to finding what the diaries were about. After Julia learned of Marcus's betrayal, although it was evident that he had regretted his actions, I really disliked how quickly she seemed to forgive him and to fall back into his arms, if only to experience the pleasures of sex with him one last time.

I felt ready to throw the book against the wall at that point because all I could think of was, "Girl, don't you have any pride? I wanted Julia to take longer to forgive him. I wanted to feel more of the impact of his realization at what his actions had cost him. No, I just wanted him to suffer for what he did longer than he did. It wasn't enough for me. Yes, I am a teeny bit vindictive. So where was my conflict? About halfway through Marcus's deception, he realized that he could not complete it - or at least not easily.

He was falling in love. He was ready to admit the truth of his identity and purpose to Julia. He kind of seemed desperate for a way out of the situation he found himself in after the betrayal.

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So when the HEA occurred, it was satisfactory enough - and he was rather sweet in his suffering and his lovesickness. Unfortunately, the ending was a bit too tidy. Marcus thinking that he wasn't ready for the position too easily made way for allowing Julia regain her position as the Fox.

It felt too contrived. There should have been a better way to show why Marcus was willing to give up the position he'd betrayed his lover for. So while the negatives drag my rating of this book down to 1.

One Night with a Spy

View all 3 comments. Nov 22, Sandra rated it it was ok. I was so mad at lots of parts during this book. I wanted to put it down but unfortunately, like many others, I have been reading the entire series, including the Liars Club. This has been Celeste's worst in both series. I am so mad at the Heroine.

There was never a point where the Heroine showed self-re I was so mad at lots of parts during this book. There was never a point where the Heroine showed self-respect by being mad at the Hero for betraying her. Someone betrays u and takes away a goal you have dedicated yourself to for 3 years and you are never mad at them simply because you love them? Bradley, stop playing these games. Most normal women are not doormats. And even doormats have their moments. She did such a disservice to both hero and heroine. Hero never at any point feels rejection from Heroine, does not show growth of character at end of book.

Heroine never displays her strength and intelligence, we are only TOLD she is these things. Heroine was made to be too good to be true. There was too many disappointments with this book. This book was fun, since it deals with this idea of a woman being a member of the Royal Four. And there were all those fun circus performers! And I was excited to see what Marcus was up to in this book, after his supporting role in the last book And it was pretty cute, overall I just think that if anyone did to me what Marcus did to Julia But she just falls right back into his arms I feel like there's a pattern developing in Celeste Bradley's books: And what kind of basis is THAT for a long-lasting relationship?

Not a very good one, IMO. Oh, and the random fantasies at the beginnings of the chapters? Could we cut those out, please? Oct 28, Kashii rated it liked it. She forgave him too easily but they were easy enough to like. Can't wait for the end of the Chimera. Abgebrochen bei Seite Schon von Beginn an bin ich nicht so richtig in die Handlung reingekommen.

Die Royal Four oder besser gesagt jetzt "drei" sind alles andere als begeistert, dass ihr verstorbener Mann seiner Frau zu seiner Nachfolgerin ausgebildet hat. Lord Marcus soll sie auskundschaften. Also - Schluss - Abbruch! Aug 01, Bia rated it liked it Shelves: I needed to read a book by Celeste Bradley for a challenge and this was one of two that was at my library.

Aug 18, Holley rated it really liked it. Strong heroine, spies, and sex. There were some unnecessary plot twists towards the end and a few unexplained parts, but still a good read. I look forward the the last in the series. Sep 23, Cath rated it really liked it Shelves: I felt so sorry for the toothless house cat. Aug 19, Mojca rated it it was ok Shelves: To add insult to injury, the upstart is a woman. So when he finds a stash of explicit-content diaries, he jumps at the opportunity to use them against her Of all the books in the Royal Four Series this was by far the worst.

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Julia was a total bore thank Celeste for the little insight into the Jilly alter-ego and her diaries were a little too much. She was nearly a virgin, how could she have such profound knowledge and vocabulary of what goes on between lovers? He was hilarious and the tension and male-banter between him and Marcus was one of the few bright points of this novel. Another good thing about this one was the character-from-previous-novel cameo.

Dalton just gets better and better with every novel and the romance between him and Clara is still strong I just skimmed the pages, hoping for the Chimera to just get it over with already! Jul 05, Elis Madison rated it really liked it Shelves: So when Marcus learns that The Fox, old man Barrowby, died without naming his successor, he is champing at the bit.

In fact, her husband trained her so well that she seamlessly took over the Fox's work when her husband was too ill to continue. Unbeknownst to the other Three, Julia has been the Fox for years. When the Three plus Lord Liverpool, ex member of the Four and general asshat arrive at her home to inquire whether perhaps her husband had been training someone to take his spot, Julia reveals all.

Lord Liverpool predictably has a After all, everybody knows women are too stupid to be that competent. Meanwhile, someone else is watching. Someone who recognizes Julia from long ago.

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Someone who has plans for her Coincidentally, the news that there is a beautiful new widow with loads of money has gotten around. Several bachelors arrive to pay their condolences… Oh, and by the way, Julia, having been the wife of a sickly old man, sublimates her sexual impulses by jotting her erotic fantasies in her journals.

God forbid anyone should find and, I dunno, read them. Marcus does some unforgivable things along the way.