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My Sister Lives On The Mantelpiece is a novel written by Annabel Pitcher. It won the Branford Boase Award, and received at least 25 other award.
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Annabel Pitcher studied English at Oxford and has since worked as a scriptwriter and an English teacher. She lives in Yorkshire with her husband and is a full time writer. Read an interview with Annabel Pitcher. In the wake of debate and controversy in the media about books for teenagers exploring difficult topics such as terminal illness or suicide, we recommend some books that deal frankly with issues of life and death.


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Almost everyone gets bullied at some point in their life - so if this is happening to your child, they are not alone. Here are some books to help older primary school children who may be experiencing bullying or finding it tricky to make friends. What does it mean to be a young person today? These novels take a variety of approaches to exploring the reality of growing up in 21st century Britain.

This field is required. This is one of the best books I have ever read, being 11 two years old than Jamie in school years makes me understand how he feels because I can emphasis with him. It is a true story in the fact that it has happened to all ages but not to the people named in this book.

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A great great book. After his Mum leaves with the man from the support group for reasons unknown to Jamie, his Dad, his sister Jas, himself, , and his cat Roger, pack up and move to a new town, a fresh start. But Jamie becomes increasingly annoyed with his dead sister Rose who lives in an urn on the mantel piece after she was blown up by a terrorist bomb.

Tess starts to question herself and her life when things start to fall apart, although she finds solace in a bright orange goldfish. Read more about Silence is Goldfish. Fifteen-year-old Zoe attempts to come to terms with a dark secret by writing letters to a murderer awaiting execution on Death Row. Read more about Ketchup Clouds. Search the site Search term is required.

My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece 5 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5. Annabel Pitcher Annabel Pitcher studied English at Oxford and has since worked as a scriptwriter and an English teacher. She doesn't shy away from her identity, even as the kids call her Curry Breath and other names. While Jamie and Sunya's relationship is born of struggle, Jamie's relationship with his sister Jas is based purely on love.

This is the relationship that made me cry. Jas is just a kid herself and she's lost her twin, but she refuses to let Jamie be hurt. She tries to do the job of two parents as best as her year-old self can. Older sisters, be sure to drain the battery on your phone beforehand so you don't end up calling your mortified younger brothers. It's sad to say that a book like this is timely and necessary, especially for a younger audience, but it is. It's also hopeful and surprising. A very strong debut by first time author Annabel Pitcher.

I received an ARC of this book from the publisher. This review appears on Young Adult Anonymous. View all 3 comments. Well, some of her does. A collarbone, two ribs, a bit of skull, and a little toe. His mother and father are separated, mother has found another lover, father has become a fervent Islamophobe, and his other sister Jas, lives in the shadow of Rose, the one that died.

Jamie is a brilliant character. When he was five his sister died, but he does not mourn her, because he never truly knew her, nor does he remember her. How can his parents expect him to constantly suffer for someone who never had a chance to be a part of his family? It is okay to cry for those lost, but it is also okay to not cry for those we never knew.

He battles this view since Sunya keeps befriending him.

My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece

Sunya is another brilliant character. She goes by Girl-M, her superhero name, and is very witty and kind, and ever so clever when it comes to taking revenge on the bullies. Her hijab is an important part of the book later on, so pay attention, so sad and good I want to cry. The sibling relationship was one of the strongest points of the book.

After their child-abandoning-mother and their alcoholic-Islamophobic-father basically abandon their children, Jas, the sister, takes care of Jamie and becomes the parent figure. It made me feel like the parents were not really in pain, but rather pretending that they were, because they did not have much to be proud of her, so they chose to ignore it, rather than see it as what it was, part of her personality. It is a particularly important book at this day and age. Me ha gustado mucho.

View all 8 comments. Sep 26, Sesana rated it really liked it Shelves: You would expect a book written about a family who lost a child in a terrorist attack would be a tearjerker, possibly to the point of being manipulative. It's what I expected. But that isn't what Pitcher was writing about. In some ways, it's the exact opposite.

Pitcher isn't writing about the rawness of new grief. This isn't about Jamie's grief over losing his sister, because he doesn't really feel grief. He doesn't remember her, never really knew her, and only misses her because of the hole her You would expect a book written about a family who lost a child in a terrorist attack would be a tearjerker, possibly to the point of being manipulative. He doesn't remember her, never really knew her, and only misses her because of the hole her death cut in his family.

There are so many books and movies meant to help children grieve, and so few that tell them that it's ok if they don't feel the grief their families want them to. It's also about friendship and loyalty, revolving largely around Jamie's friendship with the absolutely delightful Sunya. She's smart, bubbling with energy, clever, and wonderfully confident.

And she's a Muslim girl who wears a hijab. This isn't a problem for Jamie so much as it is for his father. Because, as he says so often, Muslims killed his daughter. So yes, there's a thread of bigotry here, as Jamie struggles with his warring impulses to be a good son and a good friend. But mostly, it's about a family crumbling under the strain of losing a child.

Jamie's mother has left the family. His father drinks and is so caught up in his memories of his dead daughter that he can't really see his living children. Jamie's lovely sister, Jasmine, is trying so hard to give Jamie the love, support, and nurturing that he needs. But she's fifteen, and she has issues of her own. It's Jamie's bland acceptance of his family situation as is that's so heartbreaking. At one point, his father hugs him, and he somewhat proudly refers to it as the first ever hug from his father in his life.

My heart felt a little more dented after that. If you're looking for a tearful exploration of grief, you'll probably be disappointed. As for me, I was happy to find something so different, with such an achingly authentic narrator. Which is why Jamie will stick with me long after a more ordinary, more manipulative book would vanish after a few days. Obviously, that was a good choice because it is a great book.

But it was also wonderful to hear him reading it to me. He has a very nice voice under any circumstance, and especially so when he's able to use his natural Scottish accent. I don't doubt that many Doctor Who fans will listen to this book solely to hear his voice, and I think they'll be very glad they did so. I laughed, I cried dammit! What a wonderful book. I can not believe it is a debut novel.

Rollercoasters: My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece Reader

The writing is fantastic. The book is narrated by Jamie, a 10 year old, and the narration feels very "real", like he is simply sitting across from you telling you his story, with such innocence. And his story deals with some heavy topics; terrorism, racism, alcoholism, bullying and the deterioration of the family unit. This is an author worth following. I was almost finished writing a review for this when I pressed a button that made it all disappear. SO now I'm mad. So now I'm writing a simplified version.

This book snuck up on me. I didn't know if I'd like this book because it's told from a ten-year-old boy's perspective. But at the end, I was emotional and trying not to cry I did succeed but it was tough for me. Something happened that ripped my heart out and made Jamie th I was almost finished writing a review for this when I pressed a button that made it all disappear. Something happened that ripped my heart out and made Jamie the narrator realize why his father is finding it so hard to deal with the death of his sister, Rose.

That part of the book was amazing. It's what made it a four star book in my eyes. Also, the friendship, possibly budding first love between him and a girl named Sunya was adorable and fresh. And finally, his relationship with his sister Jasmine twin of Rose was beautiful. The love they have for each other was beyond sweet. It dealt with some sad subjects in such a beautiful way. A really easy, quick and enjoyable read. The title of this book is what attracted me to it - It sounds really intriguing and it gave me high expectations.

The premise of the book was fantastic. The book actually deals with quite a few issues racism, alcohol abuse, grief, family break-ups through they weren't all so obvious. I found it a little difficult to get into the childish nature of the writing The narrator is 10 year old Jamie , but after I got more used to it, I found it quite charming A really easy, quick and enjoyable read. I found it a little difficult to get into the childish nature of the writing The narrator is 10 year old Jamie , but after I got more used to it, I found it quite charming and the humour was wonderful.

This novel is all about seeing problems and prejudices through a childs eyes and in this, it succeeds. A rather simple yet effective book. Konec - view spoiler [Kocour.


Well this was a surprising and bittersweet read. Jamie is precious and my heart aches for him. Sunya is amazing I love her. Jas is also pretty darn great and their parents are buttheads. That's my rating if you consider everything. The plot and the writing and all of that stuff about which I care about when rating a book. Let's imagine, however, that my rating was only based on the range and depth of emotions this book made me feel. This is a simple and complicated story at the same time.

For example, it's interesting to me that the main cause for a lot of the characters' actions throughout the story actually took place before the events described in the novel, it being the death of Jamie's sister Rose, who was killed in a terrorist attack five years before. We get to see how Jamie's life has been marked from nearly the beginning by the death of a person he can barely even remember, for he was only five years old when it happened.

We get to see how helpless he feels and how puzzled he is that his parents are more preoccupied with someone who's gone that with him and his older sister Jas, who are still there. Jamie's mixed feelings about Rose stroke me as something fresh and authentic, and I loved how his relationship with his dead sister is a strong character development point for our little hero. The evolution of Jamie's relationships with people close to him are very well done in general, even if sometimes the outcome wasn't what he or us readers would have expected.

My favorite relationship of Jamie's has to be the one he shares with his older sister Jas, who is also a brilliant character in my opinion. Their interactions are both heartwarming and honest, and I love how through the ups and downs they could be sure they had each other's back. That was something beautiful and powerful which really got to me. I won't write more about the important relationships i the books, because I think a huge part of the story's magic relies on seeing them bloom for yourself.

I loved how the author depicted most of the adult as well as the kids as complex characters, and how they interacted with each other. I wasn't a fan of the parts that took place at school because they featured some pretty horrible characters.

Book Review: My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece

Nevertheless, I think Sunya's presence made up for it. Now Sunya, who's Jamie's best friend from school, is a Muslim girl with a great imagination who made me smile nearly every time she appeared. At first she stroke me as unrealistically kind and passionate, however as the story progresses, we get to see how she's depicted as a real little girl with real feelings who's just trying to be her best self. She's definitely a character I would have loved to read about when I was a kid. Jamie's realationship with his parents was so important in the book, and i really don't know how to talk about it without giving a lot away.

It certainly contributes to the feeling of helplessness that lingers throughout the whole book, and makes you ponder about just how important family bonds are when you're Jamie's age. There were parts when I couldn't stop reading and others that I felt were not so well achieved, but as a whole this book is so important. While it does feel like a huge lesson, it neither feels like one adults are trying to teach kids, nor one kids are trying to teach adults.

It is a lesson about understanding and empathy and compassion and letting go, which are things that come in handy for everyone at any age. It has several powerful quotes that both broke and changed me, and I'm glad I got to go on this short but big journey with these wonderful characters. One last thing, the parts with Jamie and his fish from the pond were really moving and the imagery was simply beautiful.

One of the simplest aspects of the book yet one of my favorites. This is a bold, brilliantly written piece on family, loss and how to cope. Jamie Matthews is a year old boy whose family has been ripped apart by tragedy. His sister Rose was killed in a terrorist bombing in London five years ago.

Rose's twin, Jas, now lives totally in her shadow according to their parents, and Rose's ashes sit in an urn, almost taunting the Matthews family with her presence. Jamie's parents are a mess. His father is an alcoholic, raging against all Muslims for "killing" his This is a bold, brilliantly written piece on family, loss and how to cope. His father is an alcoholic, raging against all Muslims for "killing" his daughter, and his mother left them to be with a guy from her support group.

With no work in London, Jamie's father moves them to the Lake District, where he hopes to get work and be able to get away from things, But as soon as they get there, Rose's urn gets put right back on the mantelpiece, and Jamie knows things will be exactly the same.

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So what does he do? He befriends the one person he's not supposed to befriend, a Muslim girl named Sunya. And he tries to find a way to fix his family by holding out hope that his mum will come back, and doing his best in school. Problem is, he's being bullied at school, his teacher doesn't really like him, and his dad can't get his act together. The brilliance of this book is in the voice of Jamie, who narrates everything in with the gorgeous innocence of someone who doesn't really understand tragedy. He doesn't remember Rose, and he doesn't really miss her because of that. All he knows is that his family can't cope, and his dad pays more attention to the memory of Rose than he does to Jamie or Jas.

This is an incredibly sad story, but it's not depressing. Through Jamie's innocence, we still get a lot of light and humour in the darkness, particularly with Sunya, who is pretty much the coolest, most clever kid ever. At times, I felt frustrated as I should have , because I wanted so badly for Jamie's parents to get their acts together and realize what amazing kids they had, and how they needed to keep living for them, but I don't think it could have worked any other way.

The strenght of this story is in its realism and Pitcher's understanding that things aren't going to magically get worked out. I know this review doesn't say that much, but honestly, I don't want to spoil it. The back half of the story is so beautiful and emotional, and the climax so heart-wrenching that I can't even talk about it - although animal-lovers should beware.

Es entonces cuando empieza a romperse la familia. La historia ha sido un amor odio, me explico. After I finished reading My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece I broke into tears and held the book close to my chest, right above my heart. I liked these books, some of them I even liked-liked, some of them I even loved. But I loved-loved this book, if there is even such a thing.

My entire soul bled for this story and I found myself suddenly unable to put the book down. I feeling I have n After I finished reading My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece I broke into tears and held the book close to my chest, right above my heart. I feeling I have not had in a rather long time. I took in every word like it was oxygen, and reacted to the story-line, and the dialogue, and the characters like the stereotypical screaming girl at her first concert, or like the stereotypical 40 year old man sitting in the bleachers after his favorite soccer team had just lost the game.

My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece is about Jamie, a boy who feels practically abandoned every day because his blatantly nonchalant mother walked out on them, his father is a islamophobic drunk, and Rose, even after her death, still manages to penetrate and influence the life and growth of the family. This book is about a boy whose voice was so perfectly portrayed by Annabel Pitcher, it honestly blows my mind who, even though is just too young to understand , seems to understand it all.

This book is about a man who cannot gain the courage, the strength, and most importantly, the love to let go of his daughter who had gone to a better placeā€¦ This book is about a superhero who sees the world from the stance of a Muslim, a thing that many of us in the world have never truly respected. This book is about a pink haired girl who has the voice of an angel.

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This book is about a daughter , who even through her death is still somehow alive. This book is about love, and friendship, and loss, and all the beautiful and morose aspects of life in between. I love-love this book with everything within me. Originally I was only going to give this four stars, but when a book can drive me to tears it automatically becomes a five star read. The ending's very open ended and leaves some things unresolved. I'm not sure how I feel about that 2. I really like Jamie, I think he's so sweet and adorable and I like the damn honesty in his voice. Kids are always so honest and I liked that in the narration.

Jamie's relationship with his sister Jas is really cute. I like how all the chara Originally I was only going to give this four stars, but when a book can drive me to tears it automatically becomes a five star read. I like how all the characters are really complex and no one's simply evil or simply good.

Jamie's mum loves him but isn't always there for him and his sister. Jamie's father is grieving for his dead daughter, consumed with anger towards Muslims, and becomes alcoholic- but at the same time there's some really tender moments between him and his son. I really liked the complexity of the characters 5. But Roger the cat died and I was sobbing. I have a soft spot when it comes to animals.

I hated Jamie's teacher. She is very preachy and always talking about Jesus and God and stuff like that. And this stunned me, because surely there's rules about religious education in public schools in the UK? But more than that, I was just disgusted that the teacher is well aware Sunya is Muslim and yet continues to shove her religion down her impressionable young students' throats, showing no consideration for how alienated and isolated Sunya must feel, being Muslim in a room full of Christians and non Muslims.

The preachiness in and of itself would have simply annoyed me, but what made me truly angry is that the teacher showed absolutely no concern for Sunya's feelings. Probably not gonna write a full review, because I'm damn lazy. If you have any questions on my thoughts, feel free to shoot me a message or leave a comment! Jamie is the younger brother of teenage twin sisters; one who passed away in the London tube bombings. His parents are separating and his father has become one of those crazy, rambling Muslim-haters another market I thought the U.

Jamie and his sister Jas try to get along in their new home in the Lake District, less terrorists you know. Of course Jamie promptly befriends a Muslim and all manner of stress and angst ensue.

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  4. The heart of this book is in the relationships: Jamie and his remaining sister, Jamie and Sunya, Jamie and his cat, even the relationship between the sisters despite the fact only one is alive. There is a super hero theme which is well played for the first half of the book especially Girl M; her initial scenes are magical.