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I Am An Island Lyrics, Richard Clapton, Young hearts on Paradise Street, tumble down like poetry, Oh my.
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In his first rehab session, days after the procedure, Revis bent his knee an inch. The second day, two inches. Each day he made a little progress, and eventually he met with New York's new general manager, John Idzik, who'd replaced Tannenbaum that January.

Revis expressed his desire to remain a Jet and noted that he was still under contract. He's shopping for a suit. Only, the elevator is out of order, and as he climbs to the fifth floor, he crouches to stretch his knees. He balks at one piece lined with fur. He settles instead on a red linen number. It's not loud-as-hell red. The salesman hands an invoice to Revis, who heads toward the exit. Revis understands what it's like to change uniforms like they're suit jackets.

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After the injury and the trade, he signed an unusual agreement with Tampa Bay: Revis bet on himself, and that he would not suffer another injury. But he felt strongly that the first- and fourth-round picks the Bucs had given up to obtain him made it unlikely they would release him. Revis never fit in Tampa.

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By his own admission his knee wasn't healthy. The Bucs started Their Cover Two defensive scheme meant that Revis blanketed portions of the field more often than he did elite receivers, as had been his forte in New York. His lost season can best be summarized by the jersey Revis signed for one Tampa exec on the way out. Two teams wanted to take on the contract Tampa had given Revis, but he scuttled both deals because he didn't think either club could contend.

No one, not even Revis, expected New England to pick up that option, a demonstration of how deceiving NFL contracts can be on the surface. To those who believe Revis plays football only for money, here was proof that he does not: Both sides got exactly what they wanted. Between workouts, he dominated other Pro Bowlers in pickup basketball games, dunking at will, the athlete among the athletes. Will Sullivan, one of his trainers, told Revis shortly before the season started, "You're going to have your best year in the NFL.

This is the best I've ever seen you. But that's exactly what happened. And here's the crazy part: In Tampa he'd concealed the doubt that consumed him—the way his leg fatigued in the middle of games, the interceptions he missed when his foot speed failed him. He compares it to playing a whole year hampered by Kryptonite.

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Only Revis did recover, and the Patriots turned a start into their fourth championship under coach Bill Belichick. His mom, now Diana Askew, felt like "Queen Elizabeth being escorted to the parade. Then Revis did to the Patriots what the Patriots do to so many players for whom they no longer have any use. He cut ties without sentiment, signing instead with the hated Jets.

In April he joined his rivals-turned-teammates-turned-rivals-again as they traveled from Foxborough to their White House visit. He was nervous, but they embraced him. President Barack Obama greeted him like an old friend. Revis couldn't attend; he'd planned a vacation to Disney World with Jayden and nine-year-old daughter Deyani. But after traveling from Aliquippa, Diana wasn't allowed to attend the ring ceremony at owner Robert Kraft's house.

The next day he will return to Aliquippa to watch his son play T-ball. New Yorkers pass in every direction, with their artisanal pickle jars and ice cream cones. Revis does not notice them. He knows it's not that simple. Revis claims no issues with Smith.

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But he does think players need to be better educated about the business side of football. They are the ones—not the execs—he says, who will someday pay a physical price. His uncle had 15 surgeries and today carries six screws in his right hip. He's in pain all day, every day. He deserves, Revis says, every penny that he fought for. Revis takes this idea one step further. He believes that every time he holds out for a bigger contract he's making more money for the next guy at his position, for the next superstar locked at an impasse with some team.

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But good luck selling that idea to the casual sports fan. Nobody wants to hear about how some millionaire athlete banked more millions for the greater good. Still, Revis says, "guys need to wake up; they can learn from how we did it. Bart Scott, a former teammate with the Jets, calls Revis "brilliant" in his approach, no different from a coach who uses his clout to earn a raise or an owner who increases ticket prices to boost revenue.

The Jets, as Scott tells it, once tried to trademark that nickname, Revis Island. Revis ultimately secured the trademark himself. I played with Deion. He was a hired assassin. Revis is the same. Owners may take it personally. Fans may take it personally. They think we're all supposed to be big, dumb brutes. Revis hesitates in even addressing all this because it obscures what makes him so valuable in the first place.

He's a true cover corner—arguably the best today—in an era when rule changes have favored receivers more than ever. By shutting down one wideout, or one side of the field, he lends flexibility to the rest of any defense. Every team worries about how its players will respond when they sign big contracts. He's the same guy that linebacker David Harris remembers from their rookie season together with the Jets. The guy who nearly came to blows with an undrafted free-agent receiver because the wideout, who had yet to learn the offense, had run the wrong route, and Revis wanted to practice against the right one.

Back on the High Line, Revis reiterates his stance. He can think about money and think about football separately. Those concepts are not mutually exclusive.

I think this is my fifth deal. I don't know—one of them. I done lost count. The Revis Mafia gathered in Florida, at Schwartz's condo above the Atlantic, to finalize a deal not with a new team but with an old one—the Jets. This deal was, in large part, about the money the Jets did finish last season , plus long-term security and a return to New York.

The Jets' manager of football administration, Jacqueline Davidson, put together the latest agreement, her third with Revis. They went over the parameters on a conference call, and before it ended, Davidson asked, "This is it, right?

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The group celebrated with pasta, seafood and wine at a nearby restaurant. The Jets sent a private plane the next day, and Revis flew to New Jersey, where he set up temporary residence in the Hyatt near the team's facility. Among the first people he saw when he arrived was Juan the janitor. And with that, Revis once again became the highest-paid cornerback in professional football.

Teammates welcomed Revis to the locker room as if he'd never left. Center Nick Mangold chided him for the car that he believes Revis owes him long story. Harris wrapped him in a bear hug. Revis thought back to his conversation with Tannenbaum, who is now the executive VP of football operations for the Dolphins, and the promise he made in No one seemed happier, though, than Todd Bowles, the Jets' new coach. The defensive guru entered free agency hoping to overhaul his secondary, and he added three corners—Revis, Antonio Cromartie and Buster Skrine—to a unit that allowed 31 passing TDs last season, third worst in the NFL.

Together they'll anchor a formidable D on what looks like a borderline playoff team. For Revis, it's all football now. I want to win. Don't get it twisted. I'm with a new team now, and I'm back home, where I belong. All the negotiations and the other crazy stuff is behind me. Lies live best in the darkness. Isolation is the place of fools. It is the place of denial that we need anyone except ourselves. In that place of isolation, we exalt ourselves, our own resources, our own abilities, forgetting that we are rebelling against the very wisdom of God.

Yet joined in one the flame burns on to give warmth and light and to inspire.

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Ultimately, isolation is the place of death. The rock may feel no pain and the island may never cry, but they die alone. Charles Spurgeon once visited one of his deacons who had isolated himself from church. The deacon clearly felt uncomfortable. Spurgeon sat in front the fire place, looking intently at the fire. Spurgeon took some tongs and pulled out one of the coals and set it on the brick.

The two men stared at the lonesome coal as it dimmed and cooled.