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So how am I supposed to work it out? Dumb teacher, dumb school. Student B says, "This is hard. He knows what we know and what we can do so we must have been taught enough to work this out for ourselves. Where can I start? Which student is more likely to solve the problem? Obviously, it is student B.

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Try them, rather than just read them. You will find that the examples are not difficult. By trying the examples, you will really learn the strategies and principles and you will be genuinely motivated. It is only by trying the examples that you will discover how easy the methods really are. I encourage you to take your time and practice the examples, both by writing them down and by calculating the answers mentally. By working your way through this book, you will be amazed at your new math skills. XXXXXXXX personnel have extensive experience in the design and operation of wastewater treatment facilities for the oil and refining industry.

Water quality surveys, treatability studies, design and modification of wastewater treatment and sludge handling facilities, in-plant waste source reduction, and process optimization are some of the main areas of previous investigations. A partial listing of projects is provided in the attached table. A project summary for the most recent projects is provided below.

Сказки русские : Волшебная птица

Summaries of selected projects are provided below. Stormwater from controlled areas and process wastewaters are treated in an on-site wastewater treatment plant WWTP prior to being discharged to Hurford Run. Due to new effluent discharge limitations for aquatic toxicity, U.

EPA effluent guideline limitations for the Petroleum Refining industrial category and water quality parameters, such as heavy metals and cyanide, modifications and enhancements to the wastewater management program was required. Ashland retained XXXXXXXX to perform those evaluations necessary to develop the conceptual design for enhancements to the current wastewater management system. Clicking Update allows refreshing the list of available card-readers;. In the state parameters, right-click on Field setting.

In the dynamic menu that opens, select "Add parameter". This will create a new group of parameters for Field setting;. In case of an unplanned shutdown of a controlled module crash an entry is made to the log highlighted in yellow; the identifier of the shut down application also is written to the log. In this case RestartManager.

All this information is logged too. To review a transaction, the best way is analyze records in the XdcStateMachine object's logs. To display information about script execution it is necessary to set the object a log level of '2' debugging. A sample portion of a log:.

All instrumentation shall give readings in metric units, ensure readings at any light conditions, and dials and gauges shall have digits easy enough to read. All sensors, instrumentation, monitors and gauges shall comply with climatic zone requirements. The operator's cabin shall allow installing additional data panels and DDU controls, as well as a borehole geosteering system MWD board or monitor to supply data about the well shaft bottom-hole assembly orientation in space.

Vibration-roof manometers shall be used. Video surveillance shall cover at least 6 work zones. There shall be a rest block-box for the shift equipped with a ventilation and heating system, seats, a V outlet, and lighting to be accessible from the drill pad. The rotary table shall be level with the drill pad floor.

The surfacing of the rotary table and drill pad shall be skid-proof in the setback maintenance area. The rotor drive shall be based on a variable-frequency AC asynchronous electric motor. The electric motor location shall provide ease of service access, and protect the motor against mud splashes and mechanical impact. The rotor drive shall have a blocking mechanism to preclude operation with power slips up.

Capacity assessment is carried out both within each of and across the thematic areas of the three UN environmental conventions: Since August , according to project work plan, the Ministry, jointly with the Ecological Initiative non-governmental organization, has been carrying out work to prepare an NCSA action plan and draft a proposal on Three Conventions Centre in Belarus. Pursuant to Terms of Reference it is planned to hold a final conference to discuss the results and conclusions of the national self-assessment exercise aimed at assessing the capacity Belarus has to meet its commitments under the three global UN Conventions as well as to discuss an action plan developed therewith.

A collection of conference papers and decisions is planned to be published afterwards as well. Your attention is also drawn to the fact that the Ecological Initiative NGO would not only be able to address effectively all issues involved in organizing the conference technically, but, what is more important, it would also act as a facilitator to organize discussions between ministries, institutions and NGOs concerned regarding urgent measures to raise capacity in the country to meet its obligations under the UN Conventions, as well as promptly publish conference papers and decisions.

The company has specialised in engineering automation solutions for single production steps or complete production processes — starting with the selection of the necessary components, continuing with PLC programming, installation, putting into operation and maintaining the machines and robots. With this "full service" portfolio, ZZZ differentiates itself from many competitors who offer just single steps or parts of industrial automation. Furthermore, the company has acquired comprehensive experience in fully automatising processes like grinding, welding, handling and assembling.

And being independent from any manufacturer, the ZZZ experts are free in their choice of robots and control tech-nology. These advantage seem to be of great interest for Indian industry. As a result, we immediately received requests for automation projects. An important reason for the successful and fast market entry is the experience of the founders and owners of ZZZ in the demanding field of industrial automation.

Furthermore, the managing directors have already gained high reputation in industry. And they can rely on international expertise: ZZ, a renown specialist for robotized solutions of industrial automation, will support ZZZ in the engineering of very complex projects. This clause covers methods for hardness testing under field conditions. This test may also be used to determine compliance with contractual hardness specifications.

Brinell-type testing using visually measured impression diameters is outside the scope of this International Standard. The owner shall specify the test locations and acceptance criteria hardness range. A wide variety of portable hardness testing equipment is available. Some types of hardness testers are suitable only for general information and vary in accuracy as explained in ASTM E Hardness testers shall be calibrated at least once a year and after each repair.

The calibration shall be conducted by a certified agency issuing a certificate showing traceability to a statutory authority.

The certificate shall identify the date of the check, the specified values of each certified hardness test block, the mean value of the tester readings on each block, and the initials of the person performing the check. The accuracy of hardness testers that were used during any four-month period shall be verified at the end of that four-month period. This shall be accomplished by taking five readings on each of two certified hardness test blocks of different hardness values on the scale to be used. The mean of the five readings on any certified hardness test block shall be within the specified range of that block for the tester to be acceptable for use.

Certified hardness test blocks shall never be used on both sides. Do each exercise carefully, consciously, and keep track of how you feel. Be ready to stop doing the recommended exercises at any time, starting to do some of your own instead. The proposed warm-up will be taking only 8 to 10 minutes, once you have learned it by heart.

However, working out in the morning, or when the air temperature is lower, it may take longer, as more time should be given to walking or jogging. At such times, a warm-up may take 15 to 30 minutes. Let's start from a light walk on the spot for 20 to 30 sec. If there is one nearby, use a park or an open-air sports arena. Walk freely, but without overdoing it. It is enough that you do it until you feel pleasant warmth in your muscles. Keep walking and start doing twists. As your right thigh is up, while exhaling, try to reach with your left elbow as much beyond it as possible your arm should be bent at the elbow, and your body above the waist is twisted slightly to the left.

Repeat it for your left leg and right arm. These movements can be either slower, or quicker, depending on how you are feeling. Match your movements with your breathing, exhale while making a twist. This exercise prepares your body for doing the main thing, the asanas. Make about 5 twists to each side intermittently. Slow down your pace and start lifting your thighs as high as possible. Do this for about 20 to 30 sec.

Then slow down even more, and when your thigh is up, leave it there for 5 to 10 s. Your back should be straight, arms and shoulders relaxed, and you should keep smiling! Do it times for each leg. This exercise warms up your leg muscles well and makes them stronger, as well as the small of the back and backbone muscles. When, your left thigh is up next time, make a wide step to the left with the lifted leg, as if you want to step over something big. As your left foot touches the floor, set your right foot next to the left at once, and proceed walking normally, without ever stopping.

Make a couple of steps, lift your right thigh high and step aside to the right, stepping over an imaginary large object. Try to lift your thigh as high, and make as wide a step, as possible. As the foot touches the floor, place the left foot beside it, and keep walking another 2 or 3 steps, then a step aside to the left again. Repeat the exercise times. It improves the mobility of the hip joint. This exercise makes stronger your thighs, and improves the mobility of the knee joint.

Set your feet a meter apart. Bending your legs, try to squat as low as possible. Start to walk, keeping yourself in a squatting position.

Etiam commodo convallis

Try lifting your thighs as high as possible, and accompany your walking with moving your arms bent at elbows like in walking or jogging the normal way. With a good smile on your face, walk this way for another 10 to 30 sec. As you are through, stand still while squatting. Try to come to the erect position, bringing your legs together, with a jump. If you like, you can switch to a light jogging on the spot or in a park for anything between 20 sec to several minutes as long as you feel like it , or, if it seems hard to you, you can have a fast walk instead.

Light jogging or fast walking are a very good work-out for the whole of your abdominal cavity and internals, supplying them with plenty of blood. As a result, the heart gets a nice boost and the brain is supplied better. Keep an eye on your breathing all the while — it will allow you to get a better feel of your body, its physical limits, so that you never get too tired. The whole thing should be fun! This exercise stretches, makes stronger and warms up the sides of the thighs, inguinal ligaments, and arms. Stand still and then start jumping.

Your feet must be apart, arms high above, with palms set as if for clapping. As your arms go up, inhale. Then, as your body moves up, your arms move down, along the sides of your legs, and your feet, during an exhale, are brought back together. Keep doing this exercise for 10 to 30 sec: Try to jump as high as possible, and bring your feet as wide apart as possible. Stop, and now you can shake your hands and feet. Bring your breathing back to normal.

These instructions outline the requirements for ensuring a long and trouble free service life from the monitors. Attach mounting plate 1 to the actuator using fasteners 2 and lockwashers 2a provided with mounting kit if supplied by ZZZZ. Loosen indicator cover set screw 3 and rotate indicator cover 4 to desired viewing angle. Retighten set screw 3. Secure the assembly using the bolts 10 and lockwashers 11 provided with the mounting kit. Fine tune the indicator cover 4 by loosening set screw 3. Retighten set screw when completed. Operate the actuator to ensure proper alignment between monitor and actuator.

Eccentricity of the shaft must not exceed 0. If It should be necessary, re-align monitor by loosening mount bolts Retighten bolts when satisfied with alignment. Once the monitor is fitted to the actuator, remove cover On flameproof enclosures, the cover lock screw 13 must be loosened prior to cover removal. Bring field wiring into the enclosure via the conduit entries 14 fitted with a suitable cable gland.

Use blanking plugs to block off any un-used cable entries. Suitable IP rated glands and plugs must be used to maintain monitor IP rating. On flameproof enclosures, only certified cable glands and blanking plugs can be used. Connect field wiring to the terminals 15 within the enclosure according to the wiring diagram and terminal labelling.

Drive the actuator to the first required indication position and set the bottom switch by lifting and rotating the bottom cam Secure the cam by allowing it to fully re-engage with the spline Once completed, verify that indication is required by fully stroking the actuator. Then refit cover On flameproof enclosures, the cover lock screw 13 must be retightened. Only certified cable glands and blanking plugs are permitted for use with ZZZZ certified, flameproof enclosures.

Monitor must be disconnected from the power supply and the cover screw 13 loosened before opening.

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Enters Zhora from sitting room. A shopping bag in his hands. He notices tears on Dima's face. Boys, as you're both here, I have a favor to ask. Have I told you our channel is planning for a charity event at Our Galaxy? While ladies are paying for the right to have them for a night.

Well, most of my lots have chickened out at the last moment. So you are my last hope. Ladies will trade me as though I'm a marketplace item! And then have me for money! I need your views to handle the request. If needed, we might add characteristic features from an additional item of the formula.

This is likely to somewhat lessen legal protection for the claim. We might agree with the Expert's view here. The replacement will not virtually affect the extent of legal protection for the claim. The Centre offers treatment and rehabilitation to children patients that come from areas affected by the Chernobyl disaster. The Centre is located 9 km away from the district capital town of Kobrin and 32 km from the oblast capital town of Brest. Visitors are given a free ride to the Centre from the nearest bus and railway stations.

As they arrive at the Centre, visitors find themselves in a delightful nook of nature. Crystal clear pine forest air is a nice experience for a city dweller's lungs. Types of rooms available: The canteen has three brightly lit spacious rooms with a total capacity of customers. The children staying at the Centre get 6 meals a day, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and sea products, and natural juices. The Centre enjoys state-of-the-art physical therapy equipment at the following medical facilities: All patients at the Centre are tended by top-class pediatricians, and there are medical personnel on duty around the clock.

Combined natural recuperation factors, physiotherapy, healthy diet, vitamins and medication allow achieving excellent results in treating heart, respiratory, locomotor, urinary and gastrointestinal disorders. During school months, the children can attend classes at the Centre's training facility according to a curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education of Belarus.

There are 9 study rooms, a play room, a library, and a hobby groups room. The sightseeing programme includes bus excursions to A. Suvorov Museum in Kobrin, tours of the Belovezhskaya Pushcha, the Brest Fortress, as well as steam boat rides on the Mukhavets river in summertime. Nine hobby groups are available: There are 6 sports grounds: Entertainment events, contests, concerts, shows, sports events, exhibitions etc.

With justification, the automobile industry is viewed as a bellwether industry for many of the trends unfolding in manufacturing. Confronted with the challenges of improving fuel economy, cutting emissions, and maintaining market share in the face of rapidly expanding Japanese competition, U. Developing and incorporating advanced product and process technologies have been necessities at the same time that reduced manufacturing costs and high quality have become fundamental market requirements.

Such daunting and often conflicting demands have stretched resources and skills to the limit, but the success in achieving all these objectives should not be underestimated. Given these pressures, it would be reasonable to assume that offshore manufacturing could offer attractive advantages, particularly as an effective way to lower production costs; therefore, an analysis of these costs as they affect global site location would be expected to provide useful insights both to managers in the industry and to policymakers.

Somewhat to the committee's surprise, however, the assumption appears to be false. There is no apparent trend to offshore manufacture of automobiles. In fact, the dominant trend is in the opposite direction: Lisa, 27, comes from Ryazan. She is in Moscow now, a 5th-grade student at a legal academy. Two years ago a tragedy befell Lisa's family: It was too much for the mother of the girls, and she ended up in a hospital with a stroke.

Rita had owned up taking the money on the spur of the moment, but she had denied vehemently murdering the owner of the money! Lisa, who has never doubted her sister to have told the truth, decides to fight for her sister's case to be revised to ultimately get her out of the joint. To learn more about the late businessman's life, whose name is Gorin, Lisa manages to get employed as a maid by his widow, Svetlana. Unexpectedly for Lisa, Gorin's son, Mark, arrives home from Europe. The young man falls in love with Lisa.

Quite naturally, Mark has no clue who Lisa really is and why she is working for his family. Tormented by her conscience, Lisa finds it wrong to be 'using' Mark… All the more so, since she has taken to like him quite a lot, too…. In her investigation, Lisa is helped by Igor, a young lawyer who is in love with Rita. He and Lisa have a task — to review again all possible suspects, from Gorin's business contacts to Svetlana's new partner, by the name of Konstantin.

In the end, they manage to pinpoint the murderer — but they understand that it will be impossible for them to find any evidence admissible in court…. Meanwhile, Mark and Lisa are having a romantic relationship. As the truth comes out, Svetlana sacks Lisa and starts actively getting Mark involved with his classmate back in school, by the name of Yulia who is a daughter of a business partner of Gorin's. Svetlana is not aware that Yulia is pregnant by Mark's friend, Denis, who has no intention to marry her. Yulia, however, badly wants her baby to have a father. Lisa breaks up with Mark without a word of explanation, leaving the young man dumbfounded….

Svetlana, meanwhile, is having suspicions about Lisa. After followed her, she goes to Ryazan and gains acquaintance of Lisa's mother. Svetlana pretends to be her new night nurse, and the two women spend nights in friendly conversations.

Svetlana is shocked to know how much misery Rita's wrongful conviction brought to these people… On her return to Moscow, Svetlana goes to the police and confesses in murdering her husband. At the trial, Svetlana tells the court: Gorin was a domestic tyrant, he humiliated and beat her up, and he did not allow her to have children to make sure Mark, his son by his first wife, is the only heir.

Svetlana sought a shrink's help in solving her problems — but she ended up having an affair with the shrink, named Konstantin, and got pregnant. Her infidelity was all too obvious to her husband, as he was sterile himself Svetlana was unaware of that. As a result of his brutal beatings she had lost her child — and so she put poison in her husband's whiskey…. Rita is released from the joint, and the mother leaves the hospital. Yulia marries Denis, after all.

Lisa ought to be happy now. However, Mark suddenly disappears…. Mark is in deep stress over the tragedy that has marred his life. His father was a sadist. His mother-in-law turned out a murderer. His father-in-law covered up for the murderer. His girlfriend used him to get information, and even made it appear that it was HE who was trying to win her!

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In short, Mark is having a hard ride. He needs time to make the final decision. But he loves Lisa too much, and there is so much they have between them, to let him get her out of his mind easily. Mark proposes to Lisa. Lisa, who went through hell all the while Mark was absent, readily accepts his proposal, and their lips lock in a tender kiss. The project description included below is available as a pdf document with the referenced figures ; also, a more detailed, comprehensive project description pdf document is available.

The programming described by this project description is part of an educational testing computer program called BriteStudent, which will be supported and distributed through the website BriteStudent. The buyer is responsible for development of the BriteStudent website and server. To visit the website please enter the password "britestudent". This document describes Phase I. It is anticipated that later phases will be contracted following the successful completion of this phase. While developing the code called for by this contract agreement, it may be necessary for the seller to perform some intermediary tasks not specifically identified in this contract agreement.

All code submitted in fulfillment of this contract agreement is to be written in a syntax that is easy to understand and follow, additionally the code is to be well documented in order to permit clear understanding of the function of each part of the code. Once an application is suspended a prompt window appears the User Interface requesting the user to respond to several questions. The user's responses are compared to a database the Question Database.

This database resides on the user's computer is to be part of the BriteStudent program. If the user's responses match the database values, then the prompt window disappears and the suspended application is released. If one or more of the user's responses do not match the database values, then a new prompt appears requesting the user to try again i. If this response does not match the database value, then the correct response is shown with instructions to the user to enter this response.

Once all the correct responses are entered the User Interface window closes and the suspended application is released. The user's responses and several user statistics are written to a separate database the User Database that resides on the user's computer and is part of the BriteStudent program. A logging feature records the date and time each monitored application is used and interrupted; this data is also written to the User Database. The "user" typically will be a school-aged child, the "administrator" typically will be the child's parent. The administrator installs and configures the Program Code the BriteStudent program on the computer used by their child.

There are to be configuration options the Administrator Interface allowing the administrator to select which applications are monitored and interrupted. The monitored applications will most often be game programs and web browsers when visiting certain web pages. The program must be able to interrupt all major browsers such as Microsoft IE, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari when running on a Windows operating system , and the new Google browser.

The Program Code needs to be able to interrupt these browsers when they are displaying pages from websites selected for monitoring by the administrator in the Administrator Interface. A reporting feature periodically e-mails an analysis and summary of the user's answers to the administrator. The data used to generate the analysis and summary comes from the User Database. Strange as it sounds, the best business advice I ever received wasn't about how to make money—but how to give it away.

In , while I was an executive at Oracle Corporation, Colin Powell stood up with the five living presidents and launched America's Promise—a program that challenged the nation to make a greater commitment to its youth. That motivated Oracle CEO Larry Ellison to start a corporate philanthropy program called Oracle's Promise, and I was tapped to spend million to get computers into schools. All of a sudden, I was living in two worlds.

I spent half of my time in management meetings and the other half at schools in south-central Los Angeles, Washington, D. Although we placed thousands of computers in schools worldwide, our small team felt as if the efforts fell short of leveraging Oracle's frill philanthropic potential. I thought back to Colin Powell's call to America's companies to "take the lead" in getting involved in youth service projects and to give employees paid time off to participate in these programs.

Product details

I realized that philanthropy was about more than giving away money and I knew that if we had been able to draw on Oracle's full assets—its employees, its customers, and its partners—we could have made an even bigger contribution. That was a defining moment that helped inspire my concept of "integrated philanthropy," the practice of emphasizing social service from the inception of a company. Shortly after I started salesforce. In tandem with private funding sources, salesforce. It also committed to donating 1 percent of profits to the community and 1 percent of employee working hours to community service.

The model—equity, employee time, and profits—ensures that as the business grows so does its contribution to the communities in which it operates. The study of Russia as a multinational empire has grown in importance in recent years. New efforts to grapple with the problem and definition of "Russification" have accompanied this growth of interest in such diverse national groups as Kazakhs, Estonians, Tatars, and Kalmyks.

Few scholars would now endorse the rather crude thesis that the Russian government aimed to wipe out all non-Russian cultures and replace them with Russian culture and the Orthodox religion, though one can still encounter such arguments, particularly in works by nonspecialists. While it is clear that the prerevolutionary Russian government had neither the means nor even the desire to extirpate all non-Russian languages, cultures, and religions, it is no less obvious that certain ethnicities were targeted by discriminatory laws that directly affected their capabilities for cultural development.

Here I would like to look at one example of Russification: My purpose is not to enumerate the restrictions on Lithuanians during this period but to attempt to fathom the government's rationale in adopting anti-Lithuanian measures. In particular, the issue of "Russification" will be of central interest and specifically the question: None of these organizations is responsible for the views expressed here. Brower and Edward J. Imperial Borderlands and Peoples, Bloomington, ; and, from a comparative perspective, Karen Barkey and Mark von Hagen, eds.

On the situation in the western borderlands, see the quite different perspectives of Witold Rodkiewicz, Russian Nationality Policy in the Western Provinces of the Empire Lublin, ; and Theodore R. Weeks, Late Imperial Russia: Before introducing the "New" ink into the printer, the fluid path ink supply tubing etc. The purpose of these documents is to describe the minimum requirements for four Centrifugal Combustion Air Blower Packages of proven design for installation at the Nizhnekamsk facility located in Nizhnekamsk, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia.

The Seller's scope of supply shall include engineering, design, materials, fabrication, shop assembly, testing, corrosion protection, inspection, identification, packing for shipment and delivery to a designated delivery point. The quotation shall be in complete compliance with the attached data sheets, specifications, and engineering notes listed below. Each of the four combustion air blower packages shall include a centrifugal air blower, main drive motor for the centrifugal air blower, coupling, coupling guards, baseplate, lubrication system, inlet air filter and silencer, discharge blowoff silencer, and instrumentation with inlet flow measurement and capacity control.

The main equipment item numbers are as indicated below. Bidders shall offer spare parts as set forth below. The quality of all spare parts shall meet the same technical specifications and quality requirements applicable to the original equipment. Spare parts are required to cover the requirements for the maintenance period of 3 years of continuous operation within warranty period.

The Seller shall provide recommended spare parts for 3 years operation, along with pricing for future purchase, in the proposal. Thank you for taking the time to answer our 2 question survey.