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Fashion · Food · Recipes · Love & sex · Home & garden · Health & fitness Then there's Hemingway's short story, “Fathers and Sons”, in which the He and Jay laugh and wrestle together, he takes her to football It is one of the most good- hearted, big-souled books I've read, a memoir about what it.
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Fathers and Sons by Howard Cunnell review – a poignant, poetic memoir

But other near-perfect fathers, like Atticus Finch and Bob Cratchit, seemed a little insipid. Indeed, the most interesting fathers were often the ones who were no longer around, or who inhabited the world of ghosts. And so I also began to light upon those who were searching for dead fathers, and saw how the search for a lost father drove narratives throughout the history of literature, forcing Aeneas into the underworld, and leading Hamlet on the road to disaster.

You Laugh, You Lose

But my choice of 10 books here has to begin with another Shakespeare play. King Lear by William Shakespeare The fatherhood text. Not only does Lear mis-father his daughters, but the Duke of Gloucester is disastrously unfatherly toward his illegitimate son, Edmund.

All with catastrophic results, making Lear something of a manual for being a bad father. Careful readers of my book, Fathers , will notice an unplanned Lear theme running through the book.

Fathers and Sons by Howard Cunnell review – a poignant, poetic memoir | Books | The Guardian

But the book is much more than that, and contains wonderful portraits of the Arthurian novelist TH White and a hard-to-tame goshawk by the name of Mabel. A memoir of bereavement told in pitch-perfect prose that is both playful and meditative, and sometimes painfully humorous.

And it gets better and better, funnier and sadder. Young Alan survives, and then thrives, but the shadow remains.

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Mouloud is a migrant from Algeria to France, and nervously watched his three motherless children grow up in Marseille. But the eldest, a postgraduate student called Laila, has gone missing and is subsequently found murdered.

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