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Lance lives a comfortable life in the outside mall nicknamed the streets of Voltron. He bakes for a living with his friend, Hunk, and enjoys the company of the other store owners near him. Life seems great and easy until some pretty boy with a mullet opens a bakery across the street from him. Catching Feelings by th3blackcat.

Soon enough, the life he knew began to change and the more he learned about Keith, the more he learned about himself. Restless nights are hard for Lance, especially where going to sleep is concerned, so what better way to combat that energy than tinkering with a high tech blaster and a sleepy boyfriend? Or that time Keith got Lance to calm down and sleep without having to do anything at all except exist.

But his brother, Keith Kogane. But still, he smiled. Originally posted by monstaxscenariosx.

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Keith is instantly attentive to his loudmouthed boyfriend, beside the fact that he is currently blade-deep in a battle they have all been dreading since they became the defenders of the universe. Free Throw by breadpoetsociety. That Was Close by klanceheart. Ten Thousand Years by freckledjonty. Keith wondered how long it would stay this way between them. He wondered whether he could take it if he suddenly stopped aging alongside Lance, whether he could take it if it was impossible for him to spend his life with him.

Because a Galra would surely outlive an average human being, be he a paladin or not. Fate must be cruel to capture his only chance at having a home and lock it away. To have him watch, unable to do anything. To have him wait for the day his love would be taken away from him. Was this worth the suffering that would await him one day? Keith is at breaking point, will they survive this or is it over for them?

But but BUT- cheerleader Jimin! So, I know it's basic, but Sting and Rogue where Sting is the football jock hopelessly in love with the band kid who's lowkey emo. Or, Lucy and Cana where Cana is a basketball player and Lucy is a cheerleader. I'm a sucker for romance and sports. Ok but Total Emo Rogue is just too amusing to think about.

There he was sitting again, with his black clothes and his headphones and his sad, sad eyes, and no, Sting was not staring. They might have been friends back when they were kids, but now there was no way they could become close again, was there? The gloomy, dark kid and the shining star.

Sting did not want to walk over and sit next to him, or talk to him, or laugh with him. To touch him at all. But then Rogue stiffened, and turned his head, and their eyes met. And something deep inside Sting pulled taught. It lasted less than a second.

Rogue looked away, his expression blank. He swallowed, trying to get rid of the feeling that was rattling his bones. Is that a problem? Startled, he pulled back. Dumbly sitting down on his butt, he stared at his old friend. And more than anything, he felt ashamed. Clearing his throat, he got up. Then he held out his hand and held his breath. But then Rogue reached out and let himself be pulled upwards, and no, Sting did not want to put his arms around him and lean his head into the crook of his neck.

Like the crush is popular and so is the cheerleader but not as popular ya know? Posting on the same day that I accept a request?! Anyway, I hope this lifts your spirits, love, you deserve all the happiness. It was like second nature to me now, the routines we did and the cheers we chanted to get the crowd even more pumped for the second half of the basketball game.

Lifting the corners of my mouth up into a soft smile, my face fell immediately after his eyes flitted back to his coach, immersing himself in whatever the coach was saying. I had some computer issues. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! That wimp could never be Phantom. You got some crazy ideas in that mind of yours Wesley! Wes was so tired of hearing it all! Basketball players were always second best. Wes currently had a tape recorder smuggled safely away in the pocket of his basketball shorts. He had never spoken to the freak before. Nor had he spoken too Sam or Tucker.

They were deemed some of the lowest geeks on the Casper High social totem pole. He hated to be seen anywhere near the band room. They were, or course, some of the lowest on the social totem pole depending on which band geek you wanted to talk about…. After a few moments, Sam and Tucker departed from their black haired friend. The Blue eyed boy was currently muddering something about not being able to find his math homework when Wesley tapped on his shoulder.

Wes only nodded quickly.

Surely that was just an accident right? That guy is so cool. It must be nice to be a hero! Wes glared at him, as if he knew what that blue puff meant. Got somewhere to be? As soon as the vehicle came to a rest, Jack and Maddie Fenton jumped out and raced down the hall where screams on terror were heard. Wesley stood his ground, crossing his arms and returning the glare. Currently, he was in his room. His two best friends Sam and Tucker were leaned up against his bed.

He could make it super hard for me to go ghost, or worse, he could actually get proof! Geez, it was only a joke. The next morning at Casper High was quiet. All was pretty normal, specially in a place like Amity Park. Wesley Weston, making sure his recorder was on in his pocket, knew he could pry it out of Fenton today. Wes walked in the school, heading straight in the direction on the band room. He could just feel it! The adrenaline was pumping inside him.

Just one word, a picture, maybe even video proof! Wes reached the band hallway and looked at at the lockers sternly.

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Fenton was leaned up against them, alone. He was staring at the ceiling. Wes felt like something was off about him. He was wearing a red beanie and a blue jacket over his normal T-shirt. His face seemed a little softer edged compared to what he remembered from yesterday too… Maybe it was his imagination though. Danny looked up at him as Wes approached him. Come back to harass me some more? His voice seemed so much softer. It almost sounded like a girls. I saw you change months ago. Danny backed up against his locker the best he could as Wes walked closer and closer with every word.

There is not a ghostly thing about me! Should I just pee on the floor all the time to please you?

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Around the corner, Sam, Tucker, and the real Danny Fenton covered their mouths as the quietly snickered. There is no way that I could be Phantom! Man, that boy cracks me up. Wes growled in anger. Later on that day, Wes walked sadly down the hallway when suddenly someone pulled him into the dark janitors closet. It was their tradition. No wonder they had turned into a quite popular couple, with how flashy they were.

Originally posted by dailymera. They were beginning to blend in, very slow though, but there was a small start. They hide it from her brother, who is trying to protect her. An immigrant housemaid seduces a year-old boy and later fakes her own death as part of his chauffeur's blackmail plot. Troubles arise when the two start to fall in love. Momo and Yudale take turns mounting Bentzi's foreign buxom cousin, but Yudale and her get stuck together.

Momo raises the bar even further by proving the rumors of an accepting older buxom piano tutor, Fritzi. Bentzi looks for love.

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Two sets of two college guys spend a spring break together in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. There they have lots of fun in and out of the sun. Teenage romande, parties and sex in s Tel Aviv. Music is at the core of the lives of these teenagers. This iscomedy about three friends.

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Kim Taylor inherits her grandfather's drive-in theatre. She also has to deal with pesky capitalist J. A sensitive, 14 year old orphan in a military school learns about life and love from his classmates and teachers. The tale of the Aloha Cheerleaders' struggle against Lincoln high. High points include such events as the Aloha girls raiding a Lincoln classroom to get drugs, then putting aforementioned drugs in the cafeteria food while the state school inspectors are present.

Worth the rental price just so if you ever meet David Hasselhoff, you can say "Hey, I loved your work as Boner! This deserves "cult classic" status and, judging from IMDb's previous reviewers' t h rashings, it is poised for a most cult-ish fate. You will indeed be disappointed if you take it more seriously than its principals did. It is camp -- at Kilimanjaro levels. That the wanton energy invested in these frames was unleashed for filmed capture only during the s seems clear, alas, from the sad spectacle that contemporary reviewers seem to miss it entirely.

It was fun to be alive then, take my word The unlikely hero is a stiff who is cut squarely, so to speak, from the then-Governor Reagan mold. Overall, gameplay is solid but the shooting controls aren't very friendly. Taking shots is based on a momentum system where player movement dictates what type of shot they will take. If a player moves off a screen to shoot, they may take a running jumper, or they'll attempt a lay-up when driving the lane.

It simplifies the shooting mechanics, but experienced players might find the lack of control frustrating. Dribbling and other ballhandling techniques are pretty easy to pick up and execute. The intelligence of computer-controlled teammates is questionable at best. They don't contest shots enough, attempt steals, or move effectively without the ball. Opponents, however, play quite well, particularly once you try the tougher difficulty settings. While the game does pack some solid additions, it could use some on-court practice.

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