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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. From a young age, Nyrae Dawn dreamed of growing up Charade: The Games Trilogy 1: The Games Trilogy 1 Kindle Edition. by.
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But she sees more in me. Everything else in my life is all fucked up. This is the only thing that's real. After they have been playing for so long,they will now have to prove that what they have is real. Specially in the face of an impending tragedy. Will they be able to do so??? Well you have to read this to find out. That's all for now,Readers. View all 63 comments. Feb 14, Lisa Jayne Aaaaw lovely review, reading your review made me remember how much I enjoyed it!!

I can't wait to read the next book! Nov 04, Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads rated it it was amazing. L This book covers everything that can happen to you that I would consider 'tragic' but it's also a message of a love that can heal and can help you learn to move on, to emerge stronger. To not carry all of life's up's and downs on your shoulders but to let someone you LOVE shoulder those burdens with you. Let them carry you through those tough days. Love can be healing. Love is amazin 4. Love can make a broken heart whole again!! WOW this was an amazing surprise. I was paging through my Kindle trying to figure out what I wanted to read when I landed on it and thought "hmmmm This is the first Nyrae Dawn book I have read and most certainly will not be my last.

I was an emotional wreck while reading it. I don't know what I was expecting, maybe another fluffy romance type book which it most definitely was not. I think this book falls in to the New Adult category which I'm really coming to love. It was heartbreaking to see these two young people struggle with tragedy's that would cripple even a full grown adult. It was a full reading experience. I loved every second. One that I asked for, but with each day it feels more real.

More real than anything ever has and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I shouldn't fall for this guy. He's got so much on his plate and he's not the kind of guy to really fall for someone. Upset and angry Chey decides she's going to teach Gregory a lesson and let him know that she doesn't really need him anymore. She's intent on keeping up an image that she has everything in her life going perfectly.

She see's Colt in a coffee shop after he's had a confrontation with Gregory and decides he's the perfect guy to teach her ex a lesson. After striking a deal with Colt they begin a charade to make her ex jealous. It's not one sided though Colt get's something out of this to. His mother is dying of cancer and Colt is struggling to pay for things. He needs extra money to be able to afford some additional bills that are coming up in the future. So together they begin a mutually beneficial relationship but little do they know, they're going to be getting a lot more than they signed up for.

Cheyenne has some deep personal issues.

Charade (Games, #1) by Nyrae Dawn

Her mother abandoned her when she was younger. She dropped her off at her aunt's house and never came back. Her mother had a habit of deserting her though and an episode that she experienced when she was younger leaves her scarred and with reoccurring panic attacks and nightmares. Cheyenne learned at a young age to never depend on anyone but her break up with Gregory leaves her vulnerable and on edge. Colt's a little rough around the edges. He's a bad boy with tattoo's and a dirty mouth. He's struggling with the fact his mom is dying from Cancer and to mask the pain that causes, he's an asshole to everyone around him.

It's just a facade though, he's really the sweetest, kindest person. I adored him, cried over him and wanted to hug him. My heart broke for him. One part in this book had me clutching my chest. His pain is palpable. A place they can go to, to forget about their problems and their struggles.

It starts out as a charade but quickly develops into an escape and then something so much deeper. It's beautiful to read. I loved that at the worst times in their lives they were able to find something as sweet and incredible as love in each other. I've had quite a few girls before, but none of them were mine. I didn't want them a part of me, to keep them, and with her I want nothing more that to keep her safe and keep her with me all the time. I thought this book was fantastic. The writing was incredible. I wanted and craved the characters. I was sad when it came to an end.

I think Colt and Chey are perfect for each other and the epilogue left me feeling amazing.

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I can't wait for the second installment in this series. I Thought this little poem fit Colt and Chey perfectly. I saw this and it made me think of Colt View all 39 comments. Mar 13, "That's All" Ash rated it really liked it Shelves: So she does the smart thing, walks away, and completely removes him from her life.

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Which is a big, fat, massive, obese lie. Hell hath no fury like a girl who just caught her boyfriend in bed with a buxom red-head and all that jazz. Too bad she finds probably the most complex guy on campus to act as her simple solution. A mega badass badboy with dark blonde hair, an upper body rippled with tattoos, and bedsheets that should probably be washed on a daily basis. Too bad he turns her down faster than she can even introduce herself. My one chance to save face is walking away, and I can feel myself clinging, needing something, anything. This is all the beginning.

Besides… remember when I told you that Colt is a very sexy and complicated guy? And he desperately needs money for something. So what does he do? He finds the very sexy, but annoyingly high maintenance girl who proposed a ludicrous idea to him.

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And then he pretends to be her boyfriend. I absolutely loved these two characters when they were together! I want to suck the lobe of her ear into my mouth. Kiss the spot behind it to see if it drives her wild.

Real people with excruciatingly real problems covered in real secrets. Cheyenne begins to see why Colt has such a hardened exterior. And Colt starts to understand why Cheyenne wants to be so perfect all the time. I feel her shaking as she cries, but no sounds come out. As hard as they fight the attraction between them, it keeps building and building until it becomes a wildfire that helps them shed light on the darkness they hold inside.

I hold her while she sleeps. And I want it. I fucking want it. Because things got way intense! Well played, Nyrae Dawn… Well played. View all 95 comments. This one sounds like a book I would enjoy. I think you'd definitely enjoy it!

Charade: The Games Trilogy 1

Jul 17, Oct 27, Aestas Book Blog rated it really liked it. More real than anything every has Colt is struggling with pushing himself though school to keep a promise he made to his dying mother. When Cheyenne sees him in a coffee shop, she proposes "This is a game.

When Cheyenne sees him in a coffee shop, she proposes a deal. She will pay him to pose as her boyfriend in an effort to make her ex jealous. Desperate for the money, he agrees and so begins their charade. Their game face they show the outside world. But the more the continue it, what feels most right in their lives is the charade. And never let go. I did liked the story in the beginning and there were a few moment I really felt for but, overall I was a little distanced from the characters for the first half.

I liked each of them, I liked the story, I just wasn't feeling fully connected to it from the start, but I got steadily into it the more I read and about half way through, it got gooooood and my heart strings were pulled to the point of ending up in tears by the end. My heart went right out to them.

I really liked the idea of how two people who barely even liked each other at first, who jumped to all the wrong conclusions about each other and seemingly weren't suited to each other at all ended up falling head over heals in love. I won't want to talk about it, but tonight I loved Colt's POV. What a sweet heart bad boy! He was really easy to fall for: I loved that they were able to find support and strength in each other and that out of all the heart ache, they came away with each other and with a love and a bond that you knew was going to last.

Where the guy who fights so hard to keep the distance, does something so small, it's huge. I can't help but let it inside. Let it mean something. If you are looking for an emotional New Adult read, its definitely one to consider! Book 2 " Facade " will follow the story of Colt's best friend Adrian who we see a fair bit of in this book. I'm very much looking forward to his book which will be out Spring I'm kind of seeing this guy as Colt View all 40 comments. Aestas Book Blog No problem! Nov 26, Kha Just finished the book.

Love it,the story more real than other fiction books. Although I Just finished the book. Although I thought the male on the cover should've some ink on him I had a devil of a time with the prose. I found it erratic and disjointed and in need of an editor to help with the pacing and transitions. For instance, flashback memories were confusing when they were interjected into current dialogue without the author indicating that such memories were taking place.

It would have been helpful had italics been used instead of quotation marks. The prose would not have felt so jarring. He's everything I love in a bad boy who has a hidden golden heart. As for the heroine, Cheyenne, I really liked her at time, but her immaturity, melodrama, and random thoughts grated on my nerves. She was very young so I did take that into consideration. As much as I tried I just wasn't able to get past the flow of the prose.

That said, I cared enough about these characters to skip to the end to make sure they found their HEA. View all 56 comments. Lady Vigilante Feifei Well said Kristen! Only this book of hers worked for me Her writing style did get weird for me too: I was considering giving this book one more shot. I'm not sure it will work for me this time around but you never know. Oct 04, Kellie Maddox-Ward rated it it was amazing Shelves: This NA novel was awesome! This book starts out with a bang! Yes bad Pun intended as Cheyenne walks in on her boyfriend of 2 years having sex with someone else in his College Dorm.

Chey has abandonment issues because of her Mom. She has so many walls up around her that no-one can break through. But the fact he left her for someone else hurts. Colt turns her down. His mother is dying of cancer, and to give her everything she has ever wanted to make her happy in the time she has left, Colt has taken up the role of a drug dealer. What starts as a Charade for the rest of the world to see becomes real to Chey and Colt.

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They have never been themselves with anyone. Yet all of a sudden they are with each other.

See a Problem?

It was supposed to be having sex and hanging out for a distraction from their shitty lives. However it turns much more real than that as they begin to lean on each other for support, and the charade starts to crumble. In this half-dark room while my mother sleeps on the bed next to us, we make our vows to each other, to stop pretending. To do what the hell we need to do to not be the people who had to play a fucked up game of charades to fall in love.

I love the cover of this book! I need to state that, it was real and suited the book. Like toothpaste commercial, boy-next-door beauty that makes it really hard to be pissed at him. The sex scenes were fade to black.

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I can deal with that. Oh and glad to see safe sex was being practiced! I really liked the Epilogue it made me smile. I also added to the end in my mind that they got married, become rich, got 2 dogs had a billion children so that they would never be alone anymore! View all 15 comments. This book made me cry, but I loved it anyhow! Nineteen year-old Cheyenne, has just found out her boyfriend of two years, Gregory, is cheating on her. To save face, Cheyenne falsely l 4. To save face, Cheyenne falsely led Gregory to believe that someone else was interested in her, and now with him out of the way, she was going to go for it.

When she runs into Colt, and sees the animosity between Gregory and him, she approaches him to make a deal. Colt is a typical bad-boy, on the surface. He loves his mother. She always put his well being first and is the reason he worked hard to get into college. When Cheyenne first proposes her deal, he shrugs her off as a shallow princess only caring about what others think of her. Cheyenne is completely opposite of the spoiled princess Colt thought she was at first. He finds a kindred spirit in her and before you know it, these two have a connection neither was planning on. I just loved these two broken souls trying to deal with their pasts and being there for each other.

What I need to hear. What I feel in each of my scarred heartbeats. Like I said in the outset, this story made me cry. I lost my Mom when I was twenty-one and went through much of the same experience as Colt, so it was easy to feel his pain. His relationship with his mom was so heartbreaking.

I don't know exactly what to call it, but whatever it is, it's ours. I'm going to latch onto it. And never let it go. View all 28 comments. I liked it, but no "OMG! Charade is a quick YA-M read with some emotional twists that will guarantee to make you cry at the end, but the romance and relationship was pretty standard fare. Fans of angst-filled college life stories with some steamy parts, some family life drama, and a budding romance between two opposite types will enjoy this one. There was an odd generic simplicity with the story, which didn't bother me 3. There was an odd generic simplicity with the story, which didn't bother me too much but it did leave me wanting to know more about these people and their lives.

Nothing seemed to have full names and identities. None of the characters had last names, the college name was unspecified, the town and state was unspecified and could be Anywhere, USA. Even Colt's mothers cancer type was unspecified. She just had cancer. The coffee shop was just that - the coffee shop. Cheyenne catches her boyfriend of two-years, Greg, in bed with another girl, Red, which triggers her to lie about having another guy interested in her. Colt, a tattooed college junior, and Greg are fast enemies. When Cheyenne witnesses a confrontation between these two, she approaches him with a game plan of Charades.

This is meant to sooth her ego more than it is to make Greg jealous. Colt refuses at first, but later agrees. Cheyenne and Colt start off on a rocky path and many small fights occur, but in no time the game of Charades fades away and it becomes something real. Despite the generic tone of the story, it did have a surprising amount of depth but I would have liked more! We might not learn their last names or even what town they live in, but we learn enough about their personal lives to believe in these two. Their family lives are center to the story, and it will absolutely tug at your heart.

The romance moved pretty fast, despite being fresh out of a two year relationship. The ex-boyfriend Greg was a bit of an anomaly. Looking for beautiful books? Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Other books in this series. The Games Trilogy 1 Nyrae Dawn. The Games Trilogy 2 Nyrae Dawn. The Games Trilogy 3 Nyrae Dawn. For years she put her dream on hold.

Nyrae worked in a hospital emergency room, fell in love and married one of her best friends from high school. In Nyrae, her husband and their new baby girl made a move from Oregon to Southern California and that's when everything changed. As a stay-at-home mom for the first time, her passion for writing flared to life again. She hasn't stopped writing since. The Certainty of Violet and Luke. Perfect Kind of Trouble. The Probability of Violet and Luke. Blindsided By His Game, 1.

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