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The Klyntar, originally and better known as the Symbiotes, are a species of inorganic, amorphous, symbiotic extraterrestrials created at the beginning of the.
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The reason being, he wants to do the story behind the suit justice - and makes it sound like it will be part of a potential sequel game. I think just making it an unlockable suit wouldn't be doing it justice. It's one of the best stories for Spider-Man. I think it's a complex story. And I think it's a story that needs to be told, and it needs to be told the way Insomniac would tell it. However, the symbiote only wanted to bond further with Peter as its host. It is only once Peter managed to rid himself of the symbiote that it would then find Eddie Brock, and start the origin of Venom.

A sequel has yet to be announced by Sony, Marvel, and Insomniac, but it's largely viewed as an inevitable announcement at this point. Give Screen Rant a Thumbs up!


What Makes a Symbiote Irresistible?

Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Years later, when Agent Venom attempted to protect his student Andrea "Andi" Benton from Jack O'Lantern using the Venom symbiote, it regurgitated the clone in order to purge itself of a demon. With the help of Agent Venom and Mephisto , she was able to defeat them. Much later, Carnage realized he was also about to spawn. Fearing the spawn would become more powerful than him and disgusted by the notion of reproduction, he resolved to destroy the spawn as soon as it was born.

Venom, controlled by the symbiote, also became aware of the spawn and resolved to protect it and culture it as an ally. After the new symbiote was spawned, Carnage was too weak to kill the creature himself, and the symbiote found a human host in officer Patrick Mulligan.

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Venom had warned Carnage that every thousand generations or so the symbiotes' genetic memory can break down, and the new symbiote must be instructed by its "grandparent" to correct the errors. Since Venom has not been able to do so, this new symbiote bothered the unfortunate cop with the numerous questions, quandaries, and tantrums that normal children experience as they age.

The difference, of course, is that normal children tend to have fewer urges toward homicide. For a while, Mulligan did his best in balancing work, his family life, the difficult new symbiote, and his new career as the crimefighter "Toxin"; however, he was later murdered by Blackheart , who took the symbiote and bonded samples of it to clones of X Despite initially seizing control of him in an attempt to kill its grandparent, the Toxin symbiote and Eddie have since worked out a similar relationship to the one Eddie once had with Venom.

Eddie Brock, disgusted by the Venom symbiote's growing bloodlust after having a religious awakening and fearing for the fate of his soul, sold the symbiote to Don Fortunato , who gave it to his son Angelo. Disgusted by his cowardice, the symbiote abandoned Angelo of its own accord and later sought out Mac Gargan. Gargan initially feared the symbiote's growing influence over him after it forced him to commit cannibalism to satiate its hunger, but later came to embrace its bloodlust. Li's "mysterious powers", Eddie was cured of his cancer and the remnants of the symbiote were fused to his white blood cells.

Unfortunately, the then-current Venom, Mac Gargan, entered the F. He found Eddie instead, and the symbiote immediately attempted to rebond to its former host. However, the mystically-enhanced fusion between the symbiote's cells and Eddie's lymphocytes emerged, forming Anti-Venom , proving corrosive to the original symbiote.

Eddie later sacrificed the Anti-Venom symbiote to create a vaccine for the Spider Flu , but it appears a portion of it was somehow acquired by the Hobgoblin , who enfranchised the identity as one of his "Hob-Heroes" after his Inversion. Later, when Carnage was returned to Earth after his apparent death, Hall Industries used the symbiote to produce advanced prostheses.

Following its separation from Mac Gargan, the Venom symbiote was given to Eugene "Flash" Thompson by the US military, having been administered a sedative to keep it from seizing control of him. Flash later allowed the symbiote to bond to him, and it expressed a preference for him as a host, despite attempting to return to Eddie Brock and later " Peter Parker. These ambitions were cut short when it was forced to relinquish those powers to its clone, Mania, after a demon that was implanted in it by Daimon Hellstrom began attempting to take it over.

During Flash's sojourn into space as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Venom symbiote became increasingly erratic, eventually seizing control of him and rampaging until they were separated, whereupon it took control of numerous members of the Guardians of the Galaxy until it managed to arrive to the destination it was being led to: The Klyntar explained that the reason Venom Symbiote was acting erratic was because as soon as it returned to space, the Klyntar managed to reconnect it to their hive-mind, and it was initially disconcerted until it was drawn closer and a better connection was established, allowing the Klyntar to guide it to their homeworld.

Now reconnected with the collective, the Venom symbiote's corruption was repaired and it re-bonded with Flash, making him into a stronger and more pure Agent Venom. At some point following his moral inversion , Tony Stark created the " Endo-Sym " armor, which, similarly to the Iron Ranger armor, was made using "building blocks" taken from a symbiote. After Rescue and the Iron Man A. Another feral symbiote, unrelated to Venom's lineage, was captured by Shi'ar Emperor D'Ken and given the moniker Zzxz. Classified as one of the most dangerous entities the Empire had encountered, it was recruited by Vulcan to serve as one of his praetorian guards and eventually took Raza Longknife as a host.

Zzxz was later separated from Raza and imprisoned on Ego. It was retrieved and fired at an evil, alternate universe incarnation of Charles Xavier , who had become a giant brain-monster, and was last seen eating him.

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A group of evil symbiotes bonded to a swarm of Brood , which they later abandoned and ate, in order to take over the S. Spider-Man was forced to bond with a symbiote for a power boost, controlling it with the help of the telepathic No-Girl , which caused it to take on an appearance identical to the Venom symbiote.

He ultimately lost control of it, but it was subdued and separated from him. When they ran out of money to fund the project, they turned to Bolivar Trask , who took their research and weaponized it as the Symbiote Effect project. When Peter Parker discovered that the suit was dangerous and destroyed half of the sample, Eddie used the second half to become a ravenous monster called Venom. A sample of the Venom Suit was used by Dr. Curt Conners to create the Carnage symbiote by combining it with his own genetic material and that of Peter Parker. The Carnage symbiote needed to vampirically feed on other organisms to stabilize itself, and was killed by Peter Parker.

A sample of it was taken by Ben Reilly, and used to create a genetic duplicate of Gwen Stacy , who remained bonded to the Carnage symbiote until it was absorbed by Venom. In Larval Earth, the Symbiote is not identified as such: The Bee-Yonder suddenly appeared in front of Spider-Ham and used his powers to change his red-and-blue uniform into a black-and-white one; giving no other explanation, the Bee-Yonder, apparently a fashion consultant, teleported away to change the style of Ducktor Doom 's ensemble.

Spider-Ham, who liked his original suit, [51] returned to the red-and-blue uniform after this encounter, [52] Later, during the event known as Secret Furs, Spider-Ham was seen using a different black-and-white uniform while fighting Doctor Octopussycat for a refrigerator in Bobcat Barker 's "Whale of Fortune" test. Two varieties of symbiote exist in this reality: The alien symbiotes were once a peaceful race also known as the Klyntar who lived in symbiosis with the other life forms on their home planet.

Physically, they were mostly pale with red eyes, and were also capable of flight an ability they could bestow on anyone bonded to them. They were also significantly more intelligent than their corrupted counterparts. Thanos abducted the Klyntar and took them to the barren Planet X where he experimented on them in an attempt to weaponize them. Thanos' experiments turned the Klyntar into the "feral" Symbiotes that became a menace to the Galaxy.

Thanos abandoned his experiment when he realized the Symbiotes were too difficult to control, but left behind a "doomsday weapon" that would destroy the planet in case the Symbiotes turned on him. By the time the Guardians of the Galaxy visited Planet X, they discovered the Symbiotes had spread across the entire planet. The Symbiotes' infestation was so thorough, however, that the Guardians chose to destroy Planet X with Thanos' weapon rather than leave it in their hands. The Guardians found the last remaining pure Klyntar and escaped Planet X before it blew up.

Apparently Thanos kept a red Symbiote that he could control on his Sanctuary asteroid which later bonded with him. On Earth, the symbiotes are a type of parasitic demon summoned using an ancient amulet that acts as the source of their power. They have outward-curved tusk-like fangs, and their main body has six arms, giving it a strong resemblance to an asura. It remains to be seen what their involvement is in this harsh reality.

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When Spider-Man attempted to send the aliens home, he accidentally released them across New York City. After finding Avengers Academy , Venom organized his fellow symbiotes into taking over the academy and the world. Unlike the Klyntar of Earth, these are innately evil.

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They're also able to morph their bodies to be able to stand up, walk, and fight with superhuman speed, strength, and durability. The Symbiotes can even spread themselves out, with multiple versions of one symbiote running around at once. Symbiotes can feed on their host's adrenaline, usually released into the bloodstream during the fight-or-flight response. They have also been shown to depend on their hosts for a steady supply of phenethylamine, a chemical found as a neurotransmitter in the human brain. While this has been known to lead some symbiotes to consume the brains of others, the chemical can also be ready found in processed chocolate.

While the symbiotes are connected to a host, they raise their host's dopamine levels.

Venom Trailer Breakdown: Explaining the New Symbiote Venom is Fighting

They can apparently be killed, or at least forced into some sort of death-like state, by an overdose of dopamine-inhibitor. Symbiotes aren't able to bond with hosts who have high levels of vitamin C in their blood streams. There are several levels of biological symbiosis, or "bonding" that can be achieved between a symbiote and its host, each with different biological consequences. Symbiotes have some ability to sense the thoughts and emotions of sentient creatures, though to what extent remains unclear. The Venom symbiote was able to pattern itself after Spider-Man's thought, and respond to his mental commands even without significant bonding.

The psychic scream of the Venom symbiote was able to draw the attention of space-faring symbiotes, while powerful feelings of emotional anguish were able to actually kill many symbiotes. Symbiotes have a genetic memory, allowing them to exploit their parents' knowledge through ancestral recall.

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On Earth, this allows Venom's descendants to benefit from the symbiote's former bond with Spider-Man by gaining spider-like powers. Certain memories seem to be more readily accessible than others. For example, the trauma of Galactus devouring a world populated by symbiotes so scarred the surviving members of the species that it still invokes an intense reaction in all symbiotes today. Symbiotes are genderless, usually reproduce asexually though some symbiotes are hatched from eggs , [37] and generally produce only one offspring in a lifetime.

In the case of Venom, seeds were forcibly extracted to produce more offspring. There is no family structure, and in fact it seems to be common among corrupted symbiotes for parent and offspring to hate each other. However this observation is taken mostly from the relationship between Venom and his children. Venom hates Carnage because of his murderous nature not to mention that when they were cell mates they had an antagonistic relationship.

When his other "children" were born he thought that they would end up like Carnage so he placed his hatred of him on them. However, recently the Venom symbiote was pregnant after absorbing a clone of itself and wanted to rebond with Spider-Man because rebonding with Brock would kill the child because he had cancer.

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While they have a latent ability to sense the proximity of their progeny, they usually have no interest in them. The one exception comes once every 1, generations, when a symbiote is born with a high risk of psychotic breakdown, and must be guided by older symbiotes, or else destroyed. Their unique properties make the symbiotes immune to most conventional weapons. They are dense enough to absorb the force of powerful blows and stop bullets before they reach the host being. They are able to process breathable gases for the host when it would otherwise be unable underwater, for example.

They seem to confer a weak healing factor on strongly-bonded hosts, but that bond can also send host and symbiote alike into shock if they are forcibly separated. Cold and quiet Gravity: Same as Earth's Atmosphere: Same as Earth's Population: Superior to earth's technology Cultural Traits: Symbiotes are fully aware and sentient creatures, but in their natural state are vicious predators, compelling their hosts to violence and corrupting them.

The symbiotes formerly worshipped the dark god Knull, but rebelled against him and imprisoned him. Going to extreme lengths to expunge their origins from their history, [3] the symbiotes of Klyntar have no notable cultural traits, or at least none other civilizations would understand, nor do they express themselves through literature, art, nor music. Outside of a desire to maintain peace across the galaxy via the Agents of the Cosmos , [4] the Klyntar only gain some form of cultural identity when they are bonded to a host. Sign In Don't have an account? There are many stories about us across the galaxy.

Some true, some false And because of this we are known by many names Allow us to explain ourselves using familiar perspectives and the vernacular of your species We need a host relationship to an intelligent organism so we can reach out across our galaxy and help those who cannot help themselves. We are the mind and soul of the warrior, but need a form to act out what we know to be the true ways of a noble and virtuous galaxy.

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Like yourselves, we are dedicated to making a great society. But ours is not an exact way. We know of no society whose is.