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Legend of the Clouds. By: sansinukob. A short, Filipino folktale regarding the existence of clouds. Written as a formal essay in English class.
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Only a portion were sent by the Spider to work for the people of the upper world. The Cloud People are so many that, although the demands of the Earth people are so great, there are always many passing about over Tinia for pleasure.

The Legend of William Tell

These Cloud People ride on wheels, small wheels being used by the little Cloud children and large wheels by the older ones. The Cloud People keep always behind their masks.

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The shape of the mask depends upon the number of the people and the work being done. The Heash are clouds like the plains and behind these the Cloud People are laboring to water the Earth.

The Cloud People - A Sia Legend.

Water is brought by the Cloud People, from the springs at the base of the mountains, in gourds and jugs and vases by the men, women, and children. They rise from the springs and pass through the trunk of the tree to its top, which reaches Tinia.

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  • They pass on to the point to be sprinkled. The Cloud People have ceremonies, just like those of the Sia.

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    On the altars of the Sia may be seen figures arranged just as the Cloud People sit in their ceremonies. When a priest of the Cloud People wishes assistance from the Thunder and Lightning Peoples, he notifies their priests, but keeps a supervision of all things himself. We know GDPR like the back of our hands, and offer solutions that ensure the data you hold is safe, secure and only used for its intended purpose.

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