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Hawk and Phoenix. By: Elin1. Ongoing Epic. After the Eclipse, Judeau wakes up in another world. This story is about Judeau, and very heavily.
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Because she might live. Guts would surely survive, and he would find her, and he would do what Judeau had not been able to… he would save her. She needed to live happily ever after with Guts, and he didn't want to cast that shadow over her.

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He had seen how much her unrecruited love for Griffith had hurt her. She didn't need to live with any possible guilt of having caused such pain to someone else. She had stopped, and she was looking at him almost as if she could read his thoughts, and with her beautiful dark eyes staring into his, despite everything, he almost blurted it out right there. He scrambled for something to say, some last joke to make, to lift her spirit, if only for a moment… he felt his life begin to peter out and knew that he desperately didn't want the last thing he saw to be a tear in those dark eyes.

The irony almost made him laugh, but he didn't have any strength left.

No strength at all. And as he slipped off her shoulder, he thought:. So… are these my final words? His words had all failed him today. He tried to keep touching her for as long as he could, and kept his eyes on hers as he descended into darkness. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. After the Eclipse, Judeau wakes up in another world. This story is about Judeau, and very heavily AU.

Approach with an open mind, and don't expect to be seeing much of Guts. The Death of the Hawk The world had cracked open, and madness had poured in, like blood gushing out of a lethal wound. He reined the horse in and brought it around to deliver another blow to the nearly recovered demon, but was interrupted by Pippin's booming voice: Let go of me! Are you going to let him die? She must have noticed. Through the pain and the shock, he distantly recognised that, at least, the lashing had stopped.

He allowed himself to be pulled up and let her drape his arm around her shoulder. I'll come… even if I have to crawl. He would have chuckled, if he had had the strength for it. And he was dying, so why couldn't he tell her? So what words did he hear tumble out of his mouth? And as he slipped off her shoulder, he thought: In a way, it was comforting.

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  8. It was like drowning in her dark eyes. The Death of the Hawk 2. In the Hands Of the Healer 4. Conflict and Compromise 6. The Hawk, the Falcon and the Great City 8. Words in the Night The Measure of a Life Your Life and Mine Like a Thief A Matter of Attitudes Harris's Hawks also come into residential areas and may be seen in the middle of the city at times.

    South Phoenix neighborhood receives 'HAWK' crosswalk signal

    Rare throughout Arizona, the Red-shouldered Hawk has expanded it's range from California into some of Arizona. A lot of Arizona birders have gotten their first Red-shouldered Hawk for the state at these locations. The Gray Hawk is another raptor that is rare and local in Maricopa County. These hawks reside in the area March through October. A noisy raptor, the Gray Hawk is often heard more than it is seen. Listen for it's peacock-like calls when birding along the Hassayampa River.

    They are active in the earlier stages of the morning, and aren't heard or seen as much from late morning and into the afternoon. This variable hawk of three different color morphs can often be seen in the hundreds where they form "kettles". During this migration period, a field may have 50 Swainson's Hawks on the ground, and maybe 50 more soaring overhead.

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    The Swainson's Hawk prefers open areas in the county, mainly agricultural fields. The best time to see these spectacular raptors in migration is the end of March and the beginning of April. This is the peak time to see this hawk in high numbers, as birds can still be seen through most of April. The Swainson's Hawk population moves south again during the fall migration, which isn't as good as viewing the birds in high numbers as the spring migration is.

    In Area 7, try searching the M-C 85 area, which is probably the best place overall in the county to watch these raptors in high numbers. Driving through the extensive fields of Area 8 will also turn up Swainson's Hawk kettles. They are also regularly seen in the Gilbert area Area 4 , in the agricultural fields there that surround Veteran's Oasis Park. The loud Zone-tailed Hawk is an awesome sight when birding in the county's riparian canyons.

    This raptor holds itself in a V-shaped dehydral in flight, looking very similar to a Turkey Vulture at a first glance. A "Zonie" is very sensitive of it's territory, often flying over people back and forth, screaming away. This hawk is most often seen soaring high overhead when it's not in it's immediate territory.

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    Birds can often be seen soaring above the forested mountains of Mount Ord as well. The Red-tailed Hawk is most widespread and common raptor in North America, which in Maricopa County the status is no different. This hawk is highly variable, and nests in any habitat and life zone in the county. Any location is likely to have a "Tail" nearby. Red-tailed Hawks are easily viewed at any time of the year, and their numbers increase drastically in the winter months as northern birds come to the area to winter.

    Keep an eye out for the "Harlan's" Red-tailed Hawk, a good subspecies of Red-tailed Hawk that is rare but annual in Arizona. This regal hawk is the largest hawk in North America. It is a variable raptor of different color morphs, although the light morph shown below is the majority of the population. The Ferruginous Hawk prefers open grasslands on it's breeding ground, and can be found in small numbers as a breeder in northeastern Arizona. The best area to observe this hawk is Arlington to Gila Bend Area 8.

    Search the agriculture throughout the area, especially when driving on the Old Highway The fields around Gila Bend and Paloma Ranch are also good. The American Kestrel is a special raptor, and is well adapted to any habitat throughout North America. This falcon, which is the smallest breeding bird of prey in North America, can be found in the middle of the busiest cities to some of the higher elevation forests.


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