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The Blood-Red Isle has 2 ratings and 1 review. Paul said: I really enjoyed this book. It reminded me of the old days I spent playing D&D with my friends.
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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. The Blood-Red Isle 4. The lost treasure of Isla Sangre waits for those bold enough to discover it. Now, a ruthless team of mercenaries comes to claim the riches of the Blood-Red Queen, though doing so demands a terrible sacrifice The Blood-Red Isle is an action-packed fantasy-horror novella of treasure hunting, greed, and betrayal.


The Blood-Red Isle

The story appeared previously in Zombies, Werewolve The lost treasure of Isla Sangre waits for those bold enough to discover it. Nook , 0 pages. Published November 29th by Sullivan, Stephen D. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. There were a lot of elements in this story I enjoyed and I'm interested enough to check out the next book!

The setting was strong, I loved the maps, and the characters were all great. I'm not super enthusiastic about anything BUT I still liked it. I think this one will appeal to readers who get into stories that are more peaceful There wasn't a ton of adventure and nothing was particularly gripping, but that doesn't mean it wa There were a lot of elements in this story I enjoyed and I'm interested enough to check out the next book!

There wasn't a ton of adventure and nothing was particularly gripping, but that doesn't mean it was boring or slow! There was a sense of mystery and some decent character development. I do wish I would've connected more with the writing style, though. It felt like it was sort of holding me at a distance and I wanted to get into everything more.

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Thank you to the publisher for sending me an ARC. Jul 03, Katerina Kondrenko rated it really liked it Shelves: Finally a good YA fantasy with a hint of a romance, a lot of adventures, mysteries and a nice pacing. I think you would love it too. This series is a young adult historical fantasy with a touch of romance involved.

The story starts with the royal navigator Lord Antoni out on and excursion with a group including two of the young princes. As everyone in the group is setting down to eat and rest Antoni is gathering supplies to show the boys how to make a compass.

After the wine is passed around however everyone in the group begins g Isle of Blood and Stone by Makiia Lucier is the first book in the Isle of Blood and Stone duology. After the wine is passed around however everyone in the group begins getting sick and the sounds of someone approaching can be heard. Fast forward the story eighteen years where a young girl, Reyna, who is studying to be a map maker herself has come across maps that look like the work of Lord Antoni. The problem with this discovery is that it looks as if the maps were made after the horrific massacre eighteen years ago.

Little Reyna takes her discovery to King Ulises who approaches his friend Elias who has just become a master mapmaker himself with the discovery. Isle of Blood and Stone is a slow building story that felt very heavy on the historical and lighter on the fantasy side. It takes a reader back to the time of Kings, courts, politics, spies and intrigue. It becomes known that after the poisoning where everyone out that day was thought to have died that someone confessed to the crime which started a war with a neighboring kingdom but now the question comes up as to whether or not they were even involved.

As it jumped the eighteen years it was a tad confusing to join in on new characters as it slowly established who everyone was and slowly came back to what had happened at the beginning of the story. I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley. For more reviews please visit https: Feb 24, Bitchin' Reads rated it it was amazing Shelves: And how fortunate for me, and what a wonderful surprise, when I picked up an ARC of this book at Yallfest and realized it was by the same insta-fave author who had me falling for Edmund in A Death-Struck Year.

It was clearly fate. She has such an easy way with words, creating a world and characters rife with life I want more of. Just like in her debut novel, Isle of Blood and Stone immediately entranced me and refused to let loose my attention--seriously, I had sat down with the intent to read for forty-five minutes when I first opened it and This story is about Elias, a young talented cartographer and explorer whose life, as well as the lives of his close friends Ulises and Mercedes who are cousins , are constantly defined by one tragic moment that happened long ago: Ulises' older brothers, the two elder princes of their nation, and Elias' father, a famous and much praised cartographer and explorer, were kidnapped from an outing--everyone else who came perished, and no one knows what happened to the stolen boys and man.

This brought forth so many massive changes to their world: And, most importantly lest I forget my brain, the mystery that persists from that devastating outing long ago, a mystery that isn't as clear-cut as it is made out to be. I don't normally do this, but I want to start with what I didn't like. My reasoning for switching it up?

There is hardly anything I didn't like. My only complaint is that there are a few questions left unanswered regarding backstory of secondary characters, but seeing as this is a duology, the next book from young Reyna's perspective, I am forgiving of these few unanswered questions. Not to mention, this book so thoroughly tickled my fantasy fancy that those unanswered question hardly register. A little unsolved mystery never killed anybody! Channeling my Gatsby twist a la the DiCaprio version's soundtrack.

What most impressed me was the brilliant simplicity of the mystery and the factors that led to the disappearance of Ulises' brothers and Elias' father. For years it is assumed their tragic disappearance was a kidnapping executed by a neighboring kingdom.

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Everything known by the public points that direction, but things aren't adding up. Thus ensues one o the most interesting YA fantasy mysteries I've ever read, because Elias, Ulises, and Mercedes being to unravel the years' long mystery after realizing it was a story wrought with many holes. Going off on a related tangent, the mystery's reveal reminded me of the one in Long May She Reign by Rhiannon Thomas, but Lucier's is much more effective and makes you realized just how twisted the true antagonist is in Isle of Blood and Stone.

This won't make sense until you have read the book, but it is cleverly titled and I find it brilliant after the fact. That isn't a spoiler, I swear it. Another aspect of this book I cannot emphasize enough is the positive step-family relationships. In real life and fiction, too often the step-family is treated as a negative, a point of contention or evil, a trope. In Isle of Blood and Stone , there is a bit of tension created by Elias' stepfather, but not of the predictable trope variety.

Oh no, I cannot reveal specifics, but I want you to know it is an understandable tension, but it doesn't lead to dislike or hate. This positive representation of a normally negative trope warmed my heart. It wasn't even something I realized was lacking from books in general until I read this book. I also found the budding romance between Elias and Mercedes a joy to witness. From the beginning you see its bud, but to watch it fully bloom over the course of a couple hundred pages, and in such a natural, non-overpowering manner I swooned a lot at the slow burn.

They are relationship goals. Now THAT is the kind of balancing my boyfriend and I do in out lives, and I love seeing that same healthy and realistic expectation in my entertainment. They days of expecting one partner to give in totally to the needs or wants of the other are over--I am pro going Dutch in more aspects than just when out for a meal. But, as soon as I got to the now part, I was so confused that I found myself reading the same sentence more than once or twice. Why did I get so confused? Well, the author was trying to add some world building by just telling and not showing and the more I kept reading the more I was like where the hell are the protagonists right now??

There were just too many names and characters that the protagonists already know and that we're introduced to without a single explanation. At least the protagonist - Elias - isn't bad. He's a traveler and his scenes with his family were adorable, I loved his relationship with his stepfather and stepbrothers. Actually, I think that the scenes where he was interacting with his family were the only ones I enjoyed. So all in all, Isle of blood and stone isn't a bad book, it's just a bit boring and incredibly confusing and I don't want to waste time to read something I'm not enjoying.

Oct 23, anna readingpeaches marked it as to-read Shelves: I absolutely loved this book! I am also really happy that buddy wasn't mad at me for being so slow for starting this book with her. Thank you so much Andrea for making me buddy read books with you! I love your little updates and how you make me laugh.. Luckily for us, this book was really good! I feel like we zoomed right through it.

Isle of Blood and Stone was so freaking good! Even though the pacing in the prologue kind I absolutely loved this book! Even though the pacing in the prologue kind of made me sleepy.. I feel like the rest of the book was a blur because I breezed right through it. Mercedes and Elias were adorable together. The entire time I was shipping them and I feel like I'm still missing something about their "relationship" even after finishing the book.

I can't wait for the next one to come out next year because I desperately need these two to be a couple! Elias was completely likable. I honestly fell in love with him at the very beginning of the book. His friendship with Mercedes was everything to me. Even when there were hints that there was something more for them. Again, I need my ship to sail people! Elias and Mercedes would do anything for each other.

Heck, Mercedes is such a bad ass character who is wicked with a bow and arrow. She saves his life plenty of times.. Every single second these two were together, Sigh! Besides me shipping the heck out of these two, this book delivers a really good and interesting mystery.

Who planned all of these "deaths" that happened years ago? Of course all of the suspects are people who are in higher positions of power since every had untimely deaths. Elias and Mercedes were practically babies when this all happened so they were completely innocent.

For the mystery though, I had no idea who actually committed the crime. I was highly intrigued though and couldn't put the book down until everything was solved. There were a bunch of twists and turns that had my sitting on the edge of my seat, tapping my toes, waiting to figure out who it was. Overall, I definitely loved this book. I feel like I've mentioned that a lot in this review but oh well! I seriously recommend this to anyone who loves fantasy and mystery books.

Isle of Blood and Stone

I really just didn't feel a ton about this book either way. Objectively, it was good and the plot was pretty interesting. But it didn't leave any kind of huge impression on me, and I feel like that's probably an important thing. But I did like some stuff! I enjoyed the characters, and thought that they were well-written.

I loved the romance aspect of the story, too. The plot is a bit of a slower paced one, and isn't full of action, but is more the characters trying to figure out certain things about their world and their loved ones. I don't dislike that sort of plot, so it was fine with me, but something to be aware of. I feel like I should have more to say, but I simply don't. It's one of "those" reviews, sorry to say. While nothing really stuck out as negative, neither did I have overwhelmingly positive feelings.

Stephen D. Sullivan

It was a fine book, but not particularly memorable for me. Feb 06, mith rated it really liked it Shelves: To rate up or down? Gosh I love it. This book was provided by the publisher. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. I don't feel anything for it. Did it excite me? Did I hate it? No, it was a good book.

This fantasy isn't a super action-packed adventure, taking a slower pace as the characters attempt to uncover a mystery that was left in the unknown for almost two This book was provided by the publisher. This fantasy isn't a super action-packed adventure, taking a slower pace as the characters attempt to uncover a mystery that was left in the unknown for almost two decades.

From a writing standpoint, I couldn't put my finger on it but it almost felt like a middle grade novel. Yet the main character, Elias, is 19, so the upper end of YA. The combination was interesting and I quite liked it, giving this book a different edge. The mystery takes over the bulk of the plot and becomes a bit of a Clue game with who committed the crime with the poison in the meadow. There's a lot about family, a theme strongly supported by Elias's own family, the kinship between the navigators, the strong bonds between him and his friends, and so on.

He wasn't exactly memorable. He became less of a multi-faceted character and more of a name on the page. Mercedes is a highly independent young woman who works as a diplomat for her nation and I loved that she not only had a role of power but wasn't overly "strong" where the author makes a point to remind you over and over that she's independent. Even at 9, she had something at stake. And Commander Aimon was a bit aloof but I could see something beyond that, and I wondered who he was before the time of the story. That said, I did like that the romance subplot was already partially established.

But coming in where the story did with their relationship also meant that I didn't have much time to really develop an interest in the two of them getting together which affected some of the tenser moments in the book. But I'm getting nit-picky. There's a bit of action, plenty of mystery, strong family vibes, and a well-written cast to fall in love with.

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