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You'll be zipping along in no time. This Eagle Series kit includes a special rider seat and rope that, in addition to providing an easier ride for those not so athletically inclined, reduces the necessary riding height, making longer rides possible over any given terrain. And for those who prefer hanging by hand, the seat is easily removable.

The quality and appearance of this equipment, from the easy grip trolley to the 70' stainless steel cable and accompanying hardware, is extremely high. Installation is straightforward but must be performed by an adult. And as with any ziplining activity, there should be adult supervision at all times during use. Like all good party games, it's the banter and laughter that make such great fun, and Truth be Told yields plenty! So much so that scoring and winning often become an afterthought.

Each turn has a designated Host who reads aloud a statement ending with a blank space. The Host fills in the blank with a true answer, while the other players devise answers that sound like something the Host would say. All answers are read aloud, after which each player guesses, in writing, which answer was the one actually given by the Host. Points are earned by guessing the correct answer or by having other players mistake yours for the Host's.

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Truth Be Told lets you put words in your friends' mouths and smiles on their faces! Cahootie is a quick, easy, very social game for 2 or more players. This modern version of the home-made folded paper fortune-telling game many of us played as children contains bright, colorful graphics, positive girl-empowering themes, and overall high quality craftsmanship.

It comes with 40 reusable stickers, 8 of which can be loaded into the Cahootie for play on a given turn. Stickers contain either a fortune, trivia, or a challenge, and are geared toward sparking interesting and often playful conversation among players. This is a fun, welcome update to a classic game! This entertaining read-aloud action tale introduces and reinforces key concepts - colors, direction, visual discrimination, counting, vocabulary, nature - in a simple, engaging manner that makes it easy for young learners to absorb. Verbal and visual repetition are used to excellent effect in this story of three different-colored trucks going up a hill one at a time.

Rain suddenly comes down, causing Red Truck to become stuck in a giant mud puddle. The sun comes out as Green Truck and Blue Truck come to the rescue. Each illustration contains a partially hidden bunny to locate, adding a fun, visual game element to the story. Muddy Truck is one of the excellent Truck Buddies board books for young readers, a series of truck adventure stories that contain strong learning elements geared for grades PreK-K.

Sports fans of all ages will enjoy this tale of a boy's day at the ballpark with his father. This hardcover book's design, from its cover, fonts, and illustrations to the type of paper it's printed on, adds to a nostalgic feel perfect for our national pastime and the cherished childhood memories it's created for so many of us. The story told in rhyme and illustrations capture the enduring pleasure of professional baseball. From the hustle and bustle of arriving at the stadium and finding seats to the thrum of crowd-filled bleachers and the sharp impact of bat on ball, the sweet thrill of the game is on display.

Page after page captures the warmth of the experience, with the boy noticing every little detail as he says goodbye at night's end to the players, the park, even the popcorn boxes under the stands. The camaraderie of players and fans alike shines through, and the boy goes to bed that night with a smile on his face. Nothing attracts kids like fun, and one of the many great things about this kit is the sense of freedom and play it fosters while providing structure that enables children to explore and learn.

Kids warm up with Muscle Movers, a game in which a roll of the die determines which card to flip and animal to mimic. They then use Magnastix 17 colored magnetic pieces to form letters on the magnetic dry-erase board, with a special color-coded key to guide them. Next, the colorful Lower Case Writing Tablet has Max the Monkey providing playful instructions that make forming each letter seem like a game in itself.

The back of the tablet contains reward stickers for when each page is completed. Both the tablet and dry-erase board includes a marker use a green-at-the-top, red-at-the-bottom approach to help kids remember to start letters at the top. Kids will improve fine motor skills, sharpen visual perception, learn proper letter sequencing and, best of all, enjoy every minute of it!

Kids will love walking, hopping, and playing their way along the Giant Timeline, a highly durable walk-on play mat that unfolds to a whopping 18 feet long. Taking us from million years ago to the present, the timeline advances in million-year increments and is richly illustrated with a host of bizarre and amazing creatures from our evolutionary past. There is a wealth of information accompanying the illustrations, much of it in the form of call-out balloons in which the creatures earnestly, and often comically, share facts with you about themselves. The play mat includes instructions for 18 different games that incorporate the mat's content in clever and entertaining ways.

Also includes a glossary and numerous FAQS for kids, adults, and educators. Games that are perfectly suited for younger kids in this case 3 to 7 years old are hard to find. That Crazy Pants consists of four such games is a boon to parents and teachers. Each of the four games is easy to learn, quick-moving, requires no reading, and teaches different skills taking turns, following directions, social development, language expansion, auditory awareness. Meanwhile, everyone's having a blast. All of the games use Crazy Pants cards, each of which has a single article of clothing on it.

In Crazy Pants Bingo, the caller pulls one card at a time from the deck while everyone tries to spot the article of clothing Crazy Pants are wild! In the Memory game, players take turns flipping up two cards at a time, taking them if they match, returning them face down if they don't. The Sequencing game has players arrange their cards according to the order in which they put on their own clothes during their dressing routine. ChineseCubes is a fun, game-like system for learning the Chinese language. It combines the use of physical elements with computer technology and augmented reality AR in such a way that key aspects of speaking, writing, and translating the Chinese language are made easy and enjoyable.

By placing one or more of the Chinese Character Cubes with the AR marker facing the webcam, you can select from onscreen buttons to either hear the Chinese word perfectly spoken, see its English translation appear onscreen above the cube, or view an easy-to-follow animation of the specific stroke order to use when writing out the Chinese characters.

There are two primary onscreen modes. Learning Mode follows a specific progression through the Chinese characters while tracking your progress. Freestyle Mode is a looser, creative approach in which one freely combines cubes in order to see, hear, translate, and understand the results. Playing with ChineseCubes allows you to master commonly used Chinese characters, the combination of which generates up to 64, words and conversational phrases. CUBEBooks is a great way to learn the Chinese language playfully, through games, stories, and several kinds of interactive fun.

The Vocabulary Series explores common vocabulary, letting you tap on images and use interactive tools to slice and splice common Chinese words, phrases, and sentences to gain deeper insight into their meanings. Hear authentic mother-tongue pronunciation whenever desired by tapping the speaker symbol. See animation of how to write a particular Chinese character stroke by stroke by tapping the pen symbol or write them yourself by tracing numbered, directional symbols onscreen.

Play several categories of games to reinforce associations and absorb meaning in a relaxed, lighthearted way. Create, maintain, and expand your own library from dozens of storybooks some free, many as an in-app purchases. These storybooks have considerable visual charm and offer three viewing modes - picture only, read to me, or learn by myself, the last of which, in addition to displaying and reading the Chinese text, contains the same kinds of interactivity described above.

Travel through time as you traverse the About Time board, venturing guesses as to the year in which historical events occurred! Although only one team advances on the board with each roll of the die, all players are in on the action from start to finish. Every team ventures a guess, and the team whose answer is closest to the correct year collects a token. And collecting the most tokens is the key to winning! There are many twists and turns that spice up the game, one of our favorites being the Joker.

The Joker is one of three types of Time Cards, and can turn the tables on the competition in a heartbeat. While the other two types give you an extra nudge towards the answer, the Joker allows you to force an opponent to put half their tokens at stake, with the winner of the round collecting them! Questions are far-reaching, spanning pop culture to ancient history. Put on your thinking caps. It's time to play! This outstanding educational app for the iPad makes full use of its multi-sensory nature, providing stunning visuals and tactile interactions throughout grand adventures, puzzles, and games.

Ansel, an adorable inter-galactic travel photographer from the planet Virtoos, and his robot companion, Clair, take you to explore three African locales - the Nile Valley, Sahara Desert, and the Serengeti Plains. But you're not just along for the ride. In each locale, you'll take photographs of things you've learned about - animals, plants, places, landmarks - collecting and arranging them in a travel log.

The app's visuals are gorgeous, and the interactions, such as cracking an egg on the hood of a car to demonstrate heat, or wiping away rain or sand with your fingers, are delightful. Ansel's questions and observations, and Clair's encyclopedic knowledge interweave perfectly, while games and puzzles reinforce learning concepts that span geography, history, science, and more! Ansel and Clair are back with another fine app loaded with fun and learning. This time they help kids explore the ways we humans can impact our environment for better or worse. Each player gets his very own island.

By picking up trash, sowing seeds, and moving a rain cloud around to water them, players earn Greenbucks with which they purchase a variety of items beneficial to the environment. In doing so, they transform their island from a barren place to one full of greenery, combating a host of environmental threats along the way.

Methane, pesticides, pollutants, and other eco-challenges pop up, sometimes in the form of menacing little creatures singing and skittering about onscreen. Solutions for dealing with them are presented, and players take action and see the benefits of doing so. That's the brilliance of this app - the investment children feel in the onscreen environment and the tangible payoffs they experience in taking actions reflective of those needed in the real world. In addition to knowledge absorbed while playing the exciting games, kids also view images and text on topics ranging from the amount of garbage a single human generates over a lifetime to the beneficial impact recycling and the growth of trees have on the environment.

This app brings Paul Revere and the American Revolution to life in ways that keep the details fresh in a child's mind long after their device has been turned off. It's an animated journey loaded with fun, interactive features, and, as always, having Ansel and Clair as our travel companions keeps us coming back for more.

Players see and hear events, circumstances, and locations from the American Revolution, while mini-games specific to each topic reinforce and bind that information with a playful touch. Each of these events triggers a mini-game like tossing tea chests to feed a shark and an opportunity to take a photograph relating to the event, followed by a pop-up quiz review. Children can touch and drag a locator to visit key locations, reenact historical events, trace Paul Revere's route, decipher coded messages, and of course, witness his famous ride.

These and many other exciting activities within the app result in countless hours of fun and learning. You get an awful lot for your money with this game - multiple card decks, playing pieces, rings, beads, pegs, habit sticks, a beautifully illustrated board, dice - all of which figure prominently in the unique game play. Move around the board, acquiring positive and negative karma colored beads and rings that neutralize one another.

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Pass through the Earth Realm, Spirit Realm, and Cosmic Consciousness, striving to acquire the positive karmic balance and master tools needed to win. Choice and Karma Cards picked up along the way can work for or against you, but in either event present words of genuine wisdom. And that's part of what sets the Cosmic Karma Game apart from so many others - a sense of sincerity and knowledge that runs throughout. And when the game is over, you'll not only have had a great time, you'll also be the wiser for having played! Outdoor play has always been an arena for creative, active fun. With Chalk Grab 'N Go Games, there's no waiting for inspiration to strike, just creativity and action in one fell swoop, courtesy of Crayola.

Each includes a unique set of game accessories and instructions for playing that particular game. For example, Obstacle Course provides conical blue markers for players to weave in and out of as they follow obstacle courses of their own divising. Bean Bag Toss provides brightly-colored, durable little beanbags for tossing, as well as a scoring system and guidelines for setup.

Film Team Experiments (FTX)

And there's so much creativity, variety, and drawing each time you play, the setup's half the fun! With Spring here, Summer just around the corner, and kids and families eager for all the outdoor time they can get, Chalk Grab 'N Go Games is a must-have for the summer fun menu. Each game sold separately. I-mat is a visually entertaining foam playmat that uses amazing technology to provide fun and learning to your young child.

Sprawled across its surface is a colorful, smile-inducing illustration of the great outdoors loaded with flora, fauna, and insects. Dozens of animals and their offspring are labeled by name cow, sheep, pig. The Voice Pen, a remarkable handheld device, speaks the name of a particular creature aloud when touched to its image on the mat, and makes real animal sounds. There are 3 easy-to-set language options, English, Spanish, and Chinese. Activate either of two games by touching pen to mat, the first of which is finding an animal based on its name.

The second game asks you to locate images by hearing the sound the animal makes. It's marvelously entertaining, and the I-Mat is a potent tool for developing vocabulary and comprehension skills, not to mention introducing second and third languages. A cable connects to your computer for additional downloads and expansions. Children tend to be immediately wowed by how much fun these activities are, while parents are struck by how seamlessly the learning component has been woven in, and by the depth and variety of learning experiences available. There's math, reading, foreign language Bilingual Bingo!

There's a game in which kids match emotions to facial expressions. There's also a powerful section on the site called the Learning Tree that provides easily accessible and digestible information regarding activities engaged in thus far, enabling parents to track their child's progress in each of the key learning areas.

There are many other parent resources as well. What's particularly impressive about Curiosityville is how every detail and nuance visuals, sounds, screen layout, organization, character choices is so carefully calibrated towards guiding and rounding your child's development. The individual games and activities cover all the core skills, but more importantly, they teach kids to explore and think for themselves, preparing them for a lifetime of successful learning.

This is a fun, fast-moving board game that anybody can play. Moving in clockwise fashion, players take turns. On your turn, draw a card from the Challenge deck, read it aloud, then roll the Alphabet Die. Each challenge involves the turn-taker providing words that start or in some cases end with the letter on the die.

There are four different types of challenges. The first three types involve providing a list of words that begin or end with the given letter. The fourth involves completing a sentence with words that start with the letter rolled, often to great comic effect. This is one of the most nicely packaged games we've seen. It comes in a nifty tin case designed as a vintage trailer, with station wagon playing pieces and a retro map of the U.

Tillywig Toy Awards

Keeping things lively, there's a second deck of cards that throws curve balls that can work for or against you every time a player lands on a 'Rest Stop. It's time to hit the road! If you're looking for lots of action, loads of laughter, and tons of fun, Telegruv is the game for you. Telegruv takes the classic game of Telephone to the dance floor by having teams pass a series of dance moves down a chain of players. Until just before your turn to go, your back is turned away from the action, ensuring that your dance moves come strictly from observing the player who went directly before you.

The very first player on your team who danced got her moves from a dance card drawn from a deck that detailed the moves in photos and words. Each turn requires 3 - 5 dance cards be drawn and danced at a time, so it's no surprise that the final player's moves often bear little resemblance to those of the first. Meanwhile, the other team awards one point for each move that accurately makes it to the end or half points for partial accuracy.

This is a fun, fast-moving game that keeps temperatures high and the laughs rolling! For 6 or more players. Bring history to life and solve the mysteries of the past with Roman Town! This interactive computer game lets you run your own archaeological digs with clicks of the mouse, allocating manpower and tools to locations marked with on-screen flags. As you progress, the sound of picks, trowels, and hoes fills the air, and when your workers find something interesting, be quick to click on it in order to experience the thrill of uncovering an artifact.

Roman Town is chock-full of practical and historical information, familiarizing players with archaeological tools and providing plenty of information on artifacts and the people who used them long ago. Roman Town also affords players shorter bursts of fun with playful selections from the Mini Games Menu.

A fun, engaging game for the whole family! With this kit, kids use special tools to carefully dig specimens out of an excavation brick before assembling a miniature dinosaur skeleton from components of their find. In addition to the miniature skeleton parts, each brick contains 3 genuine specimens dino poop, dino bone, and dino tooth fossils.

The kit also includes an illustrated Adventure Guide loaded with facts and details about the history and practice of paleontology that is so well written and informative as to be both utterly compelling and entertaining. There's also a fun-and-games Activity Booklet included that's filled with 10 dinosaur-related puzzles wordplay, maze, dot-to-dot, cryptogram, true or false. This outstanding hands-on kit sits squarely at the intersection of fun and knowledge. Once you've tried your hand at panning for gold, you'll understand the allure that drew so many people to pull up stakes and race cross-continent in hopes of striking it rich.

This kit gives you all the tools you'll need to hone your knowledge and prospecting skills - a inch miner's pan, 2 bags of 'pay dirt,' fool's gold, tweezers, magnifying glass, nugget vial, and a velvety draw-string storage bag. Step-by-step instructions teach you how to use a gentle side-to-side shaking motion to sink the gold to the bottom of your pan before rocking it back and forth to separate the sand from the gold. An Activity Booklet provides page after page of gold-themed fun and games - word-play, dot-to-dot, pictogram, cryptogram, maze, and true or false.

Last but not least, a photo-filled Adventure Guide gives up fascinating facts and stories on the properties and history of gold, as well as it's uses, past and present. Storybook Deluxe is packed with extraordinary interactive features, gorgeous illustrations, and page after page of magical moments. Read the pages on your own or let the app narrate them to you.

Unleash dramatic or humorous animated scenes with the tap of a finger. Record and play back your own voice reading the story or even record your own dialogue. Flipping your device has the unique effect of letting you hear and see scenes from both sisters, Anna and Elsa's, points of view, adding hugely to the fun.

The musical soundtrack and sound effects blend with the visuals to create a dramatic, exciting experience. In addition to putting the epic story at your fingertips, the app provides games and puzzles. Kids can choose from special 'ice craft' tools that let their fingers unfurl beautiful icy patterns while they draw their own crystalline art. Each of the six puzzles included start out hidden by ice puzzle-pieces that kids can remove by sliding them onto a matching piece to the side. Storybook Deluxe provides non-stop entertainment while stimulating children's brains in all the right ways.

The very best teaching methods are those that incorporate fun into the process and keep your child coming back for more. Let your child find out how much fun math can be with Dreambox Learning's K-2 Math program. Children earn rewards and uncover clues by completing highly engaging game segments. The top-notch graphics, audio, and progressive challenges in this learning tool make it an invaluable resource in developing your child's age-appropriate math skills.

Here we have another great game from Edustic that's full of action, with all players in on the fun from start to finish. In a head-to-head race, players use simple geometric shapes to create an animal, object, or number shown on a flipchart. The shapes come from the famous seven-piece Chinese tangram puzzle. That these simple geometric shapes can be used to form such a vast variety of creatures and objects is astonishing. The first player to complete the puzzle earns seven points, while the other players lose a point for each tile missing from theirs.

Tangram Smart helps develop math confidence, geometric skills, critical thinking, prediction, spatial rotation, and in an added twist, language skills! Each page in the flipchart booklet also shows the Spanish, French, and Chinese word for the object, animal, or number to be created, and part of the game play is to discuss these translations. One game variation even allows points to be stolen based on language skills. The player with the most points after five rounds wins the game. The human brain has an amazing capacity for recognizing and predicting patterns.

Pattern Smart uses and cultivates that ability beautifully, helping players develop geometric aptitude, critical thinking skills, and math confidence. This rousing action-packed competition involves rounds of play during which all players race one another to complete a pattern from a flipchart, using shape tiles. The patterns come in three distinct levels of difficulty and become progressively harder as you move through the flipchart.

The tiles triangles, squares, hexagons, trapezoids, and rhombuses are color-coded, aiding in shape recognition and the construction of patterns. The first player finished earns 10 points if correct or points if he has made any errors. All other players receive -1 point for each piece missing from their pattern. The player with the highest score after 5 rounds wins. There are a couple of excellent game variations included, making for endlessly engaging, highly stimulating entertainment for all ages.

For 1 to 3 players. Bowling Game Funny Bunch has several outstanding qualities - simplicity, variety, visually and tactilely stimulating, and promotes dexterity - that make it thoroughly enjoyable and beneficial for young children. Each of the five bowling pins would make a fine children's toy all by itself. Super-soft, each with a different animal head on top hedgehog, donkey, rabbit, mouse and bear , these lightweight plush bowling pins are weighted to stand.

A gentle nudge will cause them to fall, and a youngster can become quite engrossed simply holding and squeezing or tipping and re-standing any one of them. While the base of each pin is identically shaped, each has a different combination of colors, textures, and patterns that appeal to hands and eyes. And each contains a small rattle, adding sound to the hand-eye mix. On top of all that, the adorableness factor is quite high. Lining these lovable guys up in a row and rolling the equally soft, colorful 'bowling ball' is a game that brings squeals of delight from the mouths of babes.

Whether or not you use the app feature along with the physical toy, this pretend cash register has tons of fun features. The hand-held scanner makes a lively beep each time you squeeze the button in its handle and 'read' an item. The register keyboard speaks aloud the individual numbers and amounts, then states the total due when you hit the checkout button. The money drawer makes a traditional mechanical cash register sound when opened and comes with paper and coin play money. There's a working microphone for broadcasting a messages to employees or shoppers 'Special sale prices, next half hour!

But when used with the free iPad app, it can take the fun to another level. The iPad becomes your register's checkout screen, resting in a specially designed perch and connected via the unit's built-in audio cable. Onscreen, you can customize 5 different kinds of shops along with various membership cards, go on your own shopping sprees, and play games that earn rewards points to help you 'buy' certain high-end items.

Even the pizza-box style packaging on this wonderful family game makes players laugh. Pizza Night comes with pizza-slice shaped game cards separated according to six different colors that match the colored die players roll to determine which card to play next. Each card has super-simple instructions to a lightning quick game e. Take a turn, play a game, pass the die - there are no losers, only winners, laughter, and happy Pizza Night Family Dinner Game players.

This quick, fun game is perfect for families on the go. While intended for play while waiting in restaurants or on the road during travel, the easy games included here are well-suited to any family occasion. Each of the 11 circular game cards contains 12 games apiece.

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Game cards fall into one of three categories: Select the card you want to play and place it on top inside the Gather 'Round Game Unit. At the push of a button, flashing lights circle round before randomly selecting a game instruction to be read aloud and instantly played. Good, clean, fast, easy fun! This is a very clever game - simple, but clever - that gives you 5 seconds to memorize the color on a color chip, then allows you to sift through 18 color wheels each of which has 6 shades of a given color on it in search of an exact match for that color. If it's a match, keep the color chip and slide it into one of the slots on your nifty palette.

Players alternate taking turns, and the first to fill all seven slots in their palette wins! Part of what's exciting about this game is that it gets you thinking in new and different ways as you try various methods to 'lock' the color in your mind's eye. It's not an easy thing to do, given the fairly slight gradations between shades of, say, yellow. But as play went on, players improved at this, whether from becoming more familiar with the various shades or figuring out memory devices that fit the task.

In any event, the game moves very quickly, is loads of fun, and plays extremely well across a broad range of ages. For 2 or more players. As visual perception games go, this one's a doozy - quick-moving play and simple rules, yet be prepared for some mental gymnastics if you intend to win! Each tile has four patterns on its corners.

A 6 by 6 tile grid is laid out face up. A tile from the face-down draw pile is then flipped over and it's go time! Your job is to match the draw tile either to the edges of two tiles in the grid or to the corners of four tiles in the grid. Those with a nimble mind's eye can create a match where none seemingly exists by turning a tile in the grid a quarter turn in either direction. Each time you make a match, keep the tile, and at the end of the game, the most tiles wins!

Kids are great at pattern-spotting, and there's no need to read, making this a great all ages game. Great fun for the entire family! Versions for learning either French or Spanish are available. Games range from solitaire versions to variations of classic card games. The color-coding makes it easy to correctly form sentences, and as games progress, translating the words in these sentences begins to come to you naturally.

Kloo is a great way to reinforce and supplement your learning of a second language, making it fast, fun, and competitive. The board is optional, and allows players to race to various locations in Europe as they play. Find it is a highly engaging game that is equally suited to solo or group play. The clear plastic cylinder contains numerous small toys hidden amongst colorful plastic pellets. The object is to hunt for and find these hidden treasures 48 of them in all , checking them off a list as they are found.

Since the treasures are on the inside, manipulating the container from the outside is the only way to bring them into sight - jostling, rotating, shaking, and inverting. Some of the objects seem stubbornly intent on staying hidden, but focus, persistence, and a keen eye will go a long way towards revealing every last one of them. Celtic Challenge has a winning recipe - a pinch of luck, a dash of skill, simplicity of execution, and a unique presentation.

The handsome hardwood board and rustic tiles give it an ancient look and feel. The pace of play moves at a good clip, and a game only takes about 20 minutes. Start with the tiles nested in layers and all but the top layer of four face down. The goal on your turn is to choose the symbol there are five that enables you to remove the largest number of tiles from the board.

Uncovering a tile with a free edge allows you to turn it over and increase your bounty if it, too, matches the symbol you chose. Sometimes choosing a symbol that doesn't match the largest number of face-up tiles proves best, when it allows you to flip new tiles that then match your symbol. But you won't know until you take the risk, and you might regret it!

Great fun for 2 players, or as solitaire.

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What's better than a great idea? Two great ideas that come together for double the fun! Now your favorite VeggieTales characters can be found in a new version of Find it, but only if you keep your hands moving and your eyes sharp! This is an extremely engaging game, equally suited to solo play or group fun, in which players race to bring hidden objects into sight. Hold the clear cylindrical container in both hands it's filled with tiny brightly colored pellets , then jostle, rotate, shake, and invert it, shifting the pellets inside to spy the VeggieTales characters hidden within.

One after another they come into view, and when they do, check them off your scorecard. Simple, quick, fun - but not necessarily easy - Find it Veggie Tales encourages focus, persistence, and a keen eye, all of which go a long way towards finding the hidden treasure you seek. The hunt is on! Labradors, squirrels, and ducks, oh, my! This decidedly outdoorsy version of Find it not only contains dozens of miniature representations of things you would find on a hunt, the tiny pellets among which they are hidden extend the theme nicely with a blend of wood-tone and camouflage colors.

Like all the Find it games, On a Hunt keeps your hands moving and your eyes sharp as you race either solo or against other players to bring hidden items into sight. Everything is contained within a clear plastic cylinder, and the goal is to find as many hidden objects as possible by jostling, rotating, shaking, and inverting the cylinder, shifting the pellets inside to reveal the treasures. A scorecard listing all the items enables players to keep track of found treasures by checking them off as they are discovered.

And, as always, focus, persistence, and a keen eye will get you everywhere! This stellar hidden object game has 42 items you would find on a farm hidden among brightly colored pellets inside a cleverly silo-shaped cylinder. On The Farm will keep your hands moving and your eyes sharp as you race - twist, turn, shake, nudge, jostle - whatever it takes to bring those hidden items into sight.

Whether playing alone or in a group, keep track of the items you find by checking them off the detailed score pad. Or, when you're on the road or on the go, just use the item checklist printed on the game's bottom. The 'learn as you play' element was really evident so that's what a tiller looks like! Play veered easily from fierce competition to communal cooperation, with everyone sharing in the satisfaction when players excitedly called out new finds. The replay value is very high in this game, which means it doesn't ever get old.

You'll have countless hours of fun playing it again and again. Bob Knight, creator of the brilliant 3-dimensional hidden object game, Find It, has produced a spectacular new version for everyone to enjoy. Starry Night, in a new twist, comes in a custom star-shaped container, with 40 glow-in-the-dark items nestled among the brightly colored pellets within. Planets, moons, stars, an astronaut - all things celestial, if you will - can be found if one looks carefully enough, and a few earthly items, as well. Rotating, inverting, and gently jostling the container will reveal many things.

Find It Starry Night is great fun whether played alone or in a group, making it a perfect family game. Score pads listing all the items enable players to keep track of treasures by checking them off as they are found.

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The game is excellent for promoting focus and concentration, and the combined visual-tactile element makes it powerfully engaging for players of all ages. There's nothing quite as enjoyable as family members seated around a table, intently assembling a really good puzzle. Now it just got even better, because with the new Pieces of History series, putting the last piece in place doesn't mean the fun is over.

Instead, it signals the start of the next phase of fun - hunting for dozens of objects hidden in the puzzles' gorgeous artwork. Accompanying each piece history-themed puzzle is an item key on parchment-like paper, listing the objects to be found. Each listed item includes a mini-lesson, short paragraphs about the objects that, cumulatively, represent substantial knowledge about the time, place, or event contained in the puzzle. There are currently three puzzles in the series, each of which captures a significant event of historical relevance.

She asks for the DVDs! Here is a short video of my son at the age of 2 approx 2. Check out this Holiday Gift Guide! Click To Tweet And so, my friends, with all of that said … here is the list you have been waiting for! Your Baby Can Learn! The Primary Science Lab Set features real science tools perfectly sized for little hands. This colorful set entices children to experiment and explore, encouraging early hands-on science investigations at the kitchen table.

Includes beaker, magnifying glass, funnel, test tubes and more, all made of durable plastic. Also includes Activity Guide and cards with fun, easy-to-do experiments. Kid O 0 to 9 Magnatab. Learn your numbers from 0 to 9 and practice your penmanship. Master the shapes of every number through repetition and practice. Tegu Blocks are built to foster curiosity. The mystery of magnets offers an experience that starts with marvel and joy. Simple magnets and blocks become so much more, and Boundless Play is off and running. Tegu has reinvented the wooden block in a way that brings new life to a favored classic.

By safely embedding magnets into each piece, Tegu Blocks become curiously attractive for both kids and kids at heart. Tick tock tick tock, time for learning never stops! With the Happy Hour Clock, you can let the good times roll. Each number in this clock puzzle can be removed from its wooden base with small pegs perfect for tiny hands. Proper placement of these numbers help young ones learn to read the clock, and have fun doing it! This friendly face paves the way for success!

With the Design and Drill Power Play Vehicles, little engineers can explore patterning, matching, counting, and develop key fine motor skills through construction play! Science on a Garden Adventure. Young Scientists will learn about the fun of gardening through exciting hands-on science experiments. Young Scientists will make a terrarium, learn about underground habitats, explore the different parts of plants, test the soil, design a mini-garden, grow all kinds of seeds, perform plant experiments, identify bugs and their habitats, make a working sun dial, and much more.

The Original Stomp Rocket: Glow in the Dark 4-Rocket. All-foam Junior Glow Stomp Rockets are great for younger kids. They glow in the dark and are perfect for nighttime fun! Junior Glow Stomp Rocket is strong and durable, and great for active, outdoor play. Stomp Rockets have won lots of awards from industry experts, including iParenting Media, Dr. Simple magnets and blocks become so much more, and Boundless Play is off and running. Tegu has reinvented the wooden block in a way that brings new life to a favored classic.

By safely embedding magnets into each piece, Tegu Blocks become curiously attractive for both kids and kids at heart. Tick tock tick tock, time for learning never stops! With the Happy Hour Clock, you can let the good times roll. Each number in this clock puzzle can be removed from its wooden base with small pegs perfect for tiny hands. Proper placement of these numbers help young ones learn to read the clock, and have fun doing it! This friendly face paves the way for success! With the Design and Drill Power Play Vehicles, little engineers can explore patterning, matching, counting, and develop key fine motor skills through construction play!

Science on a Garden Adventure. Young Scientists will learn about the fun of gardening through exciting hands-on science experiments. Young Scientists will make a terrarium, learn about underground habitats, explore the different parts of plants, test the soil, design a mini-garden, grow all kinds of seeds, perform plant experiments, identify bugs and their habitats, make a working sun dial, and much more.

The Original Stomp Rocket: Glow in the Dark 4-Rocket. All-foam Junior Glow Stomp Rockets are great for younger kids. They glow in the dark and are perfect for nighttime fun! Junior Glow Stomp Rocket is strong and durable, and great for active, outdoor play. Stomp Rockets have won lots of awards from industry experts, including iParenting Media, Dr. Toy and Creative Child Magazine. Hop aboard the Number Train where learning to count has never been so much fun! Rebuild into a tunnel, building, dog house and more.

Telly The Teaching Time Clock. Let Telly The Teaching Time Clock help your child learn to tell both analog and digital time using two quiz modes. In the learning mode, Telly teaches time in five minute increments when his hands are moved, updating his LCD screen. In the quiz mode, Telly asks your child to move the hands on his face to match the time displayed on his screen. Telly is also a real working clock. Learning to tell time has never been so much fun. This fun and informative physics and engineering kit allows preschool-age kids to get a head start on learning important STEM science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills.

Designed by a scientist and mother of two preschoolers, GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope allows kids to see magnified hidden worlds with ease! This fully functional microscope is a real tool with a range of magnification 2. Memory and matching in a unique wood game.