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Old is the New Young: Erickson's Secrets to Healthy Living [Matt Narrett, Mark Erickson, Jacquelyn Kung, Lisa Davila] on *FREE* shipping on.
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Since the aging services list was announced last November, organizations representing more than , employees have signed up to be considered for inclusion, according to Kung. These employee surveys and other aspects of the process are typically done digitally; in one example of bringing her industry knowledge to bear, Kung was certain that a different approach would be needed for aging services.

Activated Insights has come up with senior care-friendly interfaces for the survey. In addition, a program manager is assigned to each organization that applies to provide a high level of support. How can we help you get there? By paying more, companies can get their data sliced-and-diced and work with Activated Insights to devise improvement plans. So, it could be a particular boon for smaller companies to be recognized right alongside industry giants, Kung noted.

The list should also be a boon for the industry as a whole, which will gain increased exposure and credibility by being featured in Fortune. In addition, companies in the sector will be able to benchmark themselves against the many other businesses that participate in the Great Place to Work process — including potential competitors for workers.

The last day to complete the certification process is June 18, and applicants are rapidly reserving available two-week slots for conducting their employee surveys. Trying to accommodate a large number of applicants is a good problem to have, though, and Kung is heartened by the level of interest. He holds an M. In , she published an educational guide book with McGraw-Hill. She holds an M. Lisa Davila, a former R. You can do a keyword search to find things that interest you -- or use the index which is spectacular. Don't let this one pass you buy. It's worth the money.

Old is the New Young: First, it is expertly written. Being direct and to the point, it talks directly to readers as if the authors are in the same room, and the writing style is comfortable, relaxed, and engaging. The second thing that makes this book an excellent choice is that sections are short so that it can be read in brief moments when you don't have the time for a long, involved, and committed read.

The third thing that makes this book an excellent choice is the brief, interesting, and human-interest vignettes that are set apart in sections that are gray in color. These segments are always relevant to the material and useful. The fourth thing that makes this book an excellent choice is the practical, specific advice.

Hunza Diet is the SECRET to get old (145) and be happy!

Throughout the book there are tips, suggestions, questions, quizzes, activities, and scales for rating yourself. It offers so many opportunities for readers to engage in self-assessment. The fifth thing that makes this book an excellent choice is the topics covered.

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Topics include your health, keeping your body young, keeping your mind young, engaging socially, financial advice, and your retirement vision. The sixth thing that makes this book an excellent choice is all the additional resources the authors provide at the back of the book. Twenty-two pages of this page book are devoted in two appendices to resources.

Their bibliography is ten pages long. Overall, I am impressed with what the authors have put together here, and I highly recommend this book. One person found this helpful.

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Old is the New Young is filled with stuff I never know and I am a nurse. For instance, I did not know the body is forgiving and one can change their lifestyle at any age and their life will improve. I never realized there are normal body changes that start at age 40! But you can adapt to the body changes. I love the assessment tests you can take.

I did well in most of them but was too scared to take the memory test. I don't know why, nobody would know results but me and if you really can't fail the tests. I love the vignettes by real people. I could identify with so many of them. I keep referring to the book, especially the back where there are so many resources.

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You don't have to be old to read this book. I think its good for anyone over This book is just what every retiree or anyone thinking about retiring needs! There is lots of information about how to keep the body AND mind healthy. I found stats, tests, recipes and many health hints. The book is refreshing and definitely helps plan life to be enjoyed to the fullest.

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Aging doesn't mean one can't experience the wonders of the world or start new relationships. In fact, the authors made the contrary quite obvious. Old is the New Young is a great read. It has advice and knowledge--and real life experiences--to back it up.