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Mistletoe Merrymaking: Stacy and Sarah's Awakening

All sexually active characters in this story are 18 years of age or older. All sexual acts contained in it are consensual, and take place between characters who are not related. Read more Read less. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Product details File Size: December 4, Sold by: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Set up a giveaway. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. It also relieves the host of the entire burden of paying for and preparing the meal. Holiday entertainment can be as simple as a drive around town to see the lights. Learn three new card games and two new holiday songs.

Bake and decorate cookies. Gift Return As the holiday season gets set to hit full swing, shopping for gifts is again foremost on the minds of many. However, many of the gifts purchased will face an inevitable fate many gifts before and after them have faced and will face: As much a part of the holiday shopping tradition as long lines and limited parking, returns often require waiting on lines that are even longer than those before the holiday and parking lots that are somehow even more crowded this time around.

But there are steps boths shoppers and those making gift returns can take to make the process go more smoothly. Be sure the store allows ample time to return a gift or make a hassle-free exchange. When purchasing online, know what steps must be taken for a return. Some online retailers make buyers liable for the cost of return postage. Others include a pre-posted package for anticipatory returns.

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Fraudulent returns cost retailers billions of dollars per year, and many retailers have begun fighting back by targeting those areas that cost them the most, such as electronics. As a result, rules are far more strict for those returns. Bigger chains might charge a restocking fee for returned big-ticket items, such as opened computers, televisions, etc. Some may also limit the time consumers can make returns, or may only offer returns on purchases made during a specific window of time, e. Black Friday through December Gift receipts allow a gift recipient to easily return a gift with a receipt featuring a special bar code -- the cost of the items is not included on the gift receipt to maintain confidentiality.

Without a receipt, some retailers may only offer an exchange at the current markdown rate, not the original purchase price, greatly diminishing the value of the return. If a return is even remotely a possibility, keep the condition of the item and packaging as close as possible to what they were upon purchase. All foam, bags, tags and packing material should be in place. Anything packaged in hard plastic should not be cut open.

If an item looks worn or ragged, a store may refuse the return. Returning gifts is now a holiday tradition, so others will also be out there looking for something good. Few professions have it tougher than retail staff during the holiday season. Long, exhausting and stress-filled hours make their jobs quite difficult, and come the end of the season they deserve a break.

Those planning on making a swap or a return should tell the person who bought the gift. But be courteous and wait a day or two. Ornaments a Treat for the Holidays MS — Once the perfect tree has been selected and placed in the home, the next task is to take out all of the ornaments collected over the years and hang them on the tree. Part of what makes decorating the tree so memorable is the ornaments that have been collected over time — many of them handmade treasures.

Looking through them is a trip down memory lane, bringing to mind the happy times these ornaments recall. Today in a hurried society, it may seem easier to simply head to the store and purchase a box full of ornaments for the tree. Here are a few ideas. Create ornaments that have the impression of being tie-dyed.

Simply buy a box of clear glass ornaments from a craft store. Pop off the metal top and squirt one or two different colors of acrylic paint into the center of the ball. Replace the top and twirl the ball around until the paint coats the inside in a marbled pattern. Purchase thin craft wire and small beads of various colors. Bend the wire into holiday shapes, such as candy canes and stars. This can be achieved by wrapping the wire around cookie cutters as templates.

Thread the beads onto the wire shape until it is completely covered with beads. Use a needle-nose pliers to twist together the two open ends to seal the ornament shut. Craft sticks, popsicle sticks, whatever you call them, these wooden items can be glued and painted to create a number of ornaments for the tree. Fashion them into a triangular shape and paint green for a Christmas tree. Glue a handful together and paint white for a snowflake.

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Dust these ornaments with glitter for even more sparkle on the tree. Pop into any craft store or even toy store and you will likely find packages or loose sheets of thin colored foam that can be cut and designed into everything from sun visors to doorknob signs to fun ornaments for the tree.

Local historian Sammy Way has assembled these photographs and descriptions. Many people worry about the expenses of the holidays. Individuals who are already pinching pennies and putting as much toward gifts as possible may want to keep holiday entertaining costs low. Christmas dinner is something families look forward to each year. Some enjoy a roasted turkey; others turn to cultural foods. Others may eat a big meal both on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

The hosts and hostesses who serve Christmas dinner often open their homes up to a number of guests to enjoy the meal. If finances are tight, a big Christmas dinner can certainly put a strain on the budget. To cut costs, consider these frugal tips.

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Plan the menu in advance and comparison shop the non-perishable items. Stock up on the foods needed that can be stored in the pantry until preparation time. The closer a person shops to Christmas, the higher the prices on certain items may be. Who says filet mignon has to be served on Christmas? As long as the food is tasty, guests will enjoy it. Consider menu items that can be bought in bulk less expensive and turned.

A platter of chicken with lemon-butter sauce could win rave reviews over the tired turkey anyway. Party hosts often over-buy food thinking there will not be enough. After crackers and cheese, salad, appetizers, and some other courses, guests may be stuffed to the gills and only pick at the main meal. Scale back the courses and focus on one or two things. Starches, such as potatoes and rice, and many vegetables are inexpensive and filling.

Serve a higher ratio of these foods to meats and poultry. Hosts can ask guests to bring one food item with them to lessen the financial burden. Friends and family will be more than happy to pitch in. Many store brand foods are equal in taste and quality to the brand name items This can help budget-conscious shoppers save a little at the check-out.

Convenience foods, like frozen appetizers or dips, often cost more per serving than if they are made at home from scratch. Scratch-cooking takes a little more time, but it is often more economical. If conversation and mingling are more the speed of the gathering, host a cocktail party instead. Serve finger foods and one or two signature drinks. Less time around the table means more moments for merrymaking anyway. Come see our unique blend of old and new Furniture, Accessories and Gifts Hours: Tues-Fri 11am - 5pm or anytime the antiques flag is out.

Gift Baskets Perfect for the Holidays! Tomorrow A proud tradition for almost 50 years, McLaughlin Ford has served Sumter and the surrounding communities with quality Ford Products and Service. Wide variety of antiques, vintage furniture fill a century-old home Leaded glass lamps, grandfather clock, oil paintings, large selection of blue and white china, costume jewelry, mirrors, accessories and much more.

Chances are, holiday revelers will find themselves underneath the mistletoe at least once this holiday season. While they might know what to do when that time comes, they might not know the history of that plant above their heads. Especially sacred to Celtic Druids, mistletoe was believed to bestow life and fertility, while also protecting against poison and serving as an aphrodisiac.

Mistletoe would later take on. Nowadays, mistletoe is typically hung in doorways or entryways from one room to another. This tradition can also trace itself back several centuries to the Middle Ages. During the Middle Ages, branches of mistletoe were hung from ceilings to ward off evil spirits. Europe, mistletoe was placed over doorways in the house as well as the stables as a means to preventing the entrance of witches. The tradition of kissing underneath the mistletoe likely stems from the belief that mistletoe bestows fertility and is often associated with the Roman festival of Saturnalia, a period of merrymaking that pre-dated Christmas.

In 18th century England, a young lady standing underneath. Once kissed, the kiss would signify deep romance or eternal friendship. History also suggests that mistletoe was a symbol of peace. In Scandinavia, mistletoe was considered a plant of peace. When standing underneath the mistletoe, enemies could declare a truce and spouses could end any marital turmoil with a kiss.

Guignard Pkwy hwy 15 S. Although many of his abilities are the result of folklore, there actually was a Santa Claus, or St. Nicholas lived in Turkey. He was a bishop in the town of Myra during the fourth century. According to Dutch legend, Sinter Klaas, or St. This legend is the basis of the Santa Claus we know and love today. Nicholas takes on many personas depending on the country in which his tale is being told.

For most, he is a plump and jolly man with a penchant for cookies and milk. In northern populations, reindeer tend to have white fur, while southern populations are darker in color. Among deer, reindeer have the largest antlers in relation to body size. Donating is a popular way to show appreciation during the holiday season, but not every household has the funds to donate this year.

In lieu of making a financial donation, a gift of time and service is just as valuable. Research indicates that 50 percent of charitable donations are made between Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, financial insecurity due to the sluggish job market and economy will likely result in more people hoping to volunteer their time instead of their finances this holiday season. Just as charities and other organizations are in need of money to operate their causes, they also need manpower to put plans in action.

According to Charity Guide, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting flexible volunteerism by inspiring and facilitating acts of kindness, volunteer work can take as little as 15 minutes per week and be based on a flexible schedule. When considering volunteerism, individuals can pick a cause that is dear to their hearts. Organizations that raise awareness about medical conditions to animal rights groups are all charities that can use assistance. Here are some ways the average person can volunteer service. For example, a printing company can offer to print letterhead or envelopes for an organization.

A baker can offer food for luncheons or fundraisers. Volunteering beyond the typical call of duty can help school programs flourish. Volunteering time as a coach or as a librarian can ensure children have the resources and programs for a well-rounded education. This is something the entire family can do, even children. Why not babysit for a person who has to catch up on some holiday shopping?

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There are plenty of ways to contribute without writing a check. The holiday season is the perfect time of year to think in a giving way. Taking public transportation is an easy and effective way to save money on gas. The aforementioned holidays might get the bulk of the publicity, but these holidays are wintertime traditions far and wide. The most important of the traditional Chinese holidays, Chinese New Year is determined by the lunisolar Chinese calendar. In the Gregorian calendar, Chinese New Year falls on different dates each year, but always between January 21 and February In , the Chinese New Year will be celebrated on February 3.

During each of the five days of Pancha Ganapati, which is celebrated from December 21 through December 25, a different spiritual discipline is focused on by the entire family. The flowering of the almond tree coincides with Tu Bishvat throughout Israel, where the almond tree grows wild. Kwanzaa is a week-long celebration of African culture and heritage that begins the day after Christmas and continues. Kwanzaa was first celebrated from December 26, to January 1, and was initially an effort by professor Ron Karenga to create a specifically African-American holiday. Winter is not only a time to honor past traditions, but also those who left a positive mark on the world.

Day, a day honoring the legacy of the famed civil rights leader who was tragically assassinated on April 4, The day is held in January because King was born on January The date can vary depending on the celebrants, but is generally celebrated between the last week of January and the first few days of February. A Gaelic tradition, St. However, for many it remains a festival of the hearth and home, and a celebration of the days growing longer, meaning spring is on the horizon.

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Those who celebrate Christmas know that a Christmas tree is often the centerpiece to holiday decorating and celebrating. While there will be debates on both sides of the fence as to whether a real or artificial tree is better, it comes down to personal preference. Each has its share of advantages and disadvantages. The big decision lies in choosing a tree that will fit the size of your home and your lifestyle and making it safe. Individuals with large great rooms or cathedral ceilings may be able to invest in a tree that is tall and full.

A smaller tree may seem dwarfed in a large room. Conversely, those with a smaller room will want to scale back their tree size. Otherwise the tree can take up too much space and infringe on normal activities. Placement of a tree is also important. Many people want to put the tree in front of a large window to show off their display to passers by. If a heating element is near to where you want to put your tree, the air can dry out a real tree; artificial trees may be more forgiving. Take care not to place a tree where it will interfere with the ability to traverse the room, or where guests, children or pets will stumble into it.

In fact, those with young children or pets may want to place the tree in a corner where it will be somewhat out of the way or barricaded by other furniture. Securing the tree to a wall or the ceiling with a small hook and fishing line will also be a measure of safety. Through the years lighting manufacturers have taken steps to create holiday lights that are safer and easier to use. It is never recommended to put real, lit candles on a tree, which is an obvious fire hazard. LED lights are now available that operate cooly and may last longer than some other traditional lights.

When choosing ornaments, place delicate or breakable items higher up out of the prying hands of young children. Because glass ornaments can fall and break, it may be safer to use plastic or ceramic ones that will be more durable. If you are cutting down your own tree or picking one up from the lot, another consideration is being safe with transport.

Many people do not adequately secure the tree to their vehicle before driving it home. A tree that is moving back and forth on the roof of a car, or worse, comes loose and ends up on the road, is a danger. Tie the tree from all directions so that it will not move in transit.

And make sure that the branches are kept together in a mesh bag so that they do not catch wind while you are moving. Drive slowly and be attentive while making turns. Seasonal Greetings MS -- The trend toward using photo greeing cards for the holidays is one that continues to grow in popularity. Many people want to share pictures of their family or children with friends and relatives and holiday cards make that possible.

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  5. Photo greeting cards come in two main categories: One is a standard stock card with a window cut out to allow a photo to show through. The other is a design and photograph printed as one on glossy photo paper. The glossy photo-style cards are either ordered and printed from an online service, or can be created using the digital photo kiosks at many pharmacies and retail stores. It pays to brush up on some photography techniques and follow a few tips to work toward a good image.

    Try kneeling down or lying on the floor and shooting upward at your subject. Or stand on a ladder and shoot downward. The Christmas countdown has begun, and the days will no doubt fly off the calendar like they do every year. But good gifts can be found in the eleventh hour. Wrap it in a wine bag or leave it as is with a nice bow. Put together tickets for a play paired with a soundtrack of the production.

    A box of fine chocolates or one of those edible fruit arrangements will be a tasteful, and tasty, gift.

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    Holiday music, ornaments or table decorations can be used this year or next. This will allow card recipients to keep and display the image all year long instead of feeling limited to the holiday season. For Christmas, pose subjects on wrapping paper, tissue paper, or amid a pile of gifts and snap away. Use a solid colored tablecloth to serve as a backdrop for the image. Take a picture of everyone individually and put them together in the single image with the software. Remember, photo greeting cards should not be limited to Christmas.

    They can also be used year-round for special events, such as birthdays, invitations and thank-you notes. The DVDs should feature an age-appropriateness rating to make choosing one even easier. Here are 10 tried-and-true tips for planning memorable holiday gatherings that will let you minimize the stress and maximize the fun. If you plan on enjoying your own party, it pays to have a menu that includes a number of items that can be made ahead of time and then heated or plated just before. Opening the iTunes Store.

    If Apple Books doesn't open, click the Books app in your Dock. Do you already have iTunes? Click I Have iTunes to open it now. Stacy and Sarah's Awakening Giselle London. View More by This Author. Description When Sarah invites her college roommate home for Christmas, she discovers that her parents are stuck out of town due to bad weather.