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Nothing Left to Lose (Guarded Hearts series Parts 1 and 2 combined) birthday which saw her boyfriend killed and her kidnapped by his sadistic murderer, .. By the end of the first chapter in the book my heart was in my throat and I was bawling. Sweet sixteen is a day that every girl should remember, a passage into.
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He sees Etta run by in the distance. He races after her and travels through, too. Etta tells him she knows how to read the letter. She thinks they should head to the British Museum. The museum is closed and emptied of its artifacts because of the war. Alice showed Etta her childhood home when they visited modern London together. They eventually lose them and are greeted by young Alice at her home.

Alice thinks Etta is Rose at first. Etta tells her the truth. Etta learns Alice is a distant cousin. Etta wants to tell Alice about the future. Alice tells them the astrolabe can create passages. Whoever has it can control all of time. The Thorn family wants the astrolabe to go back to the original timeline, correcting all the changes Cyrus made to suit himself. They tell Alice they need to find the Elgin Marbles to find the next passage.

Alice says they are tucked in a tunnel in the Underground. Nicholas and Etta get away. Air raid sirens go off. They make it underground and through the masses of people taking shelter there. The bombing is right overhead.

The Passage Episode 1: Journey of a novel

The power goes out. Etta and Nicholas kiss. Nicholas wakes up the next morning fighting his feelings for Etta. They try to find the passage while everyone else is sleeping. They escape through the passage. Angkor, Cambodia — — Nicholas goes to get water. When he gets back, Etta is by a poisonous snake. He shoots at it. They make their way through the forest toward where Etta thinks the passage may be. They hide from an oncoming storm and kiss some more. They hear a passage humming.

Etta thinks it sounds different than normal. France — — They arrive in a park. Etta is able to travel without as much sickness now. Nicholas chases a woman he thinks is his mother. They hear the crack of a passage. It is Augustus and another traveler. He thinks Etta is Rose. Etta fires a shot behind them. Etta remembers her mother switched the painting line up on their living room wall after Angkor.

She and Nicholas rush back to their previous passage to backtrack. Damascus — — They are in an apartment stocked by other travelers with a variety of items. They find nothing important except a locked drawer. A man appears in the doorway. He and Nicholas fight. Etta breaks it up. He knows Rose from when she traveled there as a young woman. Hasan unlocks the drawer and gives Etta a letter her mother left for her. Etta figures out the coded clue. Ironwood wants the astrolabe to go back in time to save his first wife, Minerva. They wrestle with the facts they are hiding from each other.

Hasan thinks the clue is leading them to a valley of tombs in Palmyra. It will be a hard two-day journey on horseback. Hasan wants to accompany them. Nicholas says no, but Etta says yes. They encounter two guardians when they head into the village to purchase provisions. Rose is there, too, but leaves. Even some of the language is hokey, especially around the love scenes. The story requires you to completely suspend disbelief, and while I totally read for escape and don't expect stringent realism, this book is just a bit too unrealistic. Having said all that, if what you are looking for is a fast paced action thriller with some sex and romance thrown in, and you don't care at all how realistic it is, then this is the book for you.


Nothing Left to Lose

Maybe my expectations, because it is Wilbur Smith, were just too high. First, thank-you to Goodreads for sending me this book for free! I wish I could write a good review of this, but I can not. While Wilbur Smith's characters generally are stereotypes think rugged alpha male, and beautiful spirited female that hasn't bothered me in the past and I've enjoyed the pacing and action sequences of his plots and his realistic portrayal of his settings. This time, I couldn't get past the flatness of the characters and the graphic sexual violence.

This book is not as wel First, thank-you to Goodreads for sending me this book for free! This book is not as well thought out as some of his other books, and his settings seemed completely imagined. This is in stark contrast to his descriptions of South Africa etc. The action sequences were riveting, but the rest of the book was lacking. I wouldn't recommend this book, but would recommend his Courntey books When the Lion Feeds etc. Aug 14, Becky rated it it was ok. I have SO many mixed feelings on this book. The dialogue was beyond stupid. Who wrote the middle rubbish of this book?

It didn't even read like the first part. The story went into trivial areas Really, I find that doubtf I have SO many mixed feelings on this book.

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Really, I find that doubtful. View all 4 comments. I am a big Wilbur Smith fan but this is absolutely shocking. I am genuinely surprised that the publisher accepted this given the strength of his previous works. It is singularly the most cliched and poorly written book I've ever read. The dialogue is at best clumsy, at worst embarrassingly unrealistic. The narrative is identical in this respect - the ridiculous nature of Smith's plot devices was summed up for me when the lead characters come across another ship in the middle of the Indian ocean, I am a big Wilbur Smith fan but this is absolutely shocking.

The narrative is identical in this respect - the ridiculous nature of Smith's plot devices was summed up for me when the lead characters come across another ship in the middle of the Indian ocean, yet lo and behold the two captains just happen to know one another.

The book will also provide ample ammunition for those critics who consider his tales to be racist. In previous novels I was on-the-fence on this matter, considering that the colonial and post-colonial eras in which he set his books was always going to cover some of these tensions. In 'Those in Peril' though, Smith turns his sights onto the Arab world.

He skates on thin ice for much of the book and the justification for how he treats certain Muslim characters is at best extremely shaky. There is no doubt that Smith has a very limited, if not twisted, view on Islam. Furthermore the book is overly gratuitous on sexual deviancy. Smith has had plenty of characters be rapists before and I can recall at least once instance of paedophillia too but in this novel it serves no purpose other than being a cheap way of characterising Evil.

An awful effort for what could have been an interesting subject matter. May 22, Ch rated it did not like it. Worst book Wilbur Smith has written - what should have been a great plot line for him, felt more like a mills and boon - if his name had not been on the cover I would have thought it was ghost written by someone without any experience. The characters were insipid and plastic with nothing believable about them - they related to each other in utterly inconvincing style and the dialogue should be renamed direlogue!

I feel really saddened that an author who could spin such great stories as the Court Worst book Wilbur Smith has written - what should have been a great plot line for him, felt more like a mills and boon - if his name had not been on the cover I would have thought it was ghost written by someone without any experience. Get it from the library if you must read it - don't waste the readies.

May 27, Scott rated it did not like it. I couldn't even finish this. If I could score it less than one star, I would. The fact that I was willing to skim it even halfway through is only because Wilbur Smith is one of my favorite authors and has produced a few of the best novels I have ever read. It's hard to believe that the same man who wrote "The Angels Weep" and "The Burning Shore" among other great novels produced this book. His stereotypical characters are what finally did it in for me, especially his one-dimensional portrayal I couldn't even finish this.

His stereotypical characters are what finally did it in for me, especially his one-dimensional portrayal of the stereotypical Muslim villagers laughing at an 8 yo boy who was terrified before his arms were crushed. I expected so much better from this great writer. Don't waste your money on this book - especially if you are a Wilbur Smith fan; it's not worth the paper it's printed on. Dec 04, Raylea rated it did not like it. I have been with Wilbur smith for many years. From When the Lion Feeds through the Courtney years.

Always a fan of his big African vistas. Things started going downhill at the end of the Egyptian series particularly when Taita grew his bits back, oh Wilbur what were you thinking? This novel not only contains every literary cliche known to man, but everyone and everything is drawn in such an over the top way that I have trouble thinking this was actually written to be taken seriously. Yes I stuck I have been with Wilbur smith for many years.

Yes I stuck with it, but there was considerable eye rolling and sighing along the way. Oh and I am on a beach holiday, so any book rated as "way too cheesy" must be a real shocker. The hero and heroine start out disdainfully eyeing each other off and are head over heels way too quickly. Seriously, this book sticks exactly to script. It's like a joint project between Wilbur and Jackie Collins. Dec 07, R. Bean rated it really liked it. Although this is the first novel by Smith that I read, I was stunned with the fandom he seems to have created with his other novels. The web is full of rave reviews and recommendations for many of his works, including the Egyptian series.

Given the absolute relevance of the subject Smith has chosen to handle, you would expect the author to go easy Although this is the first novel by Smith that I read, I was stunned with the fandom he seems to have created with his other novels. Given the absolute relevance of the subject Smith has chosen to handle, you would expect the author to go easy on sensitive and possibly controversy-provoking issues. But Smith does none of that. He takes the theme head on and makes his stance booming loud and crystal clear.

Smith deserves kudos for that very reason. The plot revolves around these protagonists - Hazel Bannock, a tennis-star turned heir to a business tycoon, who stumps the world with her keen sense of investment and her acumen in making profits; Hazel's year old daughter Cayla, pampered, and used to getting things done her way; Hector Cross, who has a heart of iron and nerves of steel, and utterly devoid of emotions, and who heads the firm providing security to Bannock Oil Corporation.

When Cayla gets kidnapped and is taken hostage, and there's little help coming in from the White House, a bewildered Hazel is left with no choice but to cross legal boundaries with the help of Hector and win her daughter back. The plot gets thickened with each passing page, sprayed with sentiments of revenge and righteousness. The narrative is gripping, no doubt. But there are times when the reader might wish for a solace from the formidably graphical descriptions.

The atrocities are all describes in gruesome detail and the author seems to have forgotten that there's something called a subtle story-telling. Nevertheless, the book still makes for a pacy and fast page-turner. Smith does the twist and turn scene building with effortless ease and takes the reader along on a journey that blends fiction with the horrifying reality of piracy that's rampant even today in the Indian Ocean.

If you are looking for the likes of a classic literary masterpiece, then this book may not fit your bill, but if what you are looking for is a fast read for a train journey, then this book will definitely catchy your attention — hook, line, and sinker! Mar 06, Jemma rated it did not like it Recommends it for: I do not think I will be reading another by this author.

This book was read for my book club, and that is the only reason I would ever have picked up this kind of book. Hazel Bannock is a millionaire by marriage and recently widowed, and has a rather rebellious teenage daughter, Cayla.

Download PDF by Chriss Hill: Hostage To Her Heart (Cross Passage Series Book 1)

One day, Cayla is kidnapped by Somalian pirates who bring their 'prize' back to the leader of their tribe, the Sheikh. Desperation ensues, and Mrs Bannock has a troupe of burly Arabic men ready to risk life and limb to blend into the Puntland scenery to retrieve Cayla. The leader of the muscle-brigade, Hector Cross, namesake of the Cross Bow security company, undertakes the mission as his personal favour to the distraught Hazel.

Initially, I thought, "I've never read a book about kidnapping or Arabs, so here goes! As the book went on, I concluded that I no longer wanted to read about Arabs, and probably not kidnapping ever again. The first sex-scene of the book was so very obviously written by a man, practically worshipping the man's prowess. I found this passage very uncomfortable and awkward, and the only reason I could see for it being written was to portray the naivete of the young girl. I found the passages containing brutal rape, torture, and drawn-out murder to be increasingly uncomfortable and disturbing.

It somewhat made me question the necessity of such gruesome storytelling. The monstrosity of the Sharia law, taken to extremes, was portrayed in shocking intensity.

Those in Peril (Hector Cross, #1) by Wilbur Smith

It was disappointingly cheesy and I couldn't wait for it to be over. I think the last line of the novel was something like "And they pranced down the hill together with jollity as if nothing had happened". I will not recommend this book to anyone I know. This is the first book I read by Wilbur Smith and I'm not sure that's enough to give a judgment about the author. The pace is smooth, the story simple enough, the environment is mainly Africa, with a few locations in other parts of the world.

What confuses is the change of pace and tone that you have in some points: He is the most arrogant, cold, hearted brute I've met. An Unconventional Love Story. You'll never look at a closed office door the same way again. A unique second chances billionaire romance. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention voluntarily copy bene jennifer sex guard reviewed arc wow bdsm intense kidnapped slave honest advance woman master heart marcus sold.

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What happened in Passenger? (Passenger #1)

Jennifer Bene is a brand new author for me but she was recommended by a significant number of friends so I wanted to give her Thalia series a try. I'm very glad I did. This is the first book in the Thalia trilogy and, although it's far different from most of the books I usually read, I was really glad I took the chance because I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thalia is an ordinary young woman. She has no college education and has been supporting herself by working a series of long-term temp jobs. But her work is beyond excellent. It's only a matter of time before someone decides to take a chance on hiring her full-time, isn't it? Sure, she's a bit of a loner. She doesn't get included in the lunches, after-work drinks or other social events with her co-workers. She doesn't really have a love life. Her mother is dead, and she is far distanced from her father. However, even though her life is far from perfect, she's still optimistic that she will find the job of her dreams and life will turn around for her.

As her jerk of a boss leaves for the day, he dumps a project on her desk that has to be finished before the next morning. Furious, Thalia fumes and fusses but finally finishes hours later and heads to her car. After her long day, she's drained. When she reaches the elevator, wouldn't you just know it.

Exhausted, she trudges down the flights of stairs to the garage. Just as she reaches the bottom, she's attacked by a man who throws her against the wall and sexually attacks her. She screams and screams, tries to fight back, but to no avail.

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Not only does he rape her, but he continues to physically, sexually, and verbally assault and humiliate her, from the parking garage to her car and then to his home. The truly demeaning aspect of this whole episode is Thalia's reaction to this man. Despite all the physical and sexual violence, she's turned on and responds to him in a way she's never reacted to another man. She's beyond ashamed, embarrassed, confused.

She's bewildered, dazed, and distracted.

What happened in Passenger?

When the man, who she eventually recognizes as a barely-known acquaintance, finally leaves her alone, she literally collapses in exhaustion. Her awakening the next morning brings fresh terror as she realizes she's now a prisoner with no way to escape. Over the ensuing days, Thalia learns that she's been taken for a reason, and her life will never again be the same. She's to be "trained" as a slave and sold to the highest bidder. Her captor is mercurial, one moment almost kind and the next crueler than the harshest taskmaster.

But Thalia's a fighter and won't give up. The outlook is bleak, her captor cruel, and his partner Can she escape and, if so, how? As she learns new aspects of her personality, not all of which she likes, she becomes convinced that her life is over and, in desperation, she becomes more and more defiant and rebellious, not a particularly good thing while you're being held in the hands of two predators. As events spiral out of control for Thalia and she learns she's to be sold in a few days, what can she do to save herself? Can she survive the hell she's been thrust into? Jennifer Bene is a masterful storyteller.

The subject matter is very dark, and I have to admit at first I was a bit concerned that perhaps my friends' suggestions had misdirected me. But the story is riveting and, as dark as some of the book's passages are, there's also a beauty and eroticism to the story. And, of course, there's always hope. The main theme of the book, in my opinion, is that despite the terror, violence, and non-consensual sex, even in her darkest moments, Thalia always maintains hope.

I have to say that despite my early reservations about the book, I was captivated by the story and kind of wanted to throw my Kindle across the room at the end. It ends in a cliffhanger so you'll definitely want to buy the next two books in the series which, fortunately for all of us, are already published so you don't have to wait for Ms. Bene to write and publish them. I would be remiss if I did not make one final comment. It contains very dark, explicit, and non-consensual sexual scenes and explicit language.

She works hard to provide a quality work product and if you know before you purchase a book that you will object to the subject matter contained therein, you will be doing not only yourself, but the author, an extreme disservice. But if you do enjoy unconventional dark erotic romance, Ms. Bene's entire Thalia series is definitely one I would recommend. Thanks for reading my review and happy reading! This is an exceptionally well written and totally engaging novel of a woman trapped in a terrifying situation. The fights and struggles Thalia endures, both physically and mentally, are exciting, believable and relatable.

As the story progressed I felt closer and closer to Thalia, and more that once yelled "NO!