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Foreskin Man #2 Monster Mohel has 1 rating and 2 reviews. Ill said: Admittedly, I read this as much as for nothing other than the simple fact that I coul.
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Foreskin Man is just the beginning of the world wide revolution against those pathetic liars; those cruel, compassionless and sadistic child torturing bastards and people deceivers! Circumcision aka Genital mutilation and child torture would not exist without them and it will seize to exist once we are through with them! We will not rest until every child on this planet is protected from the knives of those evil Torturejerks!

The pathetic excuses of this child abuse is wearing very thin. I offended 85 percent of the intact men and women on the planet? What about the other 15 percent of intact men and women on the planet? Are they the ones that have a sense of humor and perspective? For your information jewdar, and from your comments so far it seems you need the most obvious explained to you, in this context intact men and women are those whose genitals have been left intact whole not forcibly cut and mutilated as children or young adults.

There is no place for humor when talking about this most despicable and most disgusting sex crime committed on children, jewdar. Go educate yourself about the most basic anatomy and human rights before you open your mouth on this topic. Maybe if you had George Carlin say it? Oh, hold on, I got one. What has no foreskin and uses ad hominem attacks to belittle people who find taking a knife to a child wrong? The Semite of Clay challenges Foreskin Man.

The foreskin prepuce of a woman is commonly referred to as the clitoral hood. Every male and female has a foreskin. Those who argue otherwise, as if an imagined absence of a body part in a female would justify sexual mutilation of a male infant, indicate clearly how willful ignorance perpetuate sexual mutilations of children. What about The Foreskin Man? No, too racy and too opinionated.

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I can write about Polish juice! But ohhhh what if […]. This makes a good gift for your Traditional San Francisco […]. Just like most wars all the shit happens due to religion. How dare anyone parent assume their male son is going to follow in their beliefs,, sounds like ultimate vanity to me. At least wait till the child is old enough to make his own mind up about this. It should be noted that Dr. Wir kommen gleich zur Sache: Well said Michael Warrior of Love.

But this is flatly despicable. I hope that it comes to represent the anti-circumcision campaign in San Francisco. That's my hope not because of how I feel about circumcision, but how I feel about attempts to harness anti-Semitism for political ends. I want to believe that we have clawed and struggled far enough out of the pit that it doesn't work any more. I'm actually beginning to think, based on the comic site's links to criticism, that this is a deliberate troll — a purposeful employment of anti-Semitic tropes to draw attention to the movement.

That's vile in a subtly different way than believing in one's bigotry. I recommend Tony's posts at Rolling Doughnut here and here on this subject for a thoughtful reaction from someone who is anti-circumcision but appalled by this propaganda — and not just because he links me. As I said on Tony's site, I perceive another guilt-by-association problem for circumcision opponents here.

One of the most trenchant criticisms of anti-circumcision laws is that they represent nanny-state interference in parental decision-making. Anti-circumcision advocates have a quite arguable response to this: But by choosing to pursue anti-circumcision laws in San Francisco and Santa Monica, anti-circumcision advocates tend to associate anti-circumcision laws with the petty totalitarianism and nanny-statism of those locales — they help their opponents put anti-circumcision in the nanny-state box rather than the autonomy box.

Anti-circumcision advocates would probably say that San Francisco and Santa Monica are cities most likely to be receptive to an anti-circumcision law. As much as I love San Francisco as a beautiful city — and as much as I like many San Franciscans individually — I have to ask whether that receptiveness actually represents a pro-autonomy mentality or a pro-nanny-state mentality. I am the one who found this on the web, e-mailed Abby Porth of the SF Jewish Community Realtions Council, and she must have forwarded this to her contacts. There is a blood libel in the comic strip at this frame: Note even the reporter's name, "Amanda Pagan" the real religion of intactivism and the baby's "Glick," named after Leonard Glick, a prominent intactivist author of "Marked in Your Flesh.

Every detail of this comic was intended to provoke. And it's not like any little boy is ever circumcised against their parents' will.

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As is so often the case with California politics, I look at this scene from my midwestern sensibilities laden vantage, and I'm ready to make a bet that this guy's campaign is a falseflag op. I know it's just that Cali's weird that way, but the suspicion remains.

Jews Menaced by Comic Book

I don't think I've ever seen anything as brazen as that. There are KKK members reading that saying: Let's say someone was from the planet Preputia and all Preputians sexually assaulted their children at 16 days old. There are kind hearted people who say "hate is wrong" They are right, all hate is wrong, but how could they rationally argue against the people who hate them if the preputians continued to sexually assault their children?

The Preputians believe this act of sexual assault to be divined by their God, yet all but the most orthodox of preputians which make a minority, yet practice what would widely be regarded as the most heinous of child sexual assaults make exceptions in the rules ordained by their holy book.

The preputians have a choice, Continue to sexually assault their children,thus validating the hatred that intellectual anti-preputians have for them. They can admit that in in our current society, sexual assault may be added to the list of no-longer-required religious practices. Thus eliminating the ammunition for hatred that the intellectual anti-preputians have. Leaving only the brainwashed and stubborn assholes with no way to validate their hate to despise the preputians.

Cutting a Child's healthy and normal genitals is by every definition sexual assault. Regardless of purpotrator, regardless of societal acceptance of the action. Say that society has a history of bigotry and discrimination against said Preputians. Say that Preputians have been slaughtered by the millions based on that bigotry within living memory, aided by propaganda campaigns that imputed all sorts of terrible qualities to Preputians — almost none of them having anything to do with what they do to kids on the 16th day. Now say that people who oppose molesting kids on their 16th day of life launch a campaign to discourage it, and specifically elect to frame the campaign in terms of anti-Preputian bigotry, adopting the tropes used in living memory to justify the mass slaughter of Preputians, even though they only make up a tiny percentage of the citizens engaging in this practice.

June 05, 2011

Wouldn't you agree that the opponents are at best utilitarian to the point of amorality — willing to fan the flames of bigotry against a tiny minority in order to achieve a social goal — and at worst actively bigoted against Preputians? If this were the case i'd agree with you Ken, However, This comic book doesn't represent the backbone of the intactivist movement.

The first issue does indeed villify the so called "medical professionals" who inflict the same damage upon children. In fact, many of my Intactivist friends shun this particular issue, and agree that it is inappropriate. A comic book made by a handful of people with a few dozen unfortunate artistic decisions is being used to dismiss the message of the whole. All children, regardless of the religion that their families uphold, deserve the right to remain intact bodily.

Should they desire to follow a different religion as an adult they should be capable of deciding whatever body parts they wish to sacrifice for whatever covenants they desire. No one has the right to force such a permanent decision upon them. Josh, I agree with you that the rights and wrongs of circumcision in the abstract is not impacted by this propaganda.

But I find your attempt to distance this particular campaign in San Francisco from this anti-Semitic propaganda to be unconvincing. Weren't Matthew Hess and his organization the ones who spearheaded getting it on the ballot there? Also, Josh, trying to pass this off as "with a few dozen unfortunate artistic decisions" is ludicrous.

Classic anti-Semitic iconography and tropes permeate the comic — they are its core. That's like saying "Showgirls" has some incidental nudity, or that "Scarface", in final form, included some moments of violence. It's a comic book. Not an in-depth commentary. It accomplished it's goal, to get people talking. So it piggy backed on less than reputable methods. Its intention wasn't to offend. Are people seriously going to start taking social commentary from comic books seriously? That should be more worrisome than anything that could possibly be contained in them.

I'm sure you won't mind if I start building a pro-circumcision campaign based on the notion that most intactivists are pedophiles who want intact under-aged penises to grope, right? Because I'm just starting a conversation, and it would be silly to take it seriously. If your response to an advocacy group deliberately using anti-Semitic tropes to advance a social goal is "so what", then I think our values are too different to have a worthwhile conversation.

Foreskin Man

But rest assured that I don't judge the entire anti-circumcision movement based on them, or you. Whatever their "intentions," this should be highlighted at best as phenomenally and jawdroppingly ill-advised. It would be scoffed at, In reality any intellectual would recognize it's people who desire to cut the genitals of children to suit their sexual preference to be the pedophiles. That the true pedophiles only have to put up a facade of trustworthiness to gain access to and unlimited supply of genitals of newborn boys to molest and mutilate.

It's not "so what" i agree it's inappropriate.

Jews Menaced by Comic Book | Counter-Currents Publishing

But this is not the face of the intactivist movement. Intactivism is young and needs exposure, and you know what they say, any publicity is good publicity. This is 3 people who wanted to make a comic book to represent their feelings about a controversial subject. I live just close enough to SF that this scares me. I live just far enough away that I feel safe. The chance that you won't be allowed to take a knife to your potential son's genitals anymore? Sheesh, people are so obsessed with cutting children's genitals. It's about damn time boys might receive the same legal protection as girls.

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It isn't like they are dragging 10 year old boys from their beds at night, and drawing out the procedure over a period of hours…. We're talking about a procedure conducted by people who have gone to doctor school, takes all of 10 minutes, and is never remembered. You know what i find odd?

How anyone can sit there and pretend that the damage of ALL forms of FGM including the ritual knick of the clitoral hood for a drop of blood should remain illegal, while the fully amputation of the foreskin of males is acceptable. It takes quit an amazing force of will to remain oblivious to the egregious violation of human rights that this is. I don't know who you've been talking to, but the unit I have works perfectly, and has ever since I got the firmware patch around age 15 that put a stop to that whole "random boner" bug….

You don't know what you're missing. Because you weren't given any chance to experience it. It was your right to experience it. Imagine children born into slavery, they might be happy with how they live their lives, but it's certainly not an excuse to validate slavery. Just because they never knew freedom, freedom is no less important of a human right.

Abortion isn't part of this discussion. A literal-minded reader, missing both the crusading point of the comic and its alleged anti-Semitism, was unimpressed: By the seaside at dusk, joined by Foreskin Man, members of the Underground set a wooden structure ablaze in a scene reminiscent of a KKK cross lighting. Circumstraints have been attached to the frame, which is constructed in the shape of a shield displaying the phallic Intactivist Underground symbol, and it burns against a darkening sky.

Monster Mohel , which has made international waves, is Issue No. YouTube , 4 mins.

YouTube, a subsidiary of Jewish Internet giant Google, censors pro-white content when it discovers it. This video has been removed in the past. Active or Intactive in the anti-circumcision movement since , Hess wrote a statutory ban of the practice and sought a state legislator anywhere to sponsor it. Last year Massachusetts State Sen. Hess helped enlist seventeen witnesses to testify in favor of the ban, but the bill was killed in committee. According to news reports he was circumcised as an infant. A significant proportion of Intactivists are Jews.

We have not uncovered any kind of bigotry in their background or anything like that. That said, it seems that they are so fanatical in the belief of their cause that they are just either willfully blind or willfully ignorant to the fact that they have stooped to trafficking in these really hateful tropes. It renders the United States and other ex-white countries unfree and anti-democratic.

As noted, Matthew Hess seeks a legal ban on infant circumcision. Jews are enraged that he obtained the 7, signatures necessary to place his proposal on the San Francisco ballot in November. Currently, girls are protected from genital mutilation by U. Although legal protection of only girls from circumcision would seem to violate the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.

This is true despite the well documented lifelong damage that male circumcision causes each of its victims. Hess is not alone in his opposition to the primitive ritual. Days ago screen star Russell Crowe blasted circumcision. Saunders, on June 2, Jewish groups see the ballot measures [there was briefly a second one in Santa Monica that has already been pulled] as a very real threat, likening them to bans on circumcision that existed in Soviet-era Russia and Eastern Europe and in ancient Roman and Greek times.

The uproar over Monster Mohel and the San Francisco ballot measure is a case study of how contemporary narratives, stories, and social constructions are invented and peddled to the masses. The objective phenomenon of Jews ruthlessly stomping an inconsequential local citizen initiative and one self-published comic book into the ground is translated via narcissistic self-absorption and the megaphone of the mass media into a virtual pogrom: Jews nationally menaced by blond anti-Semites!

Jena Troutman , its blonde sponsor, caved in immediately to the pressure. Given the realities of Jewish power, it seems likely the San Francisco initiative will likewise never see the light of day. First, the measure would have to actually pass in the face of opposition from all media outlets, Jewish organizations, and politicians. Jews have already mobilized. Did Mel Gibson have them? They do what they please. Fourth, local authorities would actually have to enforce the ban and prosecute violators. Finally, those inclined to obey the law, if any, could step across the municipal line and legally perform the Stone Age ritual outside city limits.

As for the comic book, when have Jews, liberals, or conservatives ever supported freedom of speech? In his defense, Hess enigmatically promises that Issue No. Damn heebs really are bat shit crazy. Any group that would demand federal legislation in response to a local ballot measure and a comic book WILL use a Sampson option. I reject that connotation. Foreskin Man and his alter ego Miles Hastwick are reflective of my own German heritage, and I make no apologies for that. I am proud of who I am. And Foreskin Man is not at war with all Jews any more than he is at war with all doctors.

Rather, he is at war with circumcisers who cut children by force. In the first issue the villain is a doctor, and in the second issue the villain is a mohel. Those are the two most common types of circumcisers in the United States. In the third issue of Foreskin Man the focus will be on a different type of circumcision.

What do you hope to gain by engaging in what most people consider to be anti-Jewish imagery and accusations? As I stated earlier, the images in Foreskin Man 2 are not anti-Jewish any more than the images in Foreskin Man 1 are anti-doctor. Rather, they are anti-mutilation of children. But I admit that the images were intentionally designed to provoke people. The Foreskin Man comics are an attempt to reach people at an emotional level — which is where our true humanity lies. Their page includes the trailer, but if they remove it you can watch it on the Foreskin Man website.

Heeb resents the fact that Hess explicitly points out the blatant anti-white racism of the circumcisionist censors! Just in time for summer, the third issue of MGMbill. When a worried mother fears that her son has been kidnapped to be circumcised, Miles Hastwick departs on an expedition to a remote Kenyan village to search for the boy.

Miles soon learns that Africa is a far different place than America, and even his alter ego Foreskin Man will need help if he is going to survive his most dangerous and complex mission yet. Foreskin Man 3 is written by Matthew Hess and combines the talents of two commissioned artists for the illustrations. Hess is president of MGMbill. The idea behind Foreskin Man 3 is to expose that double standard and help persuade readers that male and female circumcision are really two sides of the same coin. Earlier this month Rep. Foreskin Man 3 is available to read and download for free at http: