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Cambridge Core - International Trade Law - The Prospects of International Trade Regulation - edited by Thomas Cottier.
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Stanford Libraries SearchWorks Catalog Stanford Libraries. The prospects of international trade regulation: Responsibility edited by Thomas Cottier, Panagiotis Delimatsis. Imprint Cambridge ; New York: Cambridge University Press, Physical description xxx, p.

Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index.

From Fragmentation to Coherence

Fragmentation and coherence in international trade regulation: The evolution from tariff to non-tariff barriers brought about increasing overlaps with other regulatory areas. From Fragmentation to Coherence.

Thomas Cottier , Panagiotis Delimatsis. For a long time, the GATT led a life of its own as a self-contained regime. WTO rules increasingly interface with other areas of law and policy, including environmental protection, agricultural policies, labour standards, investment, human rights and regional integration.

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Against this backdrop, this book examines fragmentation in international trade regulation across a wide array of regulatory fields. To this end, it uses a conceptually coherent theoretical framework which is based on the effort to bring about greater coherence among different policy goals and fields, and thus to embed the multilateral trading system within the broader framework of international economics, law and relations.

International Trade Theory: Traditional Theories of Trade

It will appeal to those interested in a forward-looking discussion of the most pressing issues of the international trade agenda.