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That is what this book is about: Add some ropes to the mix and the picture is complete. I describe, within the pages of this book how my fetishes and sexual desires developed and where they have lead me through life! Legs of Seduction , by George Sprague, is a detailing of the initial moments that spark particular fetishes. Sprague begins his account in his boyhood, hiding beneath a table and noticing the stockings of a female family friend.

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His description of these early instances are titillating, bringing the reader along with him through his explorations. The excitement and delight at these private glimpses, and the mischievous plots to absorb more visual temptations, allows the reader to experience the early sexual reactions of a young boy. We are not disappointed by his exploits to reinforce his ECI, and delight along with him at the sexual adventures. The overall tone of the book is one of unapologetic sensualism.

It is relevant to Satanism as it outlines one of our prime tenets.

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  • That is, that sexual natures are established early, and that embracing and reveling in our natural tendencies is a celebration of what makes us who we are. I highly recommend this book for all Satanists. Previous Topic Index Next Topic. Print Topic Switch to Threaded Mode. Legs of Seduction, by George Sprague.