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Strangeways, Trouble Abroad features the cautionary tales of some of the million Britons who have left the UK in search of a better life.
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Once you do, they will.

7 ways to get into trouble abroad

They cannot however pay for or provide medical treatment themselves and won't contact or visit if you have travelled specifically for medical treatment. If you do get yourself into this predicament , you should first contact the relevant British embassy, high commission or consulate. What's a high commission?

Commonwealth countries don't have embassies, they have high commissions. More or less the same thing really, but if you go looking for a British embassy in Delhi, you won't find one. And if you don't know which countries are in the commonwealth, you weren't listening in history at school. The embassy, high commission or consulate can then, only with your permission, contact family and friends to tell them you've been arrested or detained.

If you want, they'll visit you within 24 hours of being told of the arrest. This new two—part documentary series tells the stories of British ex-pats who pursued their dreams of living in a new country — but who are now struggling to survive. Made by Wild Pictures, who produced the highly acclaimed ITV1 documentary series Strangeways, Trouble Abroad features the cautionary tales of some of the 5.

  • Darkest Valley.
  • The Borderline Psychotic Child: A Selective Integration?
  • Trouble Abroad Episode 1.
  • Whistle;
  • What will the embassy do for you if you’re in trouble abroad?;

Shot on location in Spain, Florida, and France, this documentary charts how their plans for idyllic ex-pat lifestyles have turned out and provides a colourful insight into the risks of investing everything in a new way of life overseas. Sally Spencer, whose wealthy husband lost his fortune on internet gambling, now relies on charity food parcels in rural France as she cannot afford to buy the basics. She and friend Victoria hatch a plan to set up a cleaning company.

7 ways to get into trouble abroad

Like the best of the foreign correspondents' memoirs, it reads like a cocktail of the hard stuff- political insight, on-the- ground analysis- topped off with fizzy draughts of intercontinental gossip, reckless flights into war zones and run-ins with rebels and despots. Website by Unified Solutions. The Life and Times of a Foreign Correspondent.

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Tauris Parke Paperbacks Publisher: Description "Looking for Trouble" is a vivid account of 35 years in journalism by a former foreign correspondent and bureau chief of "The Daily Telegraph". Author Info Richard Beeston began his long and distinguished career as a foreign correspondent working for a clandestine Arabic radio station run by MI6 during the Suez War.

Review "He was the kind of journalist of whom his sub-editing colleagues back in Fleet Street would say enviously, 'He writes like an angel.