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What is election of grace. also known as: election by grace. Scripture speaks of the election by God OF INDIVIDUALS TO LEADERSHIP OR.
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Before we begin our study on the remnant, I would like to define a few terms in our text: It is true that the Bible teaches that the elect in heaven will be a number that no man can number: Noah preached the gospel to an earth full of sinners. How many were elect?

The Election of Grace – Romans 11:1-6

Next we look at the time of Elijah the prophet: The historical account of this is in I Kings 19; Yet God had a remnant: Israel was the center of the worship of God; yet even among them there was only a remnant: Christ said that among Christendom those that profess Christ there will be very few saved: Within professing Christendom, many are lost and few are saved. Many compared to the remnant who profess Christ will be damned. The Lord Jesus said: Many who profess Christ on the day of judgement will be damned. In our day, just like in every day in history, our text is true: But there is only a remnant.

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John MacArthur- Amazing Sermon on Election

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The Election of Grace (Romans 10 & 11) -

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Therefore Luther defines the holy Christian Church, or the communion of saints, as the sum total of those whom the Holy Ghost calls, gathers, enlightens, sanctifies, and keeps with Jesus Christ in the one true faith. Now experience teaches that many who once were believers sooner or later lose their faith. And the Bible earnestly warns against backsliding and speaks of such as are believers for a time only.

God's Elect Or Election Of Grace

But all this does not belong to the doctrine of the election of grace; for this concerns only such people as believe and are saved. The eternal election, or predestination, since it concerns only certain persons, for that very reason differs from the counsel of redemption, from the express teaching of universal grace, which concerns all men. The eternal election of grace means that God has chosen each and every person of the elect, those that are now Christians and love God, and therefore us also, before the foundation of the world, unto Himself, for His own, and destined them for eternal glory; this decree being carried out in time, when God called these people and transmitted to them the full blessing of justification through the merits of Jesus.

And this purpose of God will surely be carried out. Thus the election of God is the cause not only of our salvation, but also of our being called, converted, justified. Faith is the result of the election of God, and gives the believer the guarantee that he belongs to the elect and will finally obtain eternal glory.