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Social-nativism, the Italian nightmare | Le blog de Thomas Piketty

But Western commentators have long underestimated that potential, forcing the BRICS to demand greater representation in global-governance institutions. But, lacking a united front behind them, a European Christine Lagarde and an American Jim Yong Kim continued to preside over those organizations. And though the BRICS did get these institutions to reform their voting structures to give developing countries greater weight, the US and Europe still wield disproportionate power.

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These initiatives have been presented as complements to the prevailing Bretton Woods system, but it is easy to see how they could also form the foundation for an alternative global-governance framework at some point in the future. To continue reading, please log in or register now.

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Memory Politics and Academic Freedom: Some Recent Controversies in Greece

Receive our Sunday newsletter. By proceeding, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. Please note that we moderate comments to ensure the conversation remains topically relevant. We appreciate well-informed comments and welcome your criticism and insight. Everything can be seen in different ways, depending on your angle. That is how the renewed PiS government apparently wants to be perceived internationally, while it calmly keeps subjugating the formerly independent judiciary and turning the publication of undesirable opinions on the subject of Nazi collaboration in occupied Poland into a potential criminal offence.

We have seen that move before. In Germany, the rankly extremist and anticonstitutional NPD ended up in insignificance, while the artfully ambiguous AfD scored third place in the latest federal elections.

The Deed, not the Doer

To shake off the accusation of extremism and to appear "normal" instead is the way to success with an electorate that considers itself to be, first and foremost, normal — as in: And if you can spin those despised liberals dizzy on the the way, those guardians of the abnormal and minorities, by purposeful appropriation of their values, methods and concepts, then it works all the more beautifully. It seems obvious to try to expose the true motives of these people.

Fair enough, but to try that is to essentialize the problem we have with these people into a matter of their nature. The problem they constitute is not their essential character, hidden or not, but their actions.

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It is enough to know what his government is doing — to the independence of the judiciary, to freedom of communication and to freedom of science when it comes to talking about possibly dishonourable aspects of Polish history. On the other hand, it would also be a mistake to take the populists' strive for normality at face value, of course.

Fukushima: A Nuclear Story

Whether they preach pluralism, democracy and diversity of opinion is not the yardstick. At one point, the Five Star Movement did consider a coalition with the PD the Democratic Party including the former left-wing parties, and now located somewhere between the centre-left and the centre-right, nobody knows exactly where but the Democratic Party finally refused preferring to count on the failure of the populists.

This is a tax levied at the same rate on all incomes, which implies the total dismantling of the progressive tax system with the highest rates on the biggest incomes and a huge loss of fiscal revenue. The Five Star Movement — Lega alliance is also, and primarily, based on a violent anti-refugee policy typified by the Minister for Home Affairs, Salvini, the leader of the Lega, who spent his summer preventing rescue ships from landing, thus disregarding the rules, but which enabled his scores to soar in the opinion polls.

The Conversation

Both parties have also come to an agreement on a number of unexpected issues; for example they oppose vaccinations which are associated with elitist know-alls and profit-seeking pharmaceutical laboratories. How can an ideological cocktail of this sort survive? But if the cocktail works, it is primarily because the Italian leaders excel in criticising the selfishness of the French government which preaches about the refugees but closes its own ports and borders, and, more generally the hypocrisy of Europe which imposes rigid budgetary rules on Italy, preventing the country from investing and from recovering from the crisis in and the ensuing purge.

The main thing learnt from the Orban-Salvini meeting was the display of anti-migrant solidarity: We should also bear in mind Salvini words: We will ensure everything which the European establishment has refused us.