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Uncover the angaran roots on the ice planet known as Voeld. Once Ja Niihk Dig Site's shields are down, Ryder will be able to access the kett base with the cave system. Voeld is a frozen wasteland, so stick close to the heat lamps that follow Ryder's path down into the cave.
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Make sure you explore this area thoroughly as there are chests in side rooms — and because you need to kill every Kett to proceed. Speaking to the prisoners reveals the caves hold some deep dark secret of Voeld. Before you do, head down the tunnel leading directly away from the waypoint and scan the room for an ancient artifact; this will help you finish a side quest and maybe do some extra romancing.

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Return to the now open doorway to penetrate the mysterious ruins beneath the surface of Voeld. No matter how the dialogue plays out, you end up with a choice:. Go with your gut on this one, as with everything in Mass Effect Andromeda.

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We really hope this area and choice turn up in add-on content. At this point the AI freaks out and starts electrocuting the unlucky gentleman, prompting you with a choice to either kill the AI to save the prisoner, or allow the prisoner to die to recover the AI. Of your options, killing the AI is the simplest.

Mass Effect Andromeda Uncovering the Past Side Quest Walkthrough

The prisoner thanks you and runs off, but Jaal is a little disappointed in you for destroying this link to his people's past. SAM will also helpfully chime in to say that no amount of data will be recoverable from the AI's data banks. As a consolation, Peebee will say she thinks you did the right thing, but there aren't any benefits or consequences to this choice either way. If you choose to let the prisoner die, the AI relents to your wishes and agrees to go with you.

If you agree, there's no benefits or consequences, and you're treated to a couple deeply creepy conversations when you head back there where the AI attempts to flirt with SAM by asking if it's true that he can vent the atmosphere on the Nexus, killing everyone inside. If you're already going to let a prisoner die for a momentary lapse in judgment, you might as well get something out of it. According to Gosu Noob , the Angara will use the AI to provide advanced calculations on your final mission.

Mass Effect Andromeda guide: what to do about the Mind of Voeld AI in Uncovering the Past

I hope those advanced calculations were worth it. Andromeda' Kill the AI: What should you do in "Uncovering the Past"? What happens if you kill the AI?

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