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any female who has had sexual intercoarse in there life with a guy named tucker.
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Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 20 November , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The character in both the series and the film was partly modelled on Alastair Campbell , as well as Hollywood agents and producers -- notably Harvey Weinstein. His ruthless scheming is brought to the extreme of being a willing and very active pawn in the efforts of a warmongering U. Assistant Secretary of State towards an intervention in the Middle East. This he does by fabricating intelligence in what could be a fictionalised version of the so-called Dodgy Dossier issued by Alastair Campbell and used by the British government to justify its involvement in the invasion of Iraq.

Campbell, who by his own admission enjoyed and even found The Thick of It "hilarious", was vocal in his dislike for In the Loop. Abbot is an inept Cabinet Minister , arguably the main character of the first two series, taking up his position following the resignation of Cliff Lawton. While he believes he has some influence with the PM, he is out of touch with the electorate and often finds himself at the mercy of events, bearing the brunt of Tucker's vitriol when misjudged policies or statements play badly in the media.

He reads the New Statesman and has two young children, Alicia and Charlie, with wife Kate, whom he complains he rarely gets to see. He is replaced by Nicola Murray in a reshuffle at the beginning of series 3, without appearing on-screen, having gone on holiday to Australia for the duration of the Specials. She doesn't like using lifts as she is slightly claustrophobic. She is implied to be in a loveless and unhappy marriage with a man called James. She has three daughters and one son. Front reportedly spoke to an unknown former Cabinet minister for inspiration of her role, and it has been speculated that she is a composite of several former Labour Cabinet ministers, including Hazel Blears , Jacqui Smith and Tessa Jowell [3].

There are subtle hints, at least throughout the fourth series, that Ollie undertakes efforts to undermine Malcolm and accelerate his fall from grace. For instance, he is visibly intrigued by the uncanny amount of knowledge Tucker has about Tickel's medical history, which may or may not reflect on the events of the sixth episode. And more importantly, in the last episode he surreptitiously leaks Malcolm's impending arrest to the press this he admits to Dan Miller and it is implied he does the same with Malcolm's choice of Hackney police station to avoid media exposure, in spite of Tucker's pleas not to.

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Cliff Lawton is forced to resign as the Secretary of State by Malcolm Tucker in episode 1 of the series. He is later referenced as bearing a grudge against Abbot, although it is unclear if this is simply Malcolm's spin. Bitter about his treatment, he later appears in the specials as Jamie's stalking horse during the leadership contest. Jamie unceremoniously ditches him after Cliff's identity is leaked to Malcolm. Miller managed to perfect the art of the strategic resignation in Episode 1.

He was thought to be standing as a candidate for party leadership but instead supported Tom Davis. He remains unseen in Series 3, but Miller's "Cabal" was said to be gathering momentum against the Prime Minister. After Malcolm forces Nicola to resign, Miller becomes the interim leader of the Opposition. He did not appear at the Goolding Inquiry, but at the inquiry it was revealed that he held talks with a team from the junior party of the coalition, which included Fergus Williams and Adam Kenyon, to discuss the possibility of a future coalition and the removal of their party leader.

First seen in Episode 4 as Secretary of State for Defence, he resigns following an IT overspend after awarding the department's contract to his son's firm. He reappears during the leadership race where Malcolm refers to him as being "So backbench you've actually fucking fallen off". Holhurst is noted frequently, by both political allies and opponents for his small head. At the end of In The Loop he is seen gleefully assisting Malcolm in leaking a document that could potentially start a transcontinental war with the Middle East without a flicker of conscience. He apparently spent five years training to be a priest , is a heavy smoker, and is an avid fan of Al Jolson in one scene he is seen threatening Ollie with violence for mocking him.

Born in Motherwell and speaks with a thick Lanarkshire accent. In the series he was only known by his first name, but he was given the surname "McDonald" for his reappearance in In the Loop. Julius Nicholson, ex-business guru, is a softly spoken adviser to the Prime Minister , similar to the real life Andrew Adonis or John Birt.

Tucker the Fucker - ItsGonnaHurt

His close relationship with the PM and blue-sky thinking means he is often in conflict with Tucker. In the Specials, he is in charge of the Prime Minister's Legacy project and claims to know the secret date when the former is going to resign. After Tucker destroys the Legacy project, Nicholson avenges by leaking confidential immigration figures to the press. He follows cricket and is always, with very few exceptions, shown eating or talking about food, to the point of even using the food he is consuming as a metaphor to bring a message home e.

His nephew is a day-pupil at Charterhouse School. He reappears in Series 3 with a peerage. However, he was made to look disloyal to Tom via a series of schemes implemented by Malcolm in Spinners and Losers. Hanway had considered himself a candidate for the Prime Minister's Director of Communications, but lost out when the job was given to Malcolm again. She was proposed as a candidate for party Leader and Prime Minister in Spinners and Losers, but she declined to stand, owing to a previously unknown online gambling addiction, having registered with gambling websites using her own name.

She was mentioned in series 4, having been told to appear for an interview after Nicola Murray's resignation. She also appears in the end credits of In the Loop where she is being promoted. Swain is a supporter of leadership candidate Tom Davis [8] a "nutter" and is therefore viewed with suspicion by other characters supportive of the current party faction heading the government. He was proven to be an embarrassment on television when faced with Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight , where he blinked excessively and failed to answer any questions coherently.

He has written a book about "getting ahead in politics" called " It's The Everything, Stupid ". In 'Spinners and Losers' he was briefly a candidate for party leadership. He was made a Minister at some level in the Department of Education in Davis' government, and has an adversarial relationship with Nicola Murray, who sacked him as a junior minister from DoSAC in an off-screen incident. He was forced to resign by Malcolm to put in motion events leading to Nicola's resignation as Leader of the Opposition when promised the post of Shadow Chancellor.

He returned to the backbenches when Malcolm found evidence that he, along with Nicola, briefly favoured a controversial policy that led to the suicide of a nurse, Mr Tickel. It is mentioned that he studied History of Art at university. Justin Edwards appeared in the spin off Veep , although it is unknown whether he was playing Ben. Ed is a press officer in the Number 10 communications unit, answering to Malcolm, who appears in episode 3. An inept press officer prone to making inappropriate comments, whose big fringe is supposedly there to "hide the lobotomy scars.

Recently divorced, he tries and fails to flirt with Helen, Nicola's advisor. Appears in Episode 3.

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Fleming manages to force Malcolm's resignation over an attempt to fix a crime statistics inquiry and, by the following episode, has taken over Malcolm's role at Number However, Malcolm's machinations eventually lead to Julius Nicholson clearing Malcolm of wrongdoing in the crime statistics inquiry, while blaming it all on Fleming, forcing Fleming to resign after less than a week in office.

We last hear that he has attempted to join Dan Miller's cabal. He was mentioned in Episode 4. This event signalled the start of Malcolm's plan to force out Nicola as Leader of the Opposition.


Helen is Nicola's special adviser, brought in to replace Glenn Cullen, after he defects to the "Inbetweeners". She was always Nicola's first choice as a special adviser, but only joined her team once she became Leader. She is sceptical of Malcolm, and even makes the mistake of questioning his loyalty to the party.

Little is known about her private life aside from a past affair with a married producer on the Daily Politics , which is mentioned in passing by Nicola in episode 4. Gethings appeared in the spin off Veep , although it is unknown if she was playing Helen as her name is not revealed. Malcolm Tucker's personal assistant and secretary, and often witness to many of his profanity-laden rants.

Mostly appears in the backgrounds of episodes but occasionally interacts with the main cast. She is one of the few people who actually likes Tucker and is visibly upset when he gets the sack; for his part, Tucker seems to have genuine affection by his standards for her. Though not technically a party hack, she moves with Tucker after the election, continuing as his assistant now in opposition. She appears among the audience during all sessions of the Goolding Inquiry in Series 4, Episode 6, and her facial expression throughout the process evolves into visible concern by the latter half as she witnesses both an effective end to Malcolm's career and the beginning of his legal troubles.

As with Tucker, Sam also appears in In the Loop. She is reluctant to do anything outside of the remit of her job, and resents staying late. She has a sister who lives in Hastings.

The Ghost Fucker Chronicles Series

By the time series 4 begins she wants to be made redundant so she can get away from the Coalition, and plans to use her redundancy money in order to take over a teashop in Ludlow. She and Glenn Cullen were responsible for the leaking of an email containing comments from DoSAC staff on Douglas Tickel, a homeless nurse who eventually committed suicide, although the emails were provided to Glenn by Fergus Williams and Adam Kenyon.

She was also referred to as a "blockage" by several DoSAC staff at the inquiry, though she believed they meant "buffer".

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  6. On his departure from DoSAC in episode 4. Despite her job title, Robyn is Terri's secretary, and during Terri's absence is largely ignored by the minister, Hugh Abbot, who was initially under the mistaken belief that she was an unknown secretary to a man called "Robin". Invited to attend Malcolm Tucker's 8. Well-meaning, but politically naive, she is often sent to do menial tasks such as photocopying and tea-making especially when Terri returns in the last episode of Series Two.

    She finds both Malcolm and his understudy, Jamie McDonald, particularly terrifying. People stop him in the street now, and instead of requesting autographs demand a bollocking or ask him to tell them to fuck off "… and sometimes I mean it". Playing the PM's enforcer has changed his life.

    Now, instead of accepting run-of-the-mill TV drama parts as doctors, priests and psychiatrists — "Someone dull and reliable who would turn up and be pleasant," he claims modestly — he gets offered lunatics, psychos and people with venom, like Sid's dad in Skins and King Charles in The Devil's Whore.

    That's slightly disingenuous; he did, after all, play a transvestite in Prime Suspect and has been in numerous brilliant films including Local Hero and Dangerous Liaisons, and he has an entirely separate CV as a director he won a best short film Oscar in as writer and director, and recently directed NHS satire Getting On. But four years ago he'd just come from a soul-destroying screen test for one of those dull, reliable parts when he first met Armando Iannucci to audition for The Thick Of It.

    The morning audition had been with a group of people I'd already worked with and it was for one scene. I thought, 'Why at my age am I having to jump through all these hoops? I was pissed off. But what that did was equip me to be more powerful.

    Malcolm, of course, doesn't care what you think of him because he is more powerful than anybody in the room. Tony Blair's director of communications-cum-Darth Vader of Whitehall, Alastair Campbell , is often mentioned as the inspiration for Tucker but Capaldi claims that's not totally the case. I just tried to play a character who was antagonistic and powerful.