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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. CEO, author of six books and founder of Identity Branding, The Prospect Relationship Ladder by [Krumroy, Robert].
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Although a prospect has not yet purchased from you, he or she may have heard about you, read about you, or had someone recommend you to him or her.

Loyalty Ladder

These are prospects about whom you have learned enough to know that they are not the best fit for your products and services and so you may choose not to target them. First-time customers are those who have purchased from you one time. They are customers of yours but are almost certainly still customers of your competitor as well. They have purchased from you two or more times.

The Prospect Relationship Ladder by Robert Krumroy

They may have bought the same product twice or bought two different products or services on two or more occasions. They will buy from you but will also continue to give their business to competitors. In professional services you may be one of a number of firms on their panel. Loyal Customer or Client.

Customer Loyalty Ladder

A loyal customer or client buys from you rather than anyone else. You have a strong, ongoing relationship that makes him or her resistant to the pull of the competition. For professional services firms this is where you begin to make the transition from being a supplier to trusted advisor.

Like a client, an advocate buys everything you have to sell and purchases regularly. In addition, an advocate encourages others to buy from you. An advocate talks about you, does your marketing for you and brings customers to you. You are likely be the preferred supplier for this customer whichever company they happen to work for.

Customer Loyalty Ladder Categories

We make snap judgments. This first commitment is instinctive and emotional. It springs from our basic sense and appreciation of something done right. In this view, the loyalty ladder is best seen on its side.

The customers who love you fall in love with you on the first visit. With each subsequent visit, the customers who do love you make up more of the remaining pool. This is why customers who visit twice are more likely to return than customers who visit once and customers who visit three times are more likely to return than customers who visit twice, etc.

But the main point is that the really important part happens on the bottom rung of the loyalty ladder. The best way to build loyalty down the road, then, is to focus on loyalty and commitment on the first visit.

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The ladder of customer loyalty talks about the different types of customers the company encounters. The loyalty ladder is a tool for marketing communicators. As with continuums of behaviour such as UACCA - Unawareness, Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction, Action, or AIDA - Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action, the loyalty ladder begins from a point where the consumer has Not Yet Purchased, then he or she buys the product for the first time, if the trial has been a success he or she returns to buy again and again and finally the consumer buys no other brand.

The stages of ladder of loyalty are as follows: Suspects will be aware of the company and its products or services, but they will not have a clear message about the brand, its promise and its values.