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Allen and Unwin, Armageddon, Dystopian novel, Preppers.

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When Pru rides into town, to see if others in the small community of Jubilee have also lost their power, she does so with trepidation. Dad is at work, a mine some ten hours drive away, her two younger sisters are left alone at their house fifteen kms from town, and they have all been drilled in their emergency procedure, run to the bunker and lock themselves in. She must get to Dad, and remembers an old restored Holden in a shed and takes it to drive to the mine. With her is Mateo, sone of the woman contracted to talk about mine safety.

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Please try again later. Lawyer Sam Cohen is one of the good guys, as a whistleblower against the excesses of Hooverian phantom-hunting and the malfeasance of government agency policing. As a result, his practice is constantly on the brink of destitution and even the ministrations of his voted and of course attractive assistant Val can scarcely save him from a daily diet of chancers, fraudsters and hopeless losers.

And so, when the delightful and beautiful Serena walks into his life - well, his office anyway - he is immediately entranced and resolves to do whatever she wants - which is mostly to talk about his past involvement in cases that brought him down. The cases centre on a mercurial man who was either or both of a brave FBI mole in the Black Panther organisation or else a ruthless turncoat playing all sides against the centre. At the same time, Sam and Val are being observed by the barman Mel, to whom everyone talks by night and who, by day, turns what he hears into best selling thrillers and mysteries.

Mel, like Sam, is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to initiate casual sexual relationships with women and the two mirror each other in various ways, much like, it is possible to imagine, the two writers of this book probably do. This is an interesting and in some ways compelling tale of the USA in the late s and indeed the current day. The background events are nicely drawn upon and the hints of involvements with CIA drugs wars, the assassination of Kennedy and other such black operations add to the sense of paranoia and lack of certainty concerning identity.

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Less positively, all the women characters are wet dreams personified and none of the characters really feel as if they are part of the end of the twentieth century. This is certainly worth a look and I will be interested in seeing how the Sam Cohen case books series continues. One person found this helpful.

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Shelly Waxman has created a lawyer with a soul. Sam Cohen is tough, bright, idealistic and has a real live beating heart.

In a cynical materialistic world, Cohen comes out fighting against the slimy bureaucrats of the government agencies who try to bend the law their way. All the characters that Waxman has produced are red blooded and three dimensionsal. I felt like asking the barman for a Manhattan and Val, the sexy secretary, for a date.

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This is a book that should be on the best seller list! I can't wait to read his next book. The macro events are all real and significant. This book will have you itching to look up more about the historical milieu and to read the author's next.

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