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I think we all have had an experience at least once in our lives of being at this level, if even for a second. The 5th dimension is all about unity.
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Eat appropriate food Eat lightly the foods that have a high vibration matching your own. Fifth-dimensional foods are organically grown. Eat as many green vegetables as possible, fruits, nuts and as nutritionally balanced a diet as possible. Bless your food before you consume it. Remember that you may need some heavier food to keep you grounded and honor this.

You cannot be in the fifth dimension if you are floating about like a space cadet. There must be balance. Have a spiritual attitude to all things Look for the highest perspective in all situations and people. Bless that which is of lower frequency to bring it up to a higher level. Radiate wisdom from your solar plexus Your solar plexus is a huge psychic pump, which at the third dimension seeks danger so that you can avoid it. At a higher level, its antennae reach to the energy fields of Archangel Uriel, the archangel in charge of the development of the solar plexus, and trust him to keep you safe.

You can then bring forward your own wisdom and soothe the fears of others. It is really helpful to visualize this while out in nature. Reprinted with permission of the publisher, Findhorn Press. This article was adapted with permission from the book: Birthing a New Civilization: This fascinating forecast highlights the new spiritual energies entering the planet and bringing shifts to economic, political, and climatic arenas. Further predictions are offered for individual countries and include a time frame for this massive transition, anticipated to last until the Earth moves fully into the fifth-dimensional frequency in From what to expect to how to prepare, this exciting exploration serves as guidance for the next 20 years, allowing readers to attune themselves to the spiritual forces on the horizon.

About the Author Diana Cooper is the author of 19 spiritual books in over 26 languages and has now started a series of children's books to empower and enchant children. Her journey started during a time of personal crisis when she received an angel visitation that changed her life. Since then the angels and her guides have taught her about the angelic realms, unicorns, fairies, Atlantis and Orbs as well as many other spiritual subjects.

She teaches seminars worldwide and is the Principal of The Diana Cooper School, a not for profit organisation which offers certificated spiritual teaching courses throughout the world. You can check Diana's diary at www. Please whitelist our website https: We only use Google advertising, consequently ads are delivered safely and using only Google advertisers. Living in the 5th Dimension Written by Diana Cooper. Living in the 5th Dimension. The True Meaning of Authenticity. An advanced being can develop enormous powers of exteriorizing thought without it turning into dense matter. They project these images so that other people can live in them.

Mike Swain identifies it as the first plane on which we realize our true nature: What do residents of the Mental Plane do? Frances tells us they are free to follow their own pursuits. There are no college rules or compulsory attendances but I, for one, find myself at the Halls of Learning almost continually. Again, you notice, I repeat the pattern, that avid desire for spiritual knowledge which I now realize characterized all my excursions into different experiences on Earth. Here we have no need to work in order to obtain daily livelihood.

We work here solely for spiritual refinement and progress; at the same time we keep in touch with our Earth interests as a form of recreation. One can study whatever one wishes, Donald Macleod tells us: In life, for him, the thing and not the person roused and stirred his imagination. So he chooses to travel alone and thereby satisfies the fundamental passion or desire of his nature. Nor do they require intimate companionships of the usual kind although, when conditions are satisfactory, they can meet and hold intercourse with dwellers on the same plane who are kindled with like enthusiasms.

Or they may be drawn together because mutual interest has been aroused, or because each is necessary to the other in a wider and more intellectual sense. Very few could see them because here too, these sublime [souls] remain hidden from the less developed souls. I was able to catch a short glimpse through a kind of mist and this proved to be the culmination of these magnificent hours. They all had to float in groups through space as the crowning of the greatest event ever. Much illness will be healed, pains of soul will be relieved, and good seeds will be encouraged to germinate and sprout.

Instead of having a conversation, it is as though both parties become one for awhile. Each soul is either drawn to the one who is most akin and sympathetic to it, or is absorbed by whatever special passion or desire fills its nature. The sexual love that Myers referred to earlier is unencumbered by the physical body — pure and passionate, harmonious and free — says Myers.

It enlarges and inspires the imagination so death does not put out this fire for ever. Thus they create with their whole being and because of their greater sensitiveness such self-creative experiences are often heightened and intensified, and increase the vigour of the soul.

This is a total merger with anyone you choose to give the love energy to. All of the quotes above, except the few relating to the Astral Plane, describe the first subplane of the Mental Plane. The matter of which they are made is simply more and more refined. What you call 4D is what we see as the astral or etheric plane that surrounds you, the level to which you ascend after death. SaLuSa also does not equate the Fifth Dimension with the Mental Plane but he does equate the Fourth Dimension with the Summerlands, which is a way of referring to the subplanes of the Astral.

The next higher would be the Mental. In order for a higher dimension to be available to us, we need to vibrate in resonance with it. The Third Dimension is a state of consciousness that is very limited and restricted. In traveling through the Fourth Dimension, we are preparing ourselves for the Fifth.

Many of us have had experiences of the Fourth Dimension for a number of years now without realizing it. Everything within and around us feels lighter, less rigid. And we can discover that time is malleable—it can actually stretch and condense, much to our third dimensional surprise.

Manifestation is much faster in the Fourth Dimension. Something we simply think about can show up very quickly. The Fifth Dimension has been described as the dimension of Love, of living totally from the Heart. In order to enter into the Fifth Dimension and stay there, all mental and emotional baggage must be left at the door. No fear, anger, hostility, guilt exists there—no suffering or sense of separation. Mastery over thought is a prerequisite. Manifestation in the Fifth Dimension is instantaneous.

You think about something—it comes present. The experience of time is radically different: These are exhilarating—tremendously exciting and hopeful. They keep us moving on through the difficulties that sometimes arise as we travel through the Fourth Dimension and into the Fifth. These are the times in which we are experiencing the death of third-dimensional reality, while at the same time beginning to travel through new and unknown landscapes of the 4th Dimension. In essence, one whole structure of reality is collapsing, while a new one is emerging.

Many of us are beginning to experience radical changes in our lives, as we enter into these times. Whatever does not serve us in shifting into a higher dimension has to fall away.

Collective Evolution

Fortunately, we can now get a great deal of help in making the transition to a higher vibration. Beings from higher dimensional realms are more and more present to assist us; we simply need to ask for their help. So releasing old patterns and negative emotions is getting easier and easier, if we have the clear intention of letting them go. We Can take our Bodies with Us. Many sources tell us we can take our physical bodies with us, if we choose, into the Fifth Dimension.

Some say that although other planets and galaxies have shifted into higher dimensions before in the history of the universe, this is the first time that souls in incarnation on a planet are going to be taking their physical vehicles with them into the higher dimension. Given this, it seems important for us to really take care of our bodies at this time. Radical transformation can be hard on the body, causing pain, aches, exhaustion and flu-like symptoms.

If so, you have the choice to simply allow life to transform you—sometimes in uncomfortable ways, if you have any resistance to change. Life will do the job for you. Or you can choose to actively cooperate with the shifts taking place inside you. You can consciously let go of old patterns, release negative emotions, judgments and thoughts, and work on keeping your vibration high at all times. This effort will likely ensure that your journey through the Fourth Dimension will be a lot smoother and even perhaps more rapid.

One way or another, we will make it into the new reality that lies before us. What an exciting time to alive! I have been experiencing a lot what has been written here. A lot of people, including myself think that it is crazy. I am not fighting my transmutation anymore, but now I'm on a quest of looking for answers. One of my guides had to told me in a dream to get "crystal medicine" I believe she was refering to crystaling healing?

Yesterday I bought a few and meditated with the crystals. Honestly, I don't know if I'm doing it right. I feel like I'm walking in the dark trying to figure out their vague clues for my journey. I have no idea what is in store, but I am definitely keeping an open mind. Hi B—Yeah, I know, it can all sound crazy to someone who doesn't know what's going on! About selecting and working with crystals: My understanding and experience is that finding crystals that work for us is a very personal matter. If you tune in when you're around them, you may find yourself drawn to a particular one or even hear it "speaking" to you.

Trust this inner wisdom—if you feel drawn to one in particular, this is probably one that resonates with you. I'm not sure there is any one "right" way to work with them—you kind of have to feel your own way. Certainly holding one or more while you're meditating is a good way to start—see what happens inwardly. A certain crystal may evoke one experience in you, another one a different experience. Play with them in a light-hearted way and trust yourself. Know that you're never actually "in the dark"—if you are attracted to the ideas on this site, you can know for sure there are beings and guides with you, supporting and guiding you, whether you're aware of them at this point or not.

I think this topic of worrying about what other people will think is largely redundant. Some people will laugh nervously but actually they are interested in what you might have to say. We may do damage by trying to force people to face facts that they are are not ready to face.

If we are in the fourth or fifth dimension we should know whether to open our mouth or not. By lying back in the arms of God or whatever term you want to use the right people will be attracted to you. You may wish to have a crystal reiki session done. There are a few practitioners trained in this modality. It significantly increases the reiki benefits. Crystal pranic healing is another form of crystal medicine. Healers trained in this can be found through the MCKS website. Do what your intuition tells you — what resonates with you, even if it just means carrying a rock that you like.

This feeling was an almost overwhelming pressure, a physical sense of being squeezed. Yes I know it sounds crazy, and at times I thought there was something wrong. For many years I thought it manifested itself when there was goodness, love, kindness, but I was wrong. I was physically sensing evil. One of the first times I felt it was a trip with a friend of my brothers, it was near Christmas and he was delivering presents to a family that was in need.

I stayed in the car as he brought the gifts into the house, and one gift stood out, it was a brand new speed bike for the teen girl. As I waited in the car, my physical sense overwhelmed me, the friend returned and I began to sob and confessed to the friend how I was overcome with this physical feeling and emotion. He consoled me only momentarily and I soon overcame the feeling. It was only about two years ago that I realized I had been wrong. He took the feeling from me without me even realizing what he had done. You have no idea how difficult it is to hit the post comment button.

I type posts and then delete. I have also felt as you that I have always known more, since birth. I feel the same way. Also, found this post today…just a day apart. A small collecting of consciousness here? I feel like there is something deeper inside me as well but I have yet to find a way to truly release it; to overcome the day to day rigidity of our current societal normative.

Thank you for posting your experience. Steve, I sit here reading your post, fully aware and believing, in totality, what you are saying. I do fervently hope this is the awakening, a few souls every day and it wont be long until we get to our utopia! Especially over the past few years. It almost feels sometimes like I want to quit my job because I feel surrounded by a group of people that I can feel there negativity and enviousness.

I know this feeling, actually this is one of the reason why I quit my job,the people around me are full of negativity, its draining me. I feel so tired. There is something in me that I cant explain all I know is that my intuition is always right if I am in tune of it. I can read between the lines and what are the peoples true emotions. Thats why its draining me because even though I can see them smiling I know their emotions beneath of it. What you are at your core is nothing but pure love and light and this is inherent to you, even if our daily life, challenges and growth as humans on this plane, make it almost impossible to remember.

Listen to your intuition and let it guide you through the endless signs. Use your intuition to understand and trust the signs the Universe is placing on your path. Meditate to rebalance your energy flow and align with your higher self.

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Thank you for sharing. It makes me feel less strange and alone. I have had body sensations since the age of 6 that are hard to explain. Like I disintegrate to the whole universe and in a spin can experience everything that is going on at that moment. My own physical body would no longer be and it pained me so much to experience what it is like to not-be.

For all my life I thought that was horrible anxiety and tried to avoid it at all costs. Could it be a gift to honer and work with? I spent my life running away from it keeping busy, grounded, PhD, kids, work, no time to be! Hey Steve — wow these are actually fairly common experiences, and getting more common all the time! Lots of people have STRONG gut feelings but relegate them to cleverness, or intelligence, or high degrees of observational power.

Your antennae is very likely more high-tuned than most, but ALSO may be tuned to a particular frequency of pain, due to your own pain. Not knocking that, just want to suggest that one way through your current dilemma is to turn that dial towards what is beautiful, kind, extraordinary — towards people snapping out of the dream of seperateness in which they are capable of causing harm, to a full living within one-ness in which they are incapable of causing harm.

That said, why not get there in the happiest way possible? Know yourself to be perfect, and your past as perfect as well. You are also there, not alone. The paradox is to know yourself, and your past as an aspect of love itself. If you want to be among those who helps to awaken others to the only perfection possible, i. Sounds to me as if you are to pick an absurd number meaningless except for the aura …..

The infinistessimal piece missing is to know that you have acted with absolute breath-taking perfection and love, and continue to! With love beyond even my capacity to express it correctly. Its very beautiful and exciting to experience the changes of reality. I would like to share. If the process of shifting into higher dimension is eternal, then what about those dimensions that we had passed through? What were the physical limits and the corresponding reality of those past Ds?

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I asked myself and thought that, if we are moving into a higher dimension and gaining higher level of awareness then it is quite possible the we had evolved from lower dimension to our present one 3rd or 4th D. So if we gradually go back, our level of awareness gradually decreases along with the ability and structure of our physical body. The first thing that popped up in my mind was the Apes. So my view is that every species have their own individual dimensions. To be precise, every living being has individual rate of vibration. Feeling love and sharing love neither needs any level of awareness nor any physical entity.

First Density — The four alchemical elements of earth minerals , air wind , fire, and water. The fire and wind act on the minerals and water, propelling evolution to consciousness and the Second Density.

5 Signs You Are Starting to Live in the Fifth Dimension

Second Density — The beginning of animals and plants. This stage of evolution on earth took 4. This is the density of self-awareness and self-consciousness. The two fundamental necessities are rational thinking and intuitive thinking. Once we learn this quality of Love, we then move on to the higher densities, where our incarnations are considerably longer.

Fourth Density — Perceiving others as part of the Self. Here is a plane of compassion, where we achieve the ability to understand the sorrows of the Third Density. Individual differences are still pronounced, but harmony is created through group consensus, because people know what others are thinking. The typical time for one incarnation in the Fourth Density is 90, years, and the entire cycle of experience for all incarnations in this density takes 30 million Earth years.

Fifth Density — Wisdom and instant manifestation.

The lessons of compassion learned in the Fourth Density have led to wisdom in the Fifth. Fifth Density entities may dissolve one manifestation and create another at will. Seventh Density — Culmination.

1) You can tell something has changed, but can’t quite put your finger on it

Eighth Density — Return to infinity. According to Ra, there is a mystery here, which cannot be put into words. Just as in the musical scale, the Eighth Density is also the First Density of the next octave. What a ride this has been. It is literally one moment at a time for me NOW since time is an illusion. I believe that we do have higher beings working with us guiding us to our next step. Are you a fallen angel? I am having great difficulty distinguishing between the old. Also, for anyone, it appears in my personal experience that my inner.

I feel a warring for me between two of these sides, and am having great trouble reconciling the two into a unified, solid Know. I know I am being called from above, but it seems I am also being held hostage below. They need to know that you are reacting to their instructions to continue.

They will describe all you need to know and do for your growth. Using a pendulum can make this easier at first. Sending you Divine Love,Light and Joy. Radek, You say you are from 12th dimension. Can you please write to me more about it. I am right now going through lot of changes in my life and its utterly confusing. Please write to me if you few minutes. I am looking for answers on the internet. Take Charge or go with the Flow?

Awakening into Consciousness and Ascension. Are You Suffering from Ascension Blues? Levels of consciousness are additional factors, not dimensions, that influence the densities and dimensions that entities can perceive and interact within. I am experiencing a time of rapid awakening. I feel plugged in and practically sizzling with energy at times. And at others, I am completely exhausted. To surrender is to yield to the divine and to receive the imputation of the eternal spirit through Christ Jesus our Lord.

He intersected this dimension and is the door into the next. With ego dispelled through surrender and oneness through the headship of Christ, each is united and pours forth abundant life: This creation groans waiting for the sons of glory to be revealed. There shall be a new heaven and new earth. Christ Jesus is coming soon and has already come into our hearts through faith, which is the choice to believe we belong to Christ and receive from the Lord of glory His Life.

It is fantastic that the fifth dimension correlates to the coming of Christ and the new era in Him. How Amazing Is that? Everyday, every moment is so alive. I hear theres going to be throwing a party to span the whole universe! Reading through I came to your comment and felt peace and relief to hear someone relate and speak Jesus into this. I am a Spirit-filled believer in Jesus Christ. I recently had a prophetic word given to me mentioning the 5th dimension.

After weeks I finally googled and ended up here. I am most pleased by your account which resonated with my Holy Spirit journey. Though the past few months I have grown in intellect, I have come up with theories on reality that make too much sense, I only wish I had access to more information. As I have grown, I feel like I must detach from life as we know it to progress. Many things have shocked me as I have grown, for example I am now able to be fully aware of my surroundings while I sleep as well as control when I wake up if I tell myself to wake up at 9 I will wake up close to or on the dot 9.

I think a lot though.. Keep faith that you will be guided, both inwardly and outwardly, into fifth-dimensional consciousness. By the way, you might find some answers to your questions in my book, Awakening to the Fifth Dimension. Hi Seth — You know, all these psychic kind of abilities that are showing up in people around you are exciting and may have something to do with spiritual awakening—but also may not. There are people who are very spiritually awake who have none of these kinds of abilities, simply because they have never put time and effort into developing them or felt the need to.

So do not judge yourself for not having psychic skills. They may never appear in your spiritual awakening process. Or they may in due time, if you will be able to use them in service to others. Focus instead on your own awakening to who you are past this body-mind form, focus on developing love and compassion for yourself and others , and trust your Higher Self to bring about whatever you need to wake totally up to the magnificent being you inherently are.

What major signs do I have to look for? Your spiritual freedom and fully experiencing who you are as a divine multi-dimensional being is what will count. I would suggest you look into classes of meditation as a start, however. Learn to spend time quietly exploring your inner worlds, and see where this takes you. It started very gradually with books and articles I was drawn to. Everyday is even more surprising and wonderful! Changing perspectives is a joyous thrilling ride.

What is the Fifth Dimension? I experience guides, of a much higher vibration both sight and internal hearing quite clearly. I have in the recent years become obsessed with Quantum Mechanics and by no means have I had an interest before. I see number patterns all the time, I have experienced along with a solid witness that time is irrelevant as we arrived at our destination via car at My witness kept asking me at the stop light if we were moving backwards, as she felt as if she was physically moving backwards, all I could do was giggle. My awakening has been painful in ways and peaceful in others.

I am a shadow of my formal self, I have spent months in solitude now. I now know what my purpose here is. I have a tendency to make lights flicker, or the occasional power outage when I am thinking so deeply I feel I am no-longer in a box, a box has 6 sides, we have 5 antiquated senses, once you step outside you realize the box you came from has 12 sides, at that moment of clarity the power went out, my guides were there.

I used to be such a lost soul, filled with hatred anger regret, and these are being replaced with love, compassion, and empathy. I have had immense depressive spells, coupled with anxiety and I know why. My higher frequency friends told me to make a ring, they told me to let go of the old and embrace the new. As I type this and I can actually sense other readers.

Well get ready for the ride, it will be a complete programming upgrade. I will see you all very soon, Version 5. I enjoyed reading this! Hoping I get there… to a level of pure love a compassion for myself and others. I am mostly just full of fear right now. I recently started to pray more, smudge with white sage, speak to my guides although I have only in my conscious mind remembered feeling them two days ago I think it was my late grandpa standing behind me while I was smudging in my home and praying for peace. The day before that my lower throat literally hurt and someone pointed out that it usually happens when one needs to talk about something in particular, or when we feel like we are not being heard — then when i started offloading it to the intended audience , man… the pain started going away almost immediately.

I keep a black tourmaline stone and amethyst with me on most times, I read that black tourmaline helps to clear negativity and amethyst gives clarity. I am in a struggling relationship and fear that whatever is happening to me might be even worse for the relationship. I used to get all hyped up and had to just share the fact that I was just thinking,doing or saying that particular thing at that exact time.

No need to justify, question, or feel an urgency to question these happenstances anymore. They are the ones that thrive on negativity,injustice, inequality and truly relish in conflict. I truly believe that the gifts that the Universe has chosen us to receive is a testiment to eternal life. We are the gatekeepers. We are the healers. No matter what we may do against this mans definition of law, we live and lead by Eternal Law. I believe in a Higher Power, whom I choose to call God. It is our destiny, our plight. Our blessing, our calling, our curse. The vibrations, the premonitions, the consequential numerology and the lightening speed of information being processed in our brains I find to be truly exhausting.

When I am at full frequency, that I have charted to be every 4 months or so and lasts for days, I have to rest my body, my vessel. On that note, I must lay my head for as long as Our Divine requires me to do so. Hi Silas, Thank You for sharing, your comment grabbed my attention and I have a few questions if you could please continue to share where you say:. What is the actual shape?

5 Signs You Are Starting to Live in the Fifth Dimension

ALOT has happened in my life, bad things in the past lol.. I was at work a few months back and we had a few men from another company who I never had met in my life. I had no idea what he was talking about untill google brought me to this site. I find it hard to beleive im in the 5th D though as I dont portray the values as you have described as being in the 5th D. Could I possibly be transitioning there un knowingly? Hi Corey—You know, most of the population of the earth will eventually be transitioning in 5D without having a clue the new reality and consciousness even have a name. You may be making that transition at this point and are just becoming aware of it.

However, in my experience, evolving into 5D is generally a process and there are many intense and obvious experiences people have as they make the transition. My guess is this man might have seen that you were beginning to make the transition into 5D and wanted to open your curiosity about this phenomenon. Or he may have seen clearly that you have lived in 5D before and he wanted to wake you up this reality about yourself.

I am a pleadian.. I am helping so many humans at present. It seems hard to unravel this conditioning from childhood.. Everyone is at a different stage.. I will help as nany as i can.. There are some shientific universal laws, one law says that the universe expands, so the entropy is increases, so everything dies. Suffering comes from craving. We can stop craving by meditating and controlling greed, lust, anger, pride, jealousy, and ego.

People are killing each other in the name of religion, greed, boundaries, and what not. We all have goodness left in us by which we can change the material world. We can live without religion, boundaries, money, poverty, greed, lust, anger, pride, jealousy, and ego. We can live as a big brotherhood not only humans but all living beings including nature by way of sharing. Once we start living sharing, there will be no crime, hatred, jealousy, etc. There will be absolute peace as if we are in deep sleep, from which we do not want to awake.

Do not believe my words. Ask your heart with above things in mind, if we can achieve it. Your heart knows the answer. I can only type some words. I used to do wtv I like. I used to go to the gym. I was a very fat guy. I was so proud of myself for getting abs after that. I also used to drink,smoke and smoke weed and enjoyed my life to the fullest. Suddenly I feel my whole life is a lie. I suddenly feel what is the point of earning money. I feel very lonely all of a sudden. I feel there is a change in my character but I wanna go back to my old self.

Most of the symptoms of ascending to the 5th dimension has happened to me. At the beginning of spiritual awakening it tends to happen…feeling disconnected from everything and finding no meaning in life.. To be truthful, it is quite difficult. But just hang on there. Look into spiritual writings,find inspiration. Once it is over you are in for for a pleasant surprise because things will change for better and you will find again peace and joy …things will be good again. You will Discover that life is much more then just a physical experience full of struggle… it is an expression of the divine.

The Divine Plan is for those who have achieved 5D concioussness is for them to ascend into this higher vibratory universe at a certain time. This time frame appears to be How to achive this higher state concioussness? The answer is to surrender all your fears, attachments, judgements, opinions, dislikes, hatred, anxiety to the Divine. How to do this? After you reach understanding, then make the decision that you wish to surrender this to the Divine or universe, Source, God, Allah, etc and simply say to yourself mentally, I surrender this thought and feeling ot the Divine so that I may be free of it forever.

Next, and this is really important focus on something that gives you Joy. It can be something simple like spending time with a pet or going for a walk in nature. This replaces your negative emotional state and thought with a positive emotional state and thought. Do this as many times as needed each day. As the days progress, your emotional outbursts will become less and less and your bliss, happiness and joy will become more and more.

I had a dream and need some help with it. I lost my daughter in I had a dream where I saw her, not eye to eye but more so peripheral vision but I knew it was her. I asked her if I would see her again and she said as long as you believe in the 5th dimension. I then of course googled the 5th dimension and found this site.

Any insight would be helpful. Even an opinion is fine. Was this just a wishful dream of seeing her or is there something real to this? Dreams are not always dreams—they are often out-of-body experiences. It sounds very much like this could well have been the one who was your daughter giving you information that would be valuable to you. Research the Fifth Dimension some more and see if it resonates with you. Try to activate the merkaba within you. Search the net, or get someone to help you.

Drunvalo Melchizedek on merkaba meditation is some really fabulous info for you. Fifth dimension and higher; yes, we as a planet are soon to make the transition into the fifth dimension 21 Dec is a very important date for this shift, with the following major shift for planet earth occurring 25 Jan Vidya Frazier in his above article has written some really nice stuff on the fifth dimension — specifically stating it a consciousness state rather than a location or space jump.

This is key to understanding how to access or enter the fifth dimension, that where your daughter is now. Another great reference point to help you grasp the fifth dimension is to think about what science has been saying for a long time with there being so much space between atoms — meaning this three dimensional plane is a rather empty or holographic place. Yet another reference point is to reverse engineer your thinking, according to eastern philosophies who state that this three-dimensional world is an illusion. Here you could try to imagine your life from the point before it?

Something like, if we on earth are the dream of someone thinking it, then what is that being doing right now? A really great question is to contemplate if your daughter has therefore returned to this source and now showing you the way back home? Even better is to ask your daughter. I always have dreams of been enlisted among a group of soldiers to fight in a battle. Sometimes, I just see myself fighting in the midst if the battle. I also experience things said on these pages it clearifys human emotions such as greed etc… Can be overcomed.

Suffer from a battery of health problems. Ujna—I cannot speak for Swami Vivekananda or to what you believe he has said, but I can tell you that in my experience, it is not true.