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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. "Judas Times Seven" is a story of greed, betrayal and jealousy set in the modern workplace, where petty jealousies can and.
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As luck would have it, a producer for the American production saw part of the show when it was covered by a camera crew from the "Today" show. The producers wound up casting Ben Vereen as Judas for the original Broadway cast, but Anderson took over the part when Vereen was sidelined by illness.


Carl Anderson, 58; Actor Played Judas in 'Jesus Christ Superstar'

After Vereen recovered, he and Anderson alternated in the role for six months. After the resounding success of "Superstar," Anderson found it difficult to establish an identity apart from his appearances as Judas. He refused to reprise the role during the s and early s and would not mention it on his resume as he pursued work as a jazz vocalist.

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Reviewers greeted his return enthusiastically, including the critic for the San Antonio Express-News who wrote that the show "ignites every time that he appears. Anderson said his interpretation of the role changed over the years as he infused more sympathy into his portrayal. He had received threats many times from people who disapproved of the show, which depicted Jesus as a flawed and fallible man and Judas as more of a victim than a villain.

But he told another interviewer recently that he was glad that he persevered because "I have lived to see the [musical] recognized as a masterpiece.

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Anderson is survived by his wife, Veronica; a son from a previous marriage, Khalil McGhee-Anderson; stepdaughters Hannah and Laila Ali; and several sisters. A memorial service will be held at 11 a. Seizure Led to FloJo's Death. His scores make his case.

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At first he thinks little of Janice, his lead person on the job and the story's female lead. He considers her personality to be on the abrasive side. But during a slow period she displays a sunnier side to which he becomes quite fondly attracted.

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The attraction to one he now considers a voluptuous, wholesome and moderately sexy woman proves charismatic and before long those around him begin to take notice. He begins getting teased into a confession.

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Within a few days Bruce would come out of the closet and the working relationship would crash. Behind the scenes a man who once was a boss but later demoted who had a penchant for being a ladies' man was vying for Janice's attention and wanted no part of Bruce being in the way. As a result he began to instigate a plot along with a female accomplice to ensure Bruce's ouster.

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He was well aware that the corporation had more protection under the law than the human being and that Bruce would have little chance of successful challenge. Bruce is trying to come to grips with Janice's now more reserved attitude toward him and assorted changes in atmosphere while still making ends meet.