Manual IPad: A Guide and the Tricks you didn’t know

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iPads have been around for years now, but we're betting you didn't know about these ten incredible iPad tricks.
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Sign up to iPhone Life's Tip of the Day Newsletter and we'll send you a tip each day to save time and get the most out of your iPhone or iPad. Go to Contacts and select a contact, then tap the Edit button at top right. Then scroll down to the vibration selection and tap it. You can then choose from a number of different built-in vibration patterns or you can create a new one by tapping Create New.

Then tap on the display to create a new rhythm. Whenever you tap an icon on your iPhone or iPad, you see it expand to fill the screen. Your display will seem snappier. This setting is also useful if you get motion sickness from the parallax effect of the home screen icons floating above the background. Note, though, that this photo may be slightly lesser quality than a regular photo you take with your phone because it is using the video sensor rather than the photo sensor.

To take a photo in Burst Mode, simply hold down the camera button when you take a photo. If you want to find a specific word or phrase on a web page, enter it into the search bar. As you do, the screen will show the usual list of automatic suggestions. If there are multiple occurrences, you can scroll through them by tapping the up and down arrows in the lower left corner.

So I always request the desktop site. With iOS9 you can do that quickly by holding down the reload icon on the right side of the search bar, and then tapping Request Desktop Site in the menu that pops up. I find this desktop feature works much better in the most recent versions of iOS.

Hidden tricks you didn’t know your iPhone could do | Popular Science

This will drop down a list of your recently closed tabs. Inside Photos, select one or more images, then tap the Share button and choose Hide. As the confirmation message says, your chosen pictures will become invisible via the Moments, Collections, and Years views, but can still be accessed through the Albums screen.

In addition to letting you set alarms so you'll wake up on time, the latest version of iOS helps you keep to a given bedtime. Open up the Clock app on your iPhone and then tap on the Bedtime link at the bottom to get started. First, your phone will ask you what time you want to wake up in the morning. When that's set, you can decide which days of the week you want the alarm to go off, and then how many hours of sleep you want each night.

Your iPhone will then ping you when it's time to hit the hay, and track how well you're doing at reaching your sleep targets. That's because the details you enter here, like your allergies and contact information for your next of kin, will appear on the lock screen when someone taps the dialer's Emergency link.

In other words, anyone who picks up your device can access this information. So, if your phone gets lost, a helpful bystander can tap through to find a way to return it.

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Another, better-known way of locating a lost device is the Find My iPhone feature, which lets you track your phone on a map. Those of you who prefer a visual phone alert to an audible one will like this: You can get your iPhone's flash to light up when a notification is displayed.

This could come in handy during meetings, when many people place their phones face-down on top of a table. To get the feature working, go into Settings and then tap General and Accessibility. If you prefer to not be disturbed at all when the phone is in silent mode, you can tell the flash not to light up then.

Siri is pretty adept at working out who you want to text or call. But you can speed up the process by adding nicknames like "mom" or "Lizzie" to your contacts. In fact, Apple's Contacts app has a field especially for this, and Siri can use it to identify people.

To input a nickname manually, open up any contact card, tap Edit, choose Add field, and then pick Nickname from the list. Alternatively, just tell Siri to "call mom" or "call dad" or something similar.

Hidden tricks you didn’t know your iPhone could do

Then the assistant will ask you which contact that nickname belongs to—remember your answer for future use. Sometimes, an email attachment just doesn't convey enough information on its own. So annotate it with the Mail client built into iOS. Digital scribbles, text overlays, a zoom-in magnification window, digital signatures—you can add all of these on top of email attachments.

To modify an attachment you've received you can still review your email before sending it , tap and hold it until the Share menu appears.

1. Control Your iPhone or iPad with Head Movements

Then pick Markup and Reply from the list. For a file you've attached to a new email, tap the attachment and choose Markup.

The ability to zoom in on real-world images might prove helpful in all kinds of situations, such as when you're squinting at a menu in a dimly-lit restaurant. To use it, go to Settings, open General, choose Accessibility, and then tap Magnifier and turn the feature on. You can also enable auto-brightness at this time, which means the camera screen will react to ambient light levels. With this toggle set to on, you can launch the iOS Camera app and triple-tap the Home button to bring up the Magnifier option. Use the slider at the bottom of the screen to take a closer look at anything, from a photograph to a block of text.

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