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In God vs. Darwin, Mano Singham dissects the legal battle between evolution and creationism in the classroom beginning with the Scopes Monkey trial in .
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He shows convincingly that, while religious objections to evolution persist, such objections are ultimately powerless to stop the advancement of science.

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This book expands the growing list of excellent books available for anyone who wants to understand the phenomenon of American creationism. With the perspective of a physicist rather than a lawyer, educator, or social scientist, Mano Singham applies his dispassionate scientific eye in such a way that he presents fresh insights into the ongoing controversy over who should control the content of curricula, scientific or otherwise, in public schools.

At its heart, God vs. The War Between Evolution and Creationism in the Classroom offers a valuable learning experience for all of those interested in education, religion, science, and the law. In a way, the readers of this blog shared in this book's creation because its nucleus consisted of a series of posts that I wrote a few years ago.

I hope that those of you who read it find it as least as enjoyable as I did writing it. And, again, please write a review if you can. Thought you'd be interested in knowing about this, if you don't already: If you were at my university, we would give you a little award at the end of the year for publishing a book! I've just ordered your book and look forward to reading it. I will post a comment about it as soon as I've finished it.

Your book sounds excellent, I'm about to order it and will likely review it for Amazon -- I do that with some regularity.

God vs. Darwin: The War Between Evolution and Creationism in the Classroom by Mano Singham

I also write about religion and American culture, and am, in fact, a High School teacher math, science. Two points I consider important my own writings are about the first of these: In fact, to use religion as a substitute for scientific thinking is naive and rather nonsensical. But what is missing from contemporary discussions about religion is that the teachings are symbolic and psychological, and have to do with the growth of the soul - not the events in material life.

Better left to churches, synagogues, and mosques. The only reason vibrancy survives in American religion is precisely because of the separation of church and state.

That is one interesting book. Is it available outside the US? I think religion and science are two things that are always a topic on classroom debates. I hope that this book will shed light to a lot of questions in our minds. Great book Mano I hope I can get hold of this book soon. Mano, I love your site. How do you truly separate or bring together a unity of science and faith?

My wife is a teacher and is listening to "lies my teacher told me" that is astonishing. Not only from a religion in the classroom perspective, but a white male dominated perspective. I'm learning that history is in the eye of the publisher. Is there room for the prescence of God in science; or does a belief in Man's ability to discover scientific facts and to develop scientific theories exclude the possibility of there being a God who governs the universe?

Science can never exclude the possibility of anything, whether it be god or unicorns or flying elephants. What science has done is make the god hypothesis unnecessary and undesirable. Unnecessary because one does not really need it for anything, undesirable because assuming god exists creates all manner of theological problems.

This whole Wikileaks fiasco is pretty crazy. You should check out http: It's a recently launched website that seems to be going viral. They got something like 50, visitors in the first 24 hours of launch. It's sort of like a crowdsourced collection of arguments against and for Wikileaks.

God vs Darwin The War between Evolution and Creationism in the Classroom

As a blog owner, you'd probably find some of the opinions there a good read. There is meaning in religion and scripture that has nothing to do with history, explanations of evolution and natural phenomena, etc. Zenred, I agree that religion as a substitute is naive and non-sensical. In fact I would argue that many people who call themselves "religious" fail to think critically, therefore their ability to ask better questions or reverse engineer ie.

In response to the post of Andrew Cort on August 12th: I am an attorney, my practice does not focus within the educational system, however I do have a great personal interest in where it is today and where it's headed. I've struggled for some time with the issue of religion being taught in public schools, or not, and the continual controversy associated with it, from a legal and moral standpoint. I very much appreciate your view, as it has cleared up some issues for me.

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Yet their secrets remain concealed, waiting for someone who holds the key. Product details File Size: November 16, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Clear and well explained - a book to read to educate oneself about a complex issue that spills into public policy.

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One person found this helpful. Singham has written an engaging and informative account of the legal battles in the US to try and ban Darwin's theory of evolution from being taught in schools. He does a great job of summarizing the key points in each case and develops a synthesis that makes it plain why such attempts have failed and will continue to fail in the future. Specifically, he makes the important point that evolution is a theory that can never be proven but which has survived countless experimental tests to falsify it, making it the "working hypothesis" that is an essential vehicle for biological science in the 21st century.

Recommend as reading for college students and also for a broad range of interested lay readers. I have not read this book, but I felt bad when Mano said on his blog that there had not been a single review, positive or negative, on Amazon. See all 3 reviews.

God vs. Darwin: The War Between Evolution and Creationism in the Classroom

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