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On October 22, , about a week after the Soviet missiles were discovered, Kennedy made a televised announcement about the crisis.
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Guantanamo Bay Naval Base - Wikipedia

At times of peak tensions during the Cold War, such as the Cuban Missile Crisis, the base's fences became a front line for the Soviet-American standoff. Volleys of gunfire were occasionally exchanged between U. Castro shut off the water and electricity in , and today the base is completely isolated from the rest of Cuba. The divide from the rest of the island is lethally enforced by land mines, concertina wire and thickets of thorny cactus.

One would converted it to a research center and treatment facility for tropical diseases and epidemics. Such a move wouldn't be without precedent. Fidel Castro takes power in Cuba, toppling U. He cuts off water and electricity to base in Base serves as detention camp and processing center for tens of thousands of refugees from Haiti and Cuba. Prison camp opens for global terrorism suspects. Nearly detainees have been held at the facility, and roughly remain today.

Guantanamo Bay Naval Base

Reporter covering immigration enforcement, drug trafficking and the Department of Homeland Security. Towers overlooking a U. In the tense standoff that ensued, the U. For non-military residents of the base at Guantanamo, this meant one thing: It was time to leave.

LBJ and Surgical Strikes on Cuba

But for all the hostility outside the mile fence line, this American enclave in Cuba was pleasant and homey. Then came the electrifying command for the dependents to assemble for an evacuation in one hour.

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It was a life that would soon be abruptly interrupted as the world feared that the Cold War was seconds away from turning irrevocably hot. Thankfully, that outcome was avoided. Another, slower-boiling crisis would come to Guantanamo decades later with the creation, criticism and planned destruction of the prison that has come to define the word itself.

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