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"Another Love" is a song by British singer-songwriter Tom Odell, from his debut extended play, Songs from Another Love (). It is also the third single from.
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Comment Leave a comment below or join the lovely UkuWorld community! Print this song Simply click this little printer icon and your browsers print screen should open. Report Issues Having troubles with this tab? Do you have some improvements? Use the ESC key to stop scrolling. This arrangement for the song is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this for private study, scholarship, or research. Abii April 27, at Levi Elias April 20, at Also told from her daughter Celeste's view as she grew up with an alcoholic for a mother,a woman who scared her and An amazing book that I was unable to put down until I had it finished.

Also told from her daughter Celeste's view as she grew up with an alcoholic for a mother,a woman who scared her and left her feeling insecure and uncertain when she should have been feeling love and comfort. This story is Romilly's battles with alcoholism and the destruction it causes for her loved ones. It was heartbreaking and heartfelt and yes it is an illness but it is also to a point a choice. For me personally, I lived with an alcoholic for 3 years, 3 yrs of hell and uncertainty of what each day would bring and the hope that each day would be different.

But until an alcoholic realises that they actually have a problem,that they need to stop and change their life, then there will never be a happy,certain day. Dit is geen leuk boek, gezien het onderwerp. En het heeft ook trieste kanten. Toch boeide dit boek mij enorm. Ik werd echt het verhaal ingezogen en had dan ook moeite om te stoppen met lezen. Daardoor heb ik dit boek zo snel uitgelezen. Het gaat over Romilly, die een alcoholverslaving heeft.

Net als je denkt dat ze niet dieper kan zakken, komt ze in een situatie terecht die ze zelf nooit voor mogelijk had gehouden. Elk hoofdstuk is eerst vanuit het perspectief van Romilly geschreven en daarna ko Dit is geen leuk boek, gezien het onderwerp. Elk hoofdstuk is eerst vanuit het perspectief van Romilly geschreven en daarna komt haar dochter Celeste aan het woord. Ik vond deze manier van vertellen goed gekozen, omdat dezelfde gebeurtenissen nu van twee kanten worden belicht. Daardoor krijg je echt een totaalplaatje.

Hoewel het in het echte leven niet altijd zo goed afloopt. Toch mag dat in een fictief verhaal. Als schrijver wil je in de meeste gevallen toch dat je lezer met een tevreden gevoel een boek afsluit. Dit boek kun je momenteel gratis lezen via de app van de Vakantiebieb en ik raad iedereen aan om dat te doen. Apr 22, Renita D'Silva rated it really liked it. A beautifully written, heartbreaking tale of addiction and how it destroys families. Loved it, esepcially Annie.

Jan 20, Sophie rated it it was amazing. Posted in full http: Instead, each c Posted in full http: Instead, each character and each plot is taken in a completely believable direction, bringing the reader along with them through every bit of joy, sadness and fulfilment. The first thing that really hit me with Another Love is how much I absolutely cared for the family of David, Romilly and Celeste. The love between David and Romilly was so real and so very beautiful, meaning that I immediately connected with the story because I was willing to root for their characters from the beginning.

All I can say on that point is that it was emotional! But then you expect nothing less from an Amanda Prowse novel and this one is truly her best so far. Romilly likes a drink of wine and is found drinking something alcoholic on a daily basis. But her colleagues and her family beg to differ. Alcohol is a choice she makes, maybe not one she can control, but it is still always her choice. But would she choose it over her own family? Ahh, the emotional twists in this book turned me into a complete wreck.

I felt for David and Celeste, how they were fighting a seemingly impossible battle to have Romilly in their lives, without alcohol. But at the same time I felt for Romilly too. She kept on telling lies and hurting her family. She kept on drinking. Amanda wrote the whole theme of alcoholism realistically and incredibly. As the reader, we get to feel every struggle, all the frustrations from repeatedly seeing someone turn to alcohol, try and stop turning to alcohol and once again, ending up bladdered.

The format of this story worked so cleverly. We get to learn about Celeste as she grows up, but the alcohol addiction is still always on our mind. Amanda has written a very honest and insightful novel with Another Love. Few authors break down a theme like this author does, unafraid to deliver all the gritty, uncomfortable things that come along with the lure of alcohol. Jan 03, Rachel Gilbey rated it it was amazing.

When I was offered the opportunity to read an advance copy of Another Love, having looked at its description, I knew I would be a fool to turn it down.

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In the past year that I have discovered Amanda Prowse's brilliance, I have been continually impressed by her writing, her empathy while dealing with serious subjects, and the treatment that Romilly and Celeste's story has been given in Another Love is no different. Another Love is told in alternating chapters, from Celeste's point of view and Rom When I was offered the opportunity to read an advance copy of Another Love, having looked at its description, I knew I would be a fool to turn it down.

Another Love is told in alternating chapters, from Celeste's point of view and Romilly. With Romilly we are treated to her life from when she meets husband, all the way through her love affair with alcohol. And from Celeste, its her looking back on how it was to grow up with Romilly as a mother, and just what it can be like living with someone who has an additional love.

We see snapshots of Romilly's childhood, and how she felt at key points growing up, that formed the base of her adult psyche, and could explain some of her reasons for liking to drink perhaps a bit more than necessary at times. The whole story is told in a very compassionate way, and I really did feel sorry for Celeste, and also found myself caring deeply for Romilly and wishing that she had the inner strength to react to situations differently.

Another Love

This book does not glamourise alcoholism, and I have to assume took a lot of research to write about so clearly, as with some scenes, it feels as though there is a great level of insight being exhibited by Amanda Prowse, and this comes through clearly. Another Love is one woman's struggle with her love of a tipple, or two, or three, and how it affects everyone around her, from her immediate family, friends, and anyone who tries to help her. Some of the book would have been quite funny, if it wasn't for the deep rooted problems that Romilly has. I hesitate to say that I enjoyed reading this, as I don't normally take pleasure from others suffering, however I did find this was a gripping story that I kept going back to as I didn't want to leave it alone for very long at all.

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It is a magnificent piece of writing from Amanda Prowse, and amazingly this is only her first release of what I believe to be is a very busy year for the author. If this is the start, I can't wait to see what else is released. This was my honest opinion. Jan 15, Suze Lavender rated it it was amazing. Romilly and David have it all, a beautiful home, great jobs and a sweet little girl named Celeste. Romilly is working as a scientist and she and David are very much in love.

His wife and daughter are David's whole world and he does everything he can to be there for them. Unfortunately something manages to come between them. Romilly likes drinking and slowly alcohol is becoming more and more important in her life. The result is that the dream life she holds so dear starts falling apart Another Romilly and David have it all, a beautiful home, great jobs and a sweet little girl named Celeste.

Another Love is a beautiful novel about a woman who has an alcohol problem and her daughter who has to grow up in an unstable home. Amanda Prowse tells the story from two different points of view. There are short chapters about Celeste and longer ones about Romilly. I think that was a very good choice, it makes the story intense, it feels real and it moved me in more ways than I can express. It was very emotional to read the same story from two different sides. The writing is so vivid that I could feel every struggle, every mistake and every battle.

Amanda Prowse writes about alcohol addiction with empathy, in an amazing sensitive way. I shed tears for both Celeste and Romilly, for the sweet little girl who doesn't feel safe at home and for her mother who is messed up in many ways. I think Amanda Prowse has written a brilliant novel, one that left me speechless, because it's so impressive.

The story is emotional, it's honest and it's absolutely heartbreaking, but there's also hope. I think Another Love is really, really good, it's a story that will stay with me for a very long time. Jan 08, Colette Lamberth rated it really liked it. I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book and have to say that it is beautifully written. From the details it was clearly a book about alcoholism and I had expected it might be a difficult read and indeed it was in parts. It had me shouting at the main character and also almost in tears.

I can imagine that it will have a greater impact on readers with a personal experience of alcoholism but I defy any reader to be unm I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book and have to say that it is beautifully written. I can imagine that it will have a greater impact on readers with a personal experience of alcoholism but I defy any reader to be unmoved by it. Feb 22, Sandra Foy rated it really liked it. Romilly has the perfect life. Gorgeous husband who loves her madly, beautiful daughter, fantastic job that she has always wanted and a lovely home. Romilly has it all.

But she also has another love: And it is this other love that is all-consuming, that she follows to the detriment of everything and everyone in her life. We watch as she slowly falls under the power of this other love. As the fissures crack and break open. We silently scream as she falls a Romilly has the perfect life. We silently scream as she falls at each trigger. But then we watch as she falteringly gets to her feet, like a new born foal, hoping against hope that she will walk again.

This is a beautifully written book, with characters that you want to fight for. David, a more wonderful man you could not wish for. No child should have to go through what she did. Romilly, as much as you want to shake her and stop her, you can also see that nobody would willingly do this to themselves and just like her family you just want her to get well.

Amanda Prowse has an incredible gift for characters and storytelling. This is a difficult subject and in lesser hands could easily have been trite, but Amanda Prowse handles it with compassion and you can tell she really cares about her characters. I do have to say that, unfortunately, I will never be able to forgive her for making me blub like a child on a crowded aeroplane. Jan 21, Marilyn B rated it liked it Shelves: The fact is there is no way I would have ever read this on my own choice but my book club picked this and so I decided to play along.

But my father was one of the worst kind of alcoholics- a raging, dangerous one - and I really resented this book trying to give a softer side to an alcoholic. I have no interest in being told I should feel sympathy for these people. It was written satisfactorily. The characters are fleshed out and the alternating perspectives between daughter and mother was fine.

I still hated the story. I actually felt traumatized by it and have spent a good part of these past few days reliving horrible memories that I would rather have done without. If you have a history with an alcoholic parent then I suggest you avoid this book. If you are blissfully unaware of the horror of living with an alcoholic and want to try and feel sympathy for a drunk mother then go for it. Oct 12, Liz rated it really liked it. I stayed up into the night reading this. Amanda Prowse has a great talent for writing about serious issues.

I totally believed in Romilly as a character and had a great deal of compassion for her. Such a sad story but very absorbing! Originally reviewed on Becca's Books. Another Love by Amanda Prowse was phenomenal. It was a beautifully told tale, with love and history weaved in and out of the chapters. I couldn't put it down. I'd like to say that Another Love caught me in exactly the same way, only I'd be lying if I did.

Because Another Love caught me in a completely different way, and boy was it breathtaki Originally reviewed on Becca's Books. Because Another Love caught me in a completely different way, and boy was it breathtaking.

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Before I go any further, I'd like to say a huge thank you to Amanda's publishers Head of Zeus, Amanda herself and Simeon, for providing me with a review copy of Another Love. I really am so grateful for the opportunity to read and review such a book. Rather than keeping to one narrative, Amanda chooses to split it between mother and daughter, Romilly and Celeste. I adored that Amanda chose to tell Romilly and Celeste's story in this way. Not only was it effective, sending all of my emotions tumbling, but it allowed me to see this heartbreaking story from both sides which is always something that I find interesting, and enjoyable when reading.

As Amanda opens the novel, it becomes clear that Romilly really does have the most perfect life. It's everything she's ever wanted, and then some. She has the most adorable little girl, she has doting, handsome husband, and their home is beautiful. The fact that Romilly's life was so damn perfect only intensified the shattering of my heart later on in the novel when things began to get completely out of hand.

It shocked to me see how Romilly's life changed so suddenly, and again, Amanda ensured Celeste's narrative crept in and out of the novel, allowing me to see everything from both sides. It was amazing, the story had my heart bending at it's will, and it's one that I truly won't be forgetting in a hurry, that I can promise you.

Focusing on alcoholism, Romilly's story was a harsh one, but one which I think needed to be told.

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Amanda's descriptions of the places Romilly managed to find herself in once she'd lost her way completely floored me, so stark and raw were they, and at times it became almost unbearable for me to read. The contrasts of Romilly's life before and after were painful, even more so because it happens every single day. Amanda really put my emotions through the shredder with this one. I was constantly hoping, no, praying, that finally, things were going to start looking up for Romilly, that she'd go home to her family and they'd work things out, but as Amanda quickly showed me, it really just wasn't that simple.

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The author did not hold back, but I felt this was necessary for me to really become invested in her characters, and I was. From the very beginning, I was right behind Romilly. I cheered her on, and even when she fell back down, I was certain she'd get back up. Not only was the focus on alcoholism, but Amanda shone the spotlight on Romilly's marriage and relationship with her daughter too. Again, this only intensified how strongly I felt towards these characters that Amanda had handed over to me.

I knew them inside out. I was told of how Romilly and David had met, how she'd thought he was beautiful. I knew the intimacies between them, their shared inside jokes and names for each other. They really were in love, making it all the more painful when the novel took a turn for the worse much later on. Watching Romilly make her choices and decisions was a tough one for me, but it became clear much later on that those choices were made by a much stronger presence that she'd had no control over whatsoever.

This is only the second book by Amanda Prowse that I've read, and already I can feel myself becoming attuned to the author's voice and style. I adore it, and can't wait to go back and catch up with her previous releases. It was powerful, shocking, sob-inducing and all of the things in-between. It's a book that changes how you feel and look at things, how you perceive certain people in society. Writing for Digital Spy , Lewis Corner stated that the song "is mourning at its most hauntingly beautiful".

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