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Angelic Wisdom concerning Marriage Love (Hyperlinked Works of Emanuel Swedenborg Book 29) - Kindle edition by Emanuel Swedenborg. This book explains the spiritual origin of marriage love between a man and a woman, of the author Emanuel Swedenborg, who experienced heavenly visions for over 25 years.
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This book which is very voluminous, documents what is written in the spiritual sense of the Word. You will not find anything spoken of in a materialistic nature within this book. The reason being that the spirit world does not rec As the author has said the Word bible was passed down from heaven to the natural world.

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The reason being that the spirit world does not recognize this human nature. The detail the author presents to us is nothing but sheer amazment. This is what makes this this book such a wonderful read. On my conclusion I have found that it would have been impossible for Mr Swedenborg to make all this up without some form of Divine guidence and input.

The fact that it was written hundreds of years ago makes it all the more remarkable. King Nebuchadnezzar had for seven years his mind controlled by God to live and eat in his own garden like an animal as punishment for behaving like a god full of pride. Has Emanuel Swedenborg been blessed to recieve not only this work on revelation but the entire Bible which he named the Arcana Coelestia. For more than 20 years was his mind controlled just like that ancient King. For what an honor that would be. You be the judge A comprehensive spiritual explanation of the book of Revelation - however I prefer the work "Apocalypse Revealed and Explained" which combines the 3 volumes of the first with the 6 volumes of the second, and hyperlinks all paragraph numbers and references.

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I don't have the skills regex?? Anyway take a quick look at their site. I'd be interested in hearing your take on what's possible. Hi DWM - thanks for that suggestion, that actually sounds like a good idea for those who don't have an e-reader. I will have to investigate that. Those Bible readers probably each have their own custom format, and I would have to create another version to do each one.

For the writings of Swedenborg, I have been planning another surprise Recently I found some references in Heavenly Arcana that were not hyperlinked, plus I have added new hyperlinks whenever Swedenborg references a preface to a chapter. In terms of content, I discovered that the translation sometimes had Elias or Elijah for the prophet Elijah. This has now been standardized as "Elijah" to make the search easier, as I found Swedenborg's statements on Elijah rather interesting.

These changes will be propagating to the other works of Swedenborg in the following days. Webber, if possible send me a download link to the complete works of Swedenborg, in case you decide to share it with me.

Apocalypse Revealed by Emanuel Swedenborg

Personally, I see don't see Swedenborg's writings neither as divinely "inspired" nor divinely "influenced". Simply, the entity that "narrates" easily can be mischievous, pranky, devilish as well as brotherly concerned. It also can be a playful kid from out there some other galaxy amusing oneself. Hello Sanmayce, Only scripture itself is Divinely inspired, and the works of Emanuel Swedenborg simply reveal the hidden "key" where the spiritual sense of scripture hidden behind its literal sense is now open for everyone to see.

Swedenborg's works is the only significant proof I have seen that shows how the Bible is Divinely inspired. The definition of "Divine inspiration" is that the text must contain within it a symbolic correspondence with the heavenly realities of love and truth. See What books of the Bible are Divinely inspired for further discussion on this.

By Divinely influenced I mean the teacher is under Divine guidance, to explain the doctrinal teachings of the Church. The letters of Paul fall under this category. Swedenborg was well aware of spirits that deceive, and he was not permitted to take any teaching or doctrine from them.

Perception Versus Spin: the Misuse of Reason - Swedenborg & Life Live

He was led directly led from Jesus Christ: I am a Bible believer Emanuel Swedenborg more than inspires me to make it my very Life. Thanks to GOD Almighty for him. The revelations do indeed reveal a lot which is unknown to the Christian church in general. I agree, it opens up the internal sense of scripture, which shows how to make every passage applicable to one's life.

Comments, questions, corrections and opinions welcome Monday, July 2, The complete works of Emanuel Swedenborg - on your tablet or smartphone! Long before evidence of life after death began to be discovered by the medical community, Swedenborg described the afterlife in terms similar to those who have survived a Near Death Experience. Not only that, Swedenborg solves all the important questions of Christianity: He explains how and why Jesus saved all of humanity. Mysteries of faith no longer have to be mysteries, faith is not blind belief but living by the truth, and Christianity becomes a rational religion for those seeking an explanation.

And this comes by way of revelation and heavenly visions - in many instances he demonstrated remarkable clairvoyant abilities. However it is better to read and assess the truth for yourself to see if it is true or not. I used the Rotch Edition, and updated it to modern English and formatted it for easy reading: All of the footnotes have been pushed to the end and are hyperlinked as well, and references between the books are hyperlinked.

Swedenborg always backed up his statements with notes from his other works.

Simply load his works on your reading device, and enjoy. The night I finally published these, I fell into a deep sleep, and that morning, between waking and sleeping, I felt an angelic presence in the room. And then something strange happened: Emanuel Swedenborg had many encounters with angels which he recounts throughout his works in detail. The complete works 32 volumes in print! Posted by Doug Webber at Bible , Christianity , Swedenborg.

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The smallest of details in scripture has meaning, and for the first time the revelations of the New Church reveals the internal spiritu The year was A young teenager, Albert Coe, was paddling up a river by canoe with a friend in the wilderness of Canada.