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This book is an elegant account of the development of the great ancient civilizations of the Near East and how did the knowledge of the people of the Orient.
Table of contents

Lessons from the rise and fall of Israel 1.

Early Near Eastern Roots of Western Civilization

The Babylonian Captivity and the New Faith 1. The prophets Ezra, Nehemiah, Isaiah, Jeremiah 2. Rebuild the Covenant 3.

The Hebrews and Judaism. Groups of individuals are usually seen as civilizations But nomadic peoples are not seen this way Unless you are the Mongols Anyone not living in civilizations.

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Israel and Judah The Teachings of Judaism. Ancient Mesopotamia Timeline B. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Auth with social network: Registration Forgot your password? Email me or come to office hours- Wed. The Origins of Judaism. Where is the fertile crescent?

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Moreover, this is a part of the world which today remains remote from the West culturally while political tensions have impeded mutual understanding. However, once you get a handle on the general geography of the area and its history, the art reveals itself as uniquely beautiful, intimate and fascinating in its complexity.

The cradle of civilization

The Euphrates River in Geography and the growth of cities. Mesopotamia remains a region of stark geographical contrasts: Flowing through this topography are rivers and it was the irrigation systems that drew off the water from these rivers, specifically in southern Mesopotamia, that provided the support for the very early urban centers here. The region lacks stone for building , precious metals and timber. Historically, it has relied on the long-distance trade of its agricultural products to secure these materials. The large-scale irrigation systems and labor required for extensive farming was managed by a centralized authority.

The early development of this authority, over large numbers of people in an urban center, is really what distinguishes Mesopotamia and gives it a special position in the history of Western culture. Here, for the first time, thanks to ample food and a strong administrative class, the West develops a very high level of craft specialization and artistic production. The Guennol Lioness video.

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