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The Golden Gnome Awards are an annual major Oscar-like award competition held by Jagex, that occurs every RuneFest. It has multiple categories, including.
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Feels bad when you go from winning a Golden Gnome to making a bad mistake. Unfortunate makes it seem like it was out of his control, but nothing was done without his knowing. I see what you mean now, and I do agree with you that he had to have known something like this was going to happen. Feels good when you get paid enough for an entire apartment for it though and you can keep making videos still.

That guy lucked the fuck out. He just lives in an incredibly cheap area, he wouldn't be doing so well in other countries with higher costs of living. After all this he might have a bad rep, which means he wont get as much views. So he wont be making as much anymore. Getting bored of the game, done everything, accomplished everything. Lost his hardcore, proceeded to make pointless videos for cash for the next 6 months. Someone offers you an out enough cash to pay for an apartment, thus increasing your yearly gross substantially with minimal effort.

Can you sensibly blame him?

Only have one golden gnome left!! Need help!! - Answer HQ

He's bored of the game. He wants to make more money, youtube is beginning failing him. He did what made sense. Jagex decided to change the rules again. You see they been combating gambling for a while but no people were banned for it. In rs3 they removed most gambling methods specially the famous dice. Tons of pmods became rich using their crowns to be a trusted person but eventually jagex removed all gambling and added the squeal into rs3 because they said everyone wants to gamble. Now gambling websites are pulling a g2a and getting people to endorse them.

So osrs has no "protection" and they don't want people to endorse gambling which infects the game more. They managed to catch a friend by expanding the current rules but the next guy wasn't gonna be this dumb so they had to change the rules. Jagex can decide to censor if they don't like your work.

They'll just make a new rule and if you don't comply you get ban. Also helps if you are a girl. He accepted a 1b unbalanced trade on video from one of the operators. Safe to say he RWT quite blatantly, not including whatever off vid deals he made. Basically Jagex bans whoever they want. There are other rwters and gamblers but they're still playing. From player mod to knob head. Now this guys cries on youtube about the expensive living in the netherlands. Why not find a real job?

The same website that he endorsed also attempted to contact me on Discord. They tried to make me a similar offer, if I would advertise their website on a RuneScape Discord server I run. My response was only two words long, and not very kind. In the advertisement video A Friend made for them, he made it seem as if he "didn't have a choice," because of how much money they offered him. Everyone has a choice. Everyone has the choice to do what's right, to do what your supporters would want, to be a support pillar of the community, and to respect Jagex and their game.

A Friend made his choice. He chose to do something that he knew was wrong, to betray people who supported him, who looked up to him, he chose to betray their trust and respect, and he chose to promote something that actively harms the game. He made his choice. He could have turned them down. Nobody was holding a gun to his head and forcing him to accept their money. He could have told that gambling site the very same thing that I told them - "Piss off.

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A Friend got greedy and thought he could get away with it. After all, what's one more scandal on top of all the others? Hey, even bad press is good press, if it gets you more viewers. He believed he could get away with this, that it wouldn't affect him long-term. He thought he was too important for Jagex to take action against him. I'm glad they proved him wrong. Jagex needed - and still needs - to make an example out of people who engage in this behavior.

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A lot of platform owners may have turned down this website's offer, but some didn't. A Friend was not the only one to accept money from Stake, and everybody that did needs to be removed from this game. Just yesterday, I made the decision to end my Discord server's partnership with the Deep Sea Fishing Discord, because the owner of that server accepted a sponsorship deal from Stake, and attempted to advertise their website on his server - which was an Official Discord Partner, no less.

They deleted the advertisement post within hours of it being made, but the damage was still done. A Friend should not be the only person to be banned for this.

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There are others as well, and Jagex needs to enforce the rules the same way for all of them. Everyone had a choice, some just chose to be greedy. The problem is he may very well be. They seem to enforce their rules when they feel like it, rather than in any consistent fashion.

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I've seen plenty of advertisements for stake and none of those people are getting all their runescape accounts banned over it. If A Friend thought he could get away with it, it's only because jagex has let so many other people get away with it. What a scum, i just checked and indeed stake casino is in his discord, but no post regarding this, please add on this? Lisaa runs a very large RS Discord server, and said in her post that stake.

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They never reached the point of making me a cash offer. I told them no and blocked them right away after they tried to contact me.

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In additions to their cash prizes, the winners received a golden statue of a Gnome. Winners may keep their cash prizes. People, places and things that are important to Abilene. Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, racist or sexually-oriented language. Threats of harming another person will not be tolerated. Don't knowingly lie about anyone or anything. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism that is degrading to another person. Use the 'Report' link on each comment to let us know of abusive posts.

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