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swimmers for Olympic Trials in July at. Long Beach. Not that Salo is a stranger to the routine. He's been placing ath- letes on the Olympic team since. Barcelona.
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These days, we have less loyalty to our employers, and vice versa. Loyalty seems less valued in our society than it was for our grandparents.

4 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Stroke Technique Analyzed

However, I believe that loyalty is important for our children and their future. Loyalty will help them make commitments, be respectful and dedicated in relationships, schools and careers. What do you see as the benefits of loyalty to a swim team?

Do you agree that loyalty is not as valued as it once was? You can read more parenting tips on her blog. In a world of coach owned teams focused on profits not kids and board run teams with parents who dominate the culture the idea of loyalty for most is the same a lepracons. Agree, most parents just do not know better or do not care. If a team is bottom heavy it typically means they are focus on profit.

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Look for team that has very good senior relay team. Look at the structure of USA Swimming and realize there is a tremendous number of swimmers on the lower third.. Having great senior relays could mean great long term development, but it has nothing to do with loyalty. A great senior program could mean they have a great senior coach and kids have changed to that program as a result.

As for our team we are blessed that we kept our loyalty through these years. In bad times, tough times and good times we stayed loyal for the sake of our children. Aaron Peirsol 5 2 0 7 8. Nathan Adrian 5 1 2 8 9.

Tom Jager 5 1 1 7 Don Schollander 5 1 0 6 Johnny Weissmuller 5 0 0 5 Matt Grevers 4 2 0 6 This is the top 15 female Olympic swimming gold medalists: Krisztina Egerszegi 5 1 1 7 Dana Vollmer 5 1 1 7 6. Katie Ledecky 5 1 0 6 7. Missy Franklin 5 0 1 6 8. Libby Trickett 4 1 2 7 14 Janet Evans 4 1 0 5 Yana Klochkova 4 1 0 5 Individual events [ edit ] All swimmers with at least four individual gold medals are listed.

Relaxed feet can work like flippers in the water.

Practice Tips for Intermediate Swimmers

Usually, a swimmer will be stronger in either the kick or the arm pull of breaststroke and will gravitate to learning that portion of the stroke first. Helpful tools to practice breaststroke kick include a kickboard or a pull buoy. We use a pull buoy that the swimmer can hold between their thighs to emphasize narrower knees on a breaststroke kick.