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Fundamentals of Flight (FM 3-04.203)

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For you to have the best experience on Lulu. Maximum camber displacement of the mean camber line from the chord line and its location help to define the shape of the mean camber line.

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The location of maximum camber and its displacement from the chord line are expressed as fractions or percentages of the basic chord length. By varying the point of maximum camber, the manufacturer can tailor an airfoil for a specific purpose. The profile thickness and thickness distribution are important properties of an airfoil section. The speed and direction of the airfoil passing through the air. For helicopter rotor blades, flight-path velocity is equal to rotational velocity, plus or minus a component of directional airspeed. Air in motion equal to and opposite the flight-path velocity of the airfoil.

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This is rotational relative wind for rotary-wing aircraft and will be covered in detail later. As an induced airflow may modify flight-path velocity, relative wind experienced by the airfoil may not be exactly opposite its direction of travel. The angle between the airfoil chord line and longitudinal axis or other selected reference plane of the airplane.

The angle between the chord line of a main or tail-rotor blade and rotational relative wind tip-path plane. It is usually referred to as blade pitch angle. For fixed airfoils, such as vertical fins or elevators, angle of incidence is the angle between the chord line of the airfoil and a selected reference plane of the helicopter. The point along the chord line of an airfoil through which all aerodynamic forces are considered to act. Since pressures vary on the surface of an airfoil, an average location of pressure variation is needed. As the AOA changes, these pressures change and center of pressure moves along the chord line.

The point along the chord line where all changes to lift effectively take place. If the center of pressure is located behind the aerodynamic center, the airfoil experiences a nose-down pitching moment. Use of this point by engineers eliminates the problem of center of pressure movement during AOA aerodynamic analysis. The mean camber line and chord line are not coincident. Browse over 1 million classes created by top students, professors, publishers, and experts, spanning the world's body of "learnable" knowledge. People You Should Know.

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