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Final deadline for entry applications. 20 September Key date.
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There are two different kinds of Strategic Partnership projects that you can apply for: Further information is available in the guide for applicants. For the Call, the National Agency has separated the budget for these two types of projects under Key Action 2, in order to have a fairer assessment process and allocation of funds. This will help smaller organisations and others applying under Key Action 2 for the first time, increasing the likelihood of receiving funding by focusing on exchange of good practice.

Support for applicants includes guidance notes produced by the National Agency, with detailed information on completing and submitting applications. Deadline for applications is 16 October at 11am UK time. Skip to main content. What can I do? Where can I go? Who can take part? How is it run? Application resources Higher education funding Vocational education and training funding Schools funding Adult education funding Youth funding Sport funding Cross-sector funding Top tips for applying. Key dates for applicants Selection process How to make an appeal.

Final Deadline plans allow different levels of resource usage, depending on what you need. The Sharp Edge is our devastatingly effective coercive motivation tool. Was it a report for work, or an essay for school? In which case, you damn well got it done: It's always our own, personal projects that slip, because it never really matters if they get put off until tomorrow.

If not finishing your novel was as scary a prospect as not showing up for work, you'd see to it that thing got finished. The Sharp Edge is designed to bridge that gap. We will make that project matter to your immediate future, as it never has before. This is the Final Deadline shop, where we assemble things you might find useful. The products here aren't from Final Deadline, but gathered from around the web. Your buying them still helps support our site via affiliate marketing.

If you don't see your needs reflected in the shop, but you do see something elsewhere, contact us and let us know! Lots of different people use Final Deadline and we want to look after all of you. Buy stuff here to help support the site. This is affiliate marketing, we get a small percentage of any products bought through this page - that money allows us to keep Final Deadline going.

So buy here and get your friends to do the same. We want this to be a focussed shop, a place for the best products specifically useful for writers. The obvious thing then is to ask our users for their say. Silent Fellow Writers Public.

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Several apps are available to help you. Open a saved file to read or keep working on. This dashboard shows your daily progress. Update your wordcount every day using the 'Update' button below. Tell us how long you want your project to be, and how many words you want to be writing every day, and we'll schedule the work for you. You can schedule deadlines and days off. If you have deadlines, the scheduler will let you know what you need to meet them. You'll always know what date you're on track to finish. The daily targets you have to meet are shown below.

Click any future day set a deadline or day off. You can set yourself deadlines or days off by clicking on a day. We'll alter your daily targets to keep you on track. In the Workshop you can get feedback and critique of an excerpt while improving the next version in Scrawl.

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Use this to say something, as the author, to readers before they start the excerpt. Use this to say something, as the author, to readers once they've finished the excerpt. Regardless of these settings, the excerpt will never be visible anywhere the overall Project isn't. Some users have chosen to allow you to see their work in progress, and their projects are visible here:. Get inspired by reading the writings of others, and share your own expertise by offering critique. None Coffee Shop Seaside City. Show timer during Taskmaster stint.

Timer counts Up Down. Do not pause for more than seconds. Move on after a pause of seconds. It doesn't matter if your character is already well-defined, or if you haven't thought about them at all. You will be asked rapid-fire questions about your character. Answer as fast as you can, without hesitating or pausing for thought. You will be asked rapid-fire questions about your world. The setting of a story can vary drastically - one author may be describing a whole fantasy universe while another just wants to flesh out a single inner-city school.

Skip any questions that don't apply to you. Left to Right Top to Bottom. Add characters and events by clicking anywhere on the canvas. Lay them out by dragging them around. Time moves forward from left to right, so events on the right side of the page happen after events on the left. Link events to characters with the little link icon. You'll be able to see at a glance who does what, and when, in your story. To unlink a character from an event, click the circle above the event on the character's timeline. You can zoom in if clicking on the right circle feels too fiddly.

If you have the 'Drag' buttons active, moving something will move past or future events along with it. That way you can insert things, without having to move every single event along to make room. Use this to get critique from specific people, as opposed to going via the Workshop.

Create an account or Sign In. You haven't saved your work. You should probably save your work though. Confirm Delete This operation cannot be undone. Confirm Overwrite This operation cannot be undone. Confirm Subscribe This will cause your card to be charged. You are about to change your subscription plan. Final Deadline Unknown Error.

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  8. Something went wrong and we don't know what it is. Sign In Your pen name: And your email, please: How did you hear about us? We will send you a password recovery email. Final Deadline Not enough resources. The problem with your usage is as follows: Select a project to associate this file with. Start a new project with Final Deadline. Final Deadline Confirm delete project. This will irreversibly destroy all data associated with the project. This action can never be undone. Taskmaster Uninterrupted writing stint. Write for minutes Taskmaster will scream at you when you stop paying attention.

    Turn your speakers all the way up Writing stint finished Time's up. Final Deadline Write yourself a story. Plan your Novel Make sure your novel has a good solid foundation of plot, characters and setting. Write your Novel Writing requires persistence and determination. See how quickly you make progress. Set yourself Deadlines Final Deadline will automatically schedule your workload.

    Scrawl Scrawl is our word processor custom-built for writers. Write at Knifepoint Our Sharp Edge service is our final, lethal, anti-procrastination tool. First you'll be terrified, and then you'll be astounded at what you achieve. Refine your Novel Your writing isn't finished before you've put it before friends and editors to get their feedback. Better Quality Editing Get direct, immediate, line-by-line feedback and suggestions.

    Work Side by Side You don't have to sit there on your own: Praise for Final Deadline: There should be more books. Write us a book. About Us Final Deadline was started by a couple of students during their last year at university. It was created when they became enthused with writing after joining the local students' Creative Writing Society.

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    The intention of the company is to promote writing, help contribute towards a healthy crop of good books to read, and to recreate the atmosphere of a quaint student club even after all its members have moved on to new lives outside of the university. We also want to have fun! We love the idea of creating new tools to tackle writer's problems in a more imaginative way. We think technology has limitless potential to better our lives in countless ways - and it's our job to find out what those are. We're coming up with new ideas all the time - good ones and bad ones, we'll try them all - and we're always keen to hear other people's input.

    If you have any cool new concepts, suggestions or comments about the site, we want to hear all about them! Rationale Behind the Name The vast majority of good ideas out there are going to die quietly, simply because people like you and me have other things to do with our time. We may lack confidence, we may lack willpower, but fundamentally we lack the time.

    Giving yourself a deadline, declaring your project to be something important enough to spend time on, is the only way to change that.


    Every great author did it, either consciously or un-. We have to as well. It will be worth it when we do. Choose a pricing plan to determine your usage of the website. The best things in life are free Freedom is slavery There is no such thing as a free lunch It is better to die free than live life in a cage [citation needed]. Sample Final Deadline's apps and finish a respectably-sized project, at no expense. USAGE One project of up to 60, words Free use of planning apps, without ability to save One deadline per month One excerpt for feedback and critique.

    One good cup of coffee or pint of lager could cost money , but you'll probably want another one money might get you a bus ticket to somewhere close-ish Or you could buy two bars of chocolate once a month. Get a little bit more elbow room, have space to think with more than one idea on the go. USAGE Three projects of up to , words each Save up to ten reference files for planning Three deadlines per month Three excerpts for feedback and critique. At one point, money could take you one-way between zones 1 - 6 on the London Underground It may also be the price of one low-cost gym class If everyone gave money to Wikipedia, they say they'll stop nagging us about it.

    Be working on new ideas while slugging away at projects and editing up finished works. USAGE Five projects of up to , words each Save up to twenty reference files for planning Unlimited deadlines per month Five excerpts for feedback and critique. I can't get a takeaway pizza for less than money Or a cinema ticket, for that matter. Even excluding popcorn and fizz money could stretch to maybe two packs of cigarettes, if they're cheap cigarettes.

    Final Deadline is at your disposal. There are no limits, so do whatever you want.

    Deadline - what is the final deadline for sending letters?

    USAGE Unlimited projects and unlimited words Unlimited reference files for planning Unlimited deadlines per month Unlimited excerpts for feedback and critique. For anyone who finds it easier to reach for an excuse than pick up a pen: If you want to write, but never have the time. If you're trying to build up a writing habit but you keep forgetting, or real life keeps leading you astray If you know you have a great book inside you, but you're afraid you lack the confidence or stamina to see it through The Sharp Edge will make you write.

    If that's not for you, turn back. Think back to the last significant piece of writing you completed. The Rules How much does your novel mean to you? You set yourself a deadline or interim milestone , then you put a big chunk of your own money up at risk. You want that money back, you have to start writing.

    If you complete your target as intended, nothing happens and we don't charge you at all. If not, your card is debited by the amount you risked. The Results What could you do if you had to? The Sharp Edge is the most effective tool in our toolkit. It may seem rather scary. It's supposed to be - it has to be. Because that is how it works: Your novel has to matter to you more than the everyday life that's currently blotting it out. There needs to be a hard edge - something to overcome the fatigue, apathy and lethargy that unavoidably sets in halfway through any worthwhile project. Once your novel is as large a priority as your job or your school, once there are real-world consequences, you can be damn sure you'll get it done.