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their own or pursue their dreams with a purpose. Euphoric Revelations will not only enrich your heart, but it will also warm your soul, each character's essence.
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Now Newberg hopes to monitor the brain of one of the first space tourists so a better grasp of the brain function of a human in zero-G can be understood. Edgar Mitchell has said that his personal event has changed his life, revealing a Universe that had remained hidden until he experienced the Overview Effect on that Apollo 14 mission in Whether this effect is a physical change in the brain, or a deeper, yet to be discovered event, Newberg hopes to find some answers. I would be extremely surprised if this physiologically had anything to do with being in a microgravity environment.

Seeing the Earth from outside of itself seems like a humbling enough experience to trigger something like this, to me at least. It quite literally puts all of the collective human effort into perspective. Is it possible that there could be something transcendental, spiritual, or otherwise beyond the scope of our measurements here?

Is this something to be merely relegated to physiological study?

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One gift of science is to humble us of our own abilities to measure and provoke us into thinking about the possibilities that lie beyond our limitations…. I bet its a combination of both being in zero gravity for so long, and even bigger being able to see, and feel the universe around you from a much better perspective. I would say that it has a lot to do with the sheer intensity of the situation that the astronauts find themselves in.

The Human Brain in Space: Euphoria and the “Overview Effect” Experienced by Astronauts

There can be little doubt that such states of awareness exist, not least because hundreds of millions of people around the world swear by it and base their entire religion on it, but also because scientific studies have also shown definitive evidence of trance-like and altered mind states in monks and those who have meditated for a significant amount of time.

Many users often link the feelings produced by these with meditative or transcendent states. Maybe the underlying chemical mechanisms are similar! I mention Salvia and DXM, specifically, for two reasons — 1. Seeing an altered reality for the first time.

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Space travel, even this far into the game, even orbital travel, is BIZARRE and still nearly unprecedented in the history of both organic life and intelligent and self-aware higher animals. But the similarities are there, even down to some specifics.

I recall a feeling of floating weightless on an infinite, dark, unbelievably empty sea while on DXM once…. To study such an effect seems truly daunting. When we start using physics to explain our mental states, we will be on the right track.

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This feeling MUST be very similar to what one might experience if they were suddenly drawn into another dimension, like fish being lifted out of water. Some friends and I got high, came back, and we ate them all. Getting high really changes things. Meditation is mind control over your brain reaction, whereas drugs control your brain and disturb your reaction. Try this, just sit quetly inside a room, without moving any parts of body for a while.

Then go to a beach where you can look far beyond, or a big empty space, do the same meditation.

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  8. You will feel the different. The Bible says God loves a broken and contrite spirit. For many of these over acheivers in space; this is the first time they realize that compared to the vastness around them they are very small. However the very fact that they are there where few have ever been awakens their spirit and they now see their connection on a spiritual plain rather than only on an intellectual or physical. Save your selfs time guys… the answers are all ready in the Bible.

    It could be a combination of both —as well as perhaps other factors. Though Augustine of Hippo was a very overrated theologian and on many points of doctrine he was quite murky, he did ,nevertheless, have a fascinating insight when apparently in one of his writings…at least the quote has been attributed to him he wrote that. With that sort of conception in mind , could it be that if a journey on the ocean with s sailing ship is like a baptism , might a journey through outer space by spaceship be even more like a baptism —in terms of it being like a numinous turning point event?

    Concentration, Meditation and Dedication help in clear identification of goals. One can follow my books. The Science of Philosophy: Plasmas, Electro-magnetic fields and Cosmology 3. I definitely believe in the value of meditation. And as a means of transcending our usual thoughts. Its obviously less intense than a spacewalk but I had a profound experience while parasailing. As they were slowly winding me out and up you literally hear the world below slip away. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Euphoric Revelations is a book about dealing with life and that changes that it brings.

    Darrell and Shai'von Black were a happy family with 2 children, Nate, 17 and Kendra 4. After a series of events within the family, three of them are left dealing with the death of the fourth and the family slowly falls apart. How can we continue with our future if we can't make it through our past. This story will fill you with happiness, sadness, confusion, frustration, anger, relief and finally joy but in t Euphoric Revelations is a book about dealing with life and that changes that it brings.

    This story will fill you with happiness, sadness, confusion, frustration, anger, relief and finally joy but in the process you have to live and learn. Euphoric Revelations is a great read and I would recommend it is anyone. Brian L King rated it it was amazing Aug 22, Brian L King rated it it was amazing Mar 24, Betsy rated it it was amazing Jan 19, Christina marked it as to-read Dec 29, Cheryl added it Oct 04, Nikkii B marked it as to-read Oct 08, Karma Banks marked it as to-read Dec 26, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Books by Brian L. Trivia About Euphoric revelations.