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All My Friends Are Crazy This song is by Miles to Memphis and appears on the album Sunshine in a Shotglass ().
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Femme Fatale by Iguana Death Cult. If the Grateful Dead were punks in prog band, they might have sounded a bit like this. Which Witch by Peach Kelli Pop. Purchasable with gift card. Tags punk rock alt.

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Live at the Historic Southgate House. If you like Miles to Memphis, you may also like: After tantrums like that he would fall asleep exhausted. When he went to school and learned to read and write, which he did with great diligence, the tantrums stopped. But he remained an oversensitive child. When I read to him in the evening he reacted with fear at sad or scary stories and put his fingers in his ears.

Sabina worried about him. He practised faithfully every day, preferably close to me and while I was drinking tea. I could see in his eyes that he was asking for compliments. It was soon clear that he needed me more than Sabina did.

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He had a painfully excessive need to do everything as well as possible. He chose all his own clothes and if I tried to give him advice about it he would get angry. In that period it also struck me that he combed his hair for an excessively long time. Sometimes he combed it for an hour and was late for school. He got furious if I said anything about it and could not be dissuaded from his compulsive combing. He continually stroked his hair to check if it was still in place.

In the end he would get anxious if anything came in contact with his hair. He would wear only sweaters and shirts that fastened with buttons. After a year this compulsion gradually lessened and finally disappeared. But his hair has always remained important to Raf. Later I noticed that he distrusted people who made remarks about his hair. He has always continued to do that. He was one of the first to wear long hair and now it still comes down to his shoulders.

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Although Raf and Sabina always played together, Raf still often took her toys. As the elder, Sabina was always the first to get a scooter, a bike, roller skates, or other important toys, and then it became apparent how jealous Raf could be.

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When he was about nine he began to monopolize the shower so much in the morning that nobody else had a chance to use it. He emerged only when the supply of hot water in the boiler was used up. He was somewhat ashamed, as though he himself was offended by his own behaviour. Eventually I succeeded in arranging fixed times for each of us. When I taught him French knitting he made dozens of yards of rope.

He began very early while he was still in bed, and when I went to wake him I saw him feverishly knitting away. When that compulsive activity had disappeared a few months later, a new activity came along that he had to do over and over and that took precedence over everything else.

He went fishing for hours day after day. When the season would begin he would become very nervous. He left at six in the morning, climbed into the shrubbery on the embankment behind our house and stayed there all day. He spoke to no one and only peered at his float; he would forget the time and I usually had to call him so he would come and eat. He kept this up for some years.

My Friends’ Virtuous Diets Are Making Me Crazy

He began to read the books of Karl May one after the other and started acting like the heroes in them. Sharing casual meals — like, say, splitting an edamame appetizer —affirms trust, comfort and confidence with one another. A censored menu adds a silent barrier to what should be an open conversation. As a friend picks at a kale salad with oil and vinegar dressing on the side, obviously , I feel guilty for digging into my hummus plate.

These women have a serious goal, as well as the hard-core discipline to stick to it. This type of self-masochistic control confounds me. Meanwhile, I have the palate of a year-old boy — I crave chicken fingers, french fries and plain pasta.

Jacob Sartorius - All My Friends (Official Lyric Video)

My idea of limiting myself is eschewing cookies and milk as a post-breakfast snack. My unnaturally high metabolism and SoulCycle obsession are the only reasons I can button my jeans. As I get older and grapple with stomachaches, shocker!

I still have to take action.