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This wesatimunogo.cf?s=bean+bag+chair is where I got the original idea from but In order to do this you will make a pattern which is HALF OF ONE WEDGE (because 1/2 + 1/2 makes 1): Step 3: Cutting It Out . Humor · Puzzles · Siege Engines · Sports · Table Top · Toys · Video Games · Wii · Xbox · Yo-Yo.
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So i just winged it. Diana, this tutorial is for the ipad but I have another one for the ipad mini https: Thank you again for this tutorial you have really inspired me to start sewing and crafting more as I do have a sewing machine that I have gotten as a present but never used but this tutorial has really helped use it. I have made so many of these in out of leftover fabrics from other projects.

I have made them with all kinds of fabric, too denim being my favorite! PLUS, due to running out of fabric, I turned your daisy into a butterfly by cutting the longer petal the same size as the other three, then sewing them together end to end in the same way as you did, petals now become wings! I hot glued it on to the back of the stand. Too lazy to sew! On the ones I made using the daisy, I have hot glued bling-y jewels to the center of the daisy to give it a little extra pizzazz! I love this tutorial of yours. You could upload some to my Flickr pool https: I have made several from your tutorial.

I put polyfil in mine with no cardboard or weights and works fine. I did put polyfil in one and along the bottom strip I put rice which was successful. I washed this one in the washing machine and came out like new, very pleased. Thank you for your tutorial. Teresa, I have been a teacher and there is a percent that never read all the instructions.

These are going to be great Christmas presents. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern and time. Best to you always, Jessica. The photo shows the long rectangle folded and then part of the flower, but no instructions to do it and do you leave the raw edges on the rectangle? Why would I need that much fabric? On the bottom front?

Pushed all the way into the back near the flower? Standing up at the rear? How much do you stuff the tube? Do you stuff the triangle tip?

the breezy tee {free womens sewing pattern in size L}

No measurements were given as to the amount of fabric left in front that you sew. After this part is stitched and you fold the fabric left, is there a measurement of what this should measure? After reading a few comments, some others were as confused as me, yet some managed to figure it out.

I suppose it would have been easier to figure out if I had been given more measurements and instructions. I really appreciate you took the time to create a free tutorial. Also lack of measurements or other information can make it hard to follow the pattern. I test patterns for several bag designers and I know the testers makes all the difference in selling their patterns.

Thank you Daryl for taking the time to comment on my tutorial. The sizing is correct. Could I have used less fabric? Maybe but this is the way I designed it. I have made two more stands, one for an iPad mini and another one which is very much like this one I followed my own tutorial! You can have a look at those tutorials if you like. Thank you for the sales advice. This is very well documented with photos and I will be able to figure this out! I am going to make a couple of these. My guild is doing a pillow exchange and one of the precepts of modern quilt movement is usability.

This fits the bill! The flower decoration is so pretty too. Like Liked by 1 person. Thank you so much for the tutorial. All the family are getting one of these this year. I just made one for my mom and it worked great. Thank you for the info, I will be making one for me next. It was a very last minute decision to make it, as we only just realised Nanna was one present short! I made 2 of these. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creation: Thanks for this great tutorial, I cannot get the link to work for the pdf for the cardboard base.

Is there some way I can see this? Thank you for letting me know of the broken link. Direct address to the pdf just in case https: I love the pattern and looking to make a book stand as a gift. Alison, I have used my iPad stands with books. Very thick books may not fit but you could leave a space between the roll and the pyramid bit if you know what I mean.

I am making this iPad stand as I type! Really excited for the turn out. I have just two questions, 1. I have never gathered before. Did you glue it to the pieces? I have never used a button without the usual four holes…the ones I am using for the iPad stands have one single hole, protruding from the bottom of the button. Hi Leanne, the button is stitched to the fabric.

When you gather the fabric you can just put a needle through with strong thread, pull together and make a knot so the gathering stays. Again, you can conceal all the threads behind the flower. I hope this helps. Hi there, working in the iPad stands and am a bit confused as to which way to fold the fabric in half.

I did it one way, but the tube was very long and skinny. Undid it, and now the tube seems too short! Do I fold to match the 12 inch sides together to make the tube fatter and shorter? Or do I match the 18 inch sides together to make the tube long and skinny? The beanbag is about 9 inches wide. Have you seen the video?

Such a great idea! I made my own phone stand and posted some picture in my blog and gave link back to your site. My daughter and I just made this for her tablet! She is a beginner and this was the perfect pattern for her to follow. First one I made I used a large decorative button with a shank and pinned it from the inside with a diaperpin sized pin. Next one I added a loop near the peak sewed into the seam. As well as the button.

Hope to now try stapling close to the fill before I stitch the opening closed as it seems difficult to keep the fill firm enough for the stand. The tiny pellet fill is too soft, I have used polyfil pillow stuffing from an old pillow, or the filling from a pillow form. Thanks for a great pattern! I have found mine very useful. I love the loop idea. I use my wedge everyday. I have made many of these and have not used the cardboard or stone weight and they are very successful.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. How to make an iPad stand or beanbag Or you can make it with the leg of a pair of jeans: If your printer gives you a different size you can adjust it easily before you cut the pattern.

iPad stand tutorial | Sewn Up

You may need to trim it. Fold the squares in half twice and iron each time.

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Cut around the raw edge corner of each folded square as per picture. Attach button to the centre. The beanbag is about 9 inches across. The photo below does not show the correct rectangle size. My original pattern was longer than 18 inches. This is so cute. I must make one, thank you for info. Just have to find time to make it. Ops, typo on measurements. Worked great for me. Now to make your IPad cover. I was starting to doubt I wrote down the wrong sizes.

Tank you very much Like Like. This is a super idea and very helpful tutorial. I bet it would work for reading a kindle too! I added the carboard base measurements to the tutorial to make it easier. Free iPad Stand Sewing Tutorial. Thanks for your feedback. Busy Weekend Holcomb Happenings.

In that case you should be fine I guess. Could u make a smaller one for an iPhone? What do you think would be measurements for a mini ipad? Could you tell me what seam allowance you used? Did anyone ever perfect the measurement for an iphone? My next project Craft Club bloggers. You could try and baste the bag by hand first. First try at iPad hoder. Hugs from Portugal, Ana Love Craft http: Give handmade this Christmas: Thanks for great pattern Like Like. Porte tablette Bruna's Blog. Tablet stand Busy Little Bee's Blog. Hello, I made one just now.

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Thank you for posting the picture. It looks really good. You made a real good tutorial. It was easy to follow.

Making the flower

Thanks for the reply, I am going to try to make this soon. Hope my granddaughter loves it as much as i do… Like Like. Just finished the iPad holder, very pleased with the finished result! Many thanks x Like Like. Suporte para Tablet e Celular pillow stand Juju Teteia. Sara, it looks great with your choice of fabric. Thanks for the tutorial. Kathi PS i also used my zipper foot. The cardboard goes at the bottom of the bag, what you call the seat. Is this intended for mini ipad or full size?

Thank you Teresa Like Like. Thank you for your tutorial Like Like. Thanks for that Carole. Best to you always, Jessica Like Like. I try to do my best! And thank you everyone for your feedback. Almohadita de arroz para la tablet diarioartesanal. Hi Lynn Thank you for letting me know of the broken link. Lynn x Like Like. Teresa, I am making this iPad stand as I type! Most popular tutorials of Sewn Up. Laura Like Liked by 1 person. LG Betty Like Like. Thank you Betty Like Like. Make an iPad or tablet stand in 15 minutes Sewn Up.

And Sew it begins — Living in Jeddah. I really like the one I made. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here However, bean bags for pets are also available. For this purpose, make sure you select a bean bag that is cushioned and extremely durable for your pet and kids too.

iPad stand tutorial

You may need to consider chairs that are filled with wood shavings. Filling — Choose the correct filling for the bean bag you need to buy. Your choices include beads, foam, chipped foams and polystyrene beans. Other filling types may also include green peas, rice, or unpopped. Among these, the polystyrene fillings are the best because they can withstand frequent compressions and still retain its sponginess. Safety — When choosing bean bag chairs for kids you should always keep in mind the safety of your children.

Select a bean bag chair that is fire resistant or that can slow down fire from spreading. Bean bags featuring a double zipper or sealed with nylon are also great, due to their ability to keep the fillings inside intact. Benefits of Bean Bag Chairs for Kids Getting a bean bag chair is an absolutely smart investment because it can provide various advantages for you and your entire family especially your kids. Here are some of the benefits that these chairs can offer that you need to know more about. Among all the bean bag chairs for kids reviewed, the Leachco Pillay Plush Sling Style Lounger is highly rated by consumers.

It also features adjustment tabs and center stretch panel which provide versatile back support. I found an article about bag chairs for kids http: Comfortable and trendy seating great for teen rooms and family rooms Awesome for all ages including adults and growing kids Double-locking zipper for keeping fill inside UltimaX polystyrene bean filling Spot clean and beautiful gabardine fabric Available in assorted patterns and colors.

Very light-weight and convenient to store and move Double stitched featuring a double overlap folded seam Double zippered bottom provides additional security Easy care instructions Spot clean plus a damp cloth. Oversized Bean Bag seat provides additional comfort in the dorm room, bedroom and family room too Comfortable lightweight design Cotton-Twill upholstery Spot clean upon accidents with damp cloth Removable and machine washable slipcover Metal safety zipper securely contains the beads. Spot Clean Only Extra-large bean bag sofa offers your kid soft space to read, play games or watch TV Its soft fabric provides more comfort and support Smart-locking zipper prevents your child from unzipping the interior.

Child Bean Bag Chairs for Kids.