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MORE!!!) sex. Today in straight man dream jobs: Kenneth Play, a self-described “ sex His advice verges on clinical, but it's really good advice. Some men approach a vagina the way they might approach a piñata: “You need to develop a 3-D map to understand the interior structure that you can't see.
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Study the Kama Sutra

If the sensation for orgasm comes too soon, then it is suggested to stay inside his partner until he regains control and continue slowly. I suggest getting a copy of the Kama Sutra Vatsyayana for further details and timeless wisdom on the topic. Performance anxiety is the number one assassin of sexual performance. Instead of constantly thinking and worrying about your sexual performance, just watch your worried thoughts as they appear or maybe even share them with your partner. You can also shift your focus away from the mind and to the body.

Great Sex Unzipped

The Kama Sutra suggests paying a lot of attention to breathing during sex. This gets us out of our heads and back into our bodies — making it easier to focus on the senses and feelings the body is experiencing during sex. You can even communicate together on length of breath, inhaling for three seconds and exhaling for six and then together, observe the space between inhale and exhale. You do not need to maintain this throughout the entire sex act, but as a starting place, you will begin the process of aligning your entire bodies together.

Practicing controlled breathing during sex will not only help you last longer, but also make sex more pleasurable by releasing feel-good endorphins. One of the best things you can do if you feel you are getting to the end too soon is to switch things up — alter your speed, change positions, go for a kiss or try a bit of teasing. A little foreplay can go a long way.

20 Great Sex Tips for Men | Everyday Health

Keep the changes subtle, such as turning over positions, wandering touches, or holding place and focusing on a kiss. Slow down and give attention to her body as a whole, paying fine detail to every crevice, curve, and soft place there is. And when it comes to the vagina, explore outside the clitoris and G-spot. The vagina is a cluster of 8, nerve endings just waiting to be stimulated — a proper yoni massage can be a great way to set the mood and keep things lasting.

Start by creating a cozy space. Make sure your partner is relaxed and in a comfortable position. Set the scene to be sweet and peaceful. Next, start warming things up. Temperature is key and this is where foreplay can help. From here get things wet — lubrication is key. Start by getting blood flow to the vagina by slowly caressing the labia and outer lips of the vagina. Communicating both of your desires during sex and giving them a shot will enhance your relationship on much more than just a physical level.

7 Sex Tips Every Man Needs to Know

Sometimes, it's all about exploring new techniques, toys, or even mindfulness techniques during sex, to expand your comfort zone while still staying in it. Sex toys can be a fun and experimental way to connect and keep things fresh in the bedroom. One way to introduce them is to having your partner use your favorite solo sex toy on you, says Laurie Mintz, Ph. Because porn is often associated with secrecy, an escape from the relationship to fulfill a fantasy, it gets a bad rap.

Populated as it is by flawlessly formed women and men with etched abs and equine endowments, adult entertainment makes many guys wonder: What am I doing wrong? Or, more to the point: These are not average men. There are positives to porn -- it can, for example, inspire us to greater sexual exploration.

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But when Debbie Did Dallas, she also did damage to the way men often think about sex. And the demands and distractions of our daily lives.

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Stress is an enemy of great sex. So is anxiety about performance. Minimizing both helps maximize your enjoyment of your partner.

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  • 7 Sex Tips Every Man Needs to Know.

Great Sex Tip 5: But I prefer to focus on the idea of the right fit. No two people are built the same, and it helps to have compatible body parts. For some women, men of modest size may be a perfect fit.

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  7. Concentrate on kissing, cooing, caressing -- the full panoply of sexual pleasure giving.