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Clockwork Angel is a novel written by Cassandra Clare. It is the first novel in the Infernal Devices trilogy. Clockwork Angel wesatimunogo.cf Cover of the edition of.
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So I can't wait to read the next book. This book is about a girl who travels to London to meet her brother,but when she arrived there someone else takes her and keeps her as prisoner. There she discovers her special abilities and grows a lot of questions about herself. One day she is saved from the Dark house from a boy named Will and he sent her to the institute. There she finds more about the Downworld,shadowhunters,and other mysterious paranormal things.

Also she is caught up in a love triangle between two bestfriends. I rarely build feeling for characters,any feelings,but this time Tessa got me hard. I really dig her. She is so fine,smart and beautiful and the way she does things it's just admirable. I liked this character for his sense of humor. And I must say he has a dark past and doesn't want to involve anyone in it,even the people he really cares about.

Jem is one of those characters you feel sorry about. I mean he at least deserved his addiction. Otherwise he is a person you should look after. Quite a role model. I highly recommend this book to everyone. Even if you loved or hated The mortal instruments you should read this one. And I really want to see this on screen. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving….

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. Clockwork Angel The Infernal Devices, 1 4. In a time when Shadowhunters are barely winning the fight against the forces of darkness, one battle will change the course of history forever.

The year is She soon discovers that her only allies are the demon-slaying Shadowhunters—including Will and Jem, the mysterious boys she is attracted to. Soon they find themselves up against the Pandemonium Club, a secret organization of vampires, demons, warlocks, and humans. Equipped with a magical army of unstoppable clockwork creatures, the Club is out to rule the British Empire, and only Tessa and her allies can stop them Hardcover , First Edition , pages.

The Infernal Devices 1 , Shadowhunter Chronicles 2. London, England , To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Clockwork Angel , please sign up. Sanne I'd recommend reading those books in the order they were released: This way you're reading it as Cassandra Clare intended the story to unfold, and you won't be accidentally "spoiled" for one series. Julie I actually preferred to read Mortal Instruments before It gave me a better sense of the shadowhunter world when I got to read the Infernal Devices.

At least some of the most prominent references to Infernal Devices came after City of Glass. Also, by the time you read up to City of Glass in the other series, you're already pretty well developed in the shadowhunter world in knowing what's going on. So, when you get to Infernal Devices, you would not have to learn the basics of everything.

See all questions about Clockwork Angel…. Lists with This Book. Sep 06, Kat Kennedy rated it did not like it Recommends it for: I'll only start swearing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. A lot of Goodreads friends that I have, people I deeply respect and whose opinions I actually hold in great value gave this book lots of stars and glowing reviews. Friends of mine, you know I adore you, so please don't take offense at this review. It makes me happy when people enjoy literature. So you probably shouldn't read this review if you love this book.

It's nice to know that even though Cassandra Clare's Draco Trilogy ended years ago, A lot of Goodreads friends that I have, people I deeply respect and whose opinions I actually hold in great value gave this book lots of stars and glowing reviews. It's nice to know that the snappy little one-liners and cheap hijinks are being recycled because they worked so well the first AND second time she used them.

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I no longer feel like gouging out my own eyes every single time she tries to describe something. And… that about it. So what was wrong with this novel? Not even going there. How about her inability to write a storyline that is in anyway surprising? Reading one of her novels is like watching a dumbed down version of Scooby Doo. I actually liked Scooby Doo before Scrappy-Doo came along. She insists on this behaviour until finally you pat her on the head, tell her that she ALMOST managed to colour inside all the lines. Hmmmm… how can I cash in on this with as little effort on my behalf as possible?

She's recycling storylines, conversations, personalities, plot-points, ideas and concepts from all around her and she recycles her own stuff what little there is of it just as frequently. When she was accused of plagiarism for lifting entire paragraphs of text from other authors without referencing it, she made a comment that it didn't really matter because - hey, isn't fanfiction just pastiche anyway? It was just fanfiction, who really cares? But I'd think after all these years she would have moved on past her pastiche style of writing to something that she could actually claim as her own.

But you know what? View all comments. Mar 17, Jesse JesseTheReader rated it really liked it. I'm so glad that I finally picked it up! View all 34 comments. Dec 24, Lola rated it it was amazing Shelves: When people ask me ''Who is your favorite author? I very much enjoy reading L. Oh, and have you heard of Kiera Cass? She wrote such a swoon-worthy love story! No need to be torned ever again.

She seems to be possessing such an overflowing with imagination and ideas and originality mind. And she simply knows how to create endearing and filled with chemistry relationships, romantic or not. Well that never happens with this author. It's crazy, so to speak, how interesting I find her characters to read about. What I do know though is that she has a great talent and that is something I very strongly believe and will not let someone convince me on thinking otherwhise.

It's how it should always go, anyway. You appreciate, admire, love or even crave something? Don't let anyone destroy that feeling. Because it is true and powerful. I fervently and judiciously thought about it and I did not quite prefer this impressive series to The Mortal Instruments one. Magnus Bane is in fact my all-time favorite book character which one is yours? Certainly, this book gave me some background story on him and made me learn new things about his character, but he still is more present in The Mortal Instruments nonetheless which is something that I cannot forget.

Very awe moment from this book: Remember when Magnus says ''Black hair and blue eyes are my favorite combination. It earnestly made me sigh with love and contentment. Oh Jem, Jem, Jem All beautiful art works were taken here. Aug 31, Nick rated it it was amazing Shelves: Never trust a duck. As long as they deserve it. Tessa I rarely build feeling for characters,any feelings,but this time Tessa got me hard. Will I liked this character for his sense of humor. Jem Jem is one of those characters you feel sorry about. It's easier to know what they would do.

AttWaq It brought back my memories of when I was reading it. Feb 28, Mizuki rated it did not like it Shelves: This book got 1. In order to save you some precious time, I will tell you my honest reaction to Clockwork Angel right here, right now: Also, when I first opened the book, I was faced by this description as well: Magic is dangerous-but love is more dangerous still. I hat This book got 1. I hate this line instantly. I don't think Clockwork Angel is the most horrible book which I have ever read--it isn't, the action scenes and part of the plots are enjoyable to an extent.

But oh boy, Clare's writing and her characters annoy me, the book as a whole annoys the freaking hell out of me, here're the reasons: The main characters in The Infernal Devices series are the photocopy versions of the main characters in The Mortal Instruments series, plain and simple. Only that in TID series those recycled characters got different colors of eyes and hair, they were dressed in 19th century British outfits and they were living in a supposed Victorian era.

Clare come up with some other slightly more original names for her 'heroines'? Tessa's similarity with Clary doesn't just end here. On the other hand, Tessa was also looking for her brother in London, said brother was also kidnapped by the villain, later Tessa also found out her brother had hidden a secret from her. Not only this, Tessa's attitude is just as annoying as Clary's. Clary's bitchy remark about how "fat, ugly people don't get to become vampires because ugly people probably don't want to live long" bugs the hell out of me when I read City of Bones. Of course Tessa thought if you weren't beautiful, then living a long life, devoting yourself to gain knowledge and help people still don't worth it.

The most important thing for her is to be beautiful, I got the message perfectly! Simply put, not only Tessa is an recycled version of Clary, she is also as judgmental, ungrateful and rude as Clary is. And of course, the same like Clary, Tessa had to possess a special ability which no one else but her can wield. One big fat sign for Mary Sue, right? Then we meet William Herondale, who's supposed to be a great warrior but who's also extremely handsome, cocky and filled with smartass remarks up his sleeves, who is rude to everyone else for no good reason. The gentle, 'good boy' Jem is Simon in disguise, Jem is being designed to be the weaker part of the love triangle, I like him just as I like Simon, but I have nothing more to say about him.

I will get back to her later. When we first meet Will and Jem, they were both tracing a demon. Then they found out a young girl was slayed by the demon, but they hardly gave any reaction to her death. Isn't it just bad for Ms. Clare to spend more time to describe what Will and Jem look like, what clothes they wore then she spends time on describing how her two male leads reacted to the death of this innocent girl?

I also noticed that whenever Tessa met someone, the first and foremost thing she would notice about them is their appearance and she always judged them on how they looked. Here's one of the most outrageous example: Tessa was trapped in the den of the evil doers Dark Sisters , and a stranger had just broken into her prison cell. Jessamine, Lady Belcourt, etc , and looks down at ugly, strange looking people. That kind of attitude is just hateful.

See a Problem?

Jem had once commented that he thought Tessa was pretty, but I don't think there's enough amount of prettiness, which would be enough to cover up Tessa's mean-spirited, judgmental, ugly little heart. There's also one things about Clare's supposedly Victorian characters that bugs me a lot. It's that for the life in me, I can't believe the ladies and gentlemen in the high society would be talking so rudely and directly to one another. I mean, even the rudest characters in Jane Austen's novels wouldn't talk in the same way like Clare's characters.

I had said that she is a bitch, she's unbelievably rude to everyone when we first meet her, especially to Tessa and Henry. But oh god, shouldn't a lady be taught not to directly make rude remarks? And why would no one ever called her out for being unladylike? Guess what's the worst part? Where's these people manner!? Oh, now I can see that all these Shadowhunters are a bunch of wimps, they can't even stop a rude girl from insulting their own guest, and we're supposed to believe they are the fierce protectors who stood between humans and demons?

The same with Jessamine, whenever Will was saying rude thingseven to a point he directly told Charlotte her husband was a useless piece of trash, still Charlotte, who was the head of the Institute, did nothing to shut him up. Clare seems to be unable to write likable characters with the rare exclusions of Simon, Jem, Magnus and maybe Alec.

When she tries to write brave, strong girls but they always turn out rude, judging, self-righteous and unlikable. When she tries to write complicated male leads with a haunting past, she only manages to make them into cocky, rude dickheads. Just like with Clary, Ms.

Clare tried to paint Tessa as the tough girl, here's one of her attempts: Remember that supposedly the Dark Sisters still have him, Tessa? That "I'd rather die" part, makes me almost want to laugh. Hadn't the Dark Sisters made it quite clear that the Magister wants to use Tessa instead of killing her? I fully understand Tessa would be suspicious of the Shadowhunters' intention.

After all the girl had just been kidnapped. But it bothers the hell out of me when Tessa never bothered to say one single, simple "Thank you" to those who had saved her. Is saying "Thank you" so difficult? You know what, it isn't like Charlotte was obliged to be nice to her at the first place! And then Tessa and Will went undercover and sneaked into a vampire party, but when the two of them were surrounded by a roomful a vampires, Tessa just had to lose all control and screamed her head off when she first caught sight of her brother Nate being held captive by the vampires.

I, for the life in me, can't think of any worst action to draw attention and endanger Tessa herself, Will and even Nate. Will on the other hand, is as horrible a person as Tessa. The more I read the book the more I realize they deserve each other. For example, when Will discovered Tessa was in Jem's room at night, he came up with the following remark: If I'd known that, I would have campaigned harder to make sure Charlotte let you stay. I understand it isn't proper for Tessa to show up in Jem's room in the middle of the night, but what're you hinting at with your damn remark?

Are you hinting that Tessa is a whore or she's a loosed woman!? Will totally forgot about the servant boy who was once his friend right after he found a new friend. He was still in good term with Thomas only because the latter happened to have the big enough heart to forgive him. Don't tell me Will isn't a horrible person. Since Clare had decided that her character Jem as a half British, half Chinese who had spent his childhood in Shanghai, there're a few reference on Chinese culture. And I, just happen to be a Chinese; which means I found Clare's twisting the little details of Chinese myth around a little bit difficult for me to stomach.

First, when Tessa first encountered Jem, he told her that Westerners like her and Will would be referred to as 'Yang quizi' in Chinese, which meant 'Foreign Devils'. It's ghost, not Devil! There's hardly any concept of Devil in Chinese traditional culture! There're even a few English novels mentioning this fact, I recall one is called "White Ghost Girls" http: Then the next thing I know, Jem revealed that that his parents were murdered by a demon called Yanluo. Yanluo is the name of the king of underworld in Chinese myth, not a freaking demon! There're many demons, ghosts and fox spirits etc in the Chinese myth, but King Yanluo isn't a freaking demon, he's an underworld deity, you hear me!?

The annoying love triangle Don't even get me started with the love triangle! I know that it's a LAW for YA girls to have feelings for the total jerks instead of the good boys who at least can have a normal conversation with her without insulting her in every way possible! The ending The ending of Clockwork Angel, what a mess! People have been swearing up and down that the ending part of Clockwork Angel is where things finally getting good.

But all I can see is the Shadowhunters falling into the bad guy's trap foolishly and conveniently so Will can rush in for the rescue at the last minute. What a poorly designed plot twist! Will, Jem, Charlotte, Henry, all of these supposedly seasoned Shadowhunters, turned out to be complete FOOLS, who are ill informed, who can also be easily tricked and manipulated.

It looks like Clare had dumb-ed them all down in order to create tension and threat. My goodness, these people are supposed to be warriors who protect humans from the evil demon race, but judging from the way how those Shadowhunters ran business, I wouldn't even trust them to guide me to cross the freaking street! People are arguing whether Ms.

Clare is able to write something original for her series instead of copying her old creation. And my answer to this question is: Secondly, is anyone out there really feeling surprised that de Quincey isn't the Magister? Also, I would have respected Tessa more if she really carried out her plan to sacrifice herself so she wouldn't be used by the Magister! But no, Tessa tricked her way out instead of carrying out her plan for real , and I can't believe for a second the Magister would be fooled by her stunt!

I don't believe it the same like I can't believe that You-Know-Who wouldn't personally check Harry Potter is dead for real with his own eyes and hands! As to the Magister himself, he is so underwhelming as the arch villain. Plus, why it's never explained that what kind of importance did Tessa's clockwork angel hold? For crying out loud, Jace never suggested Clary to become his whore. Goodness, having a painful past isn't an excuse to treat everyone like crap! Now, I want to make two prediction before I read the sequels: I'm confident that my guessing wouldn't miss the mark by far. And Clare had wanted this to be the explanation of why Will was treating everyone like crap.

If you can tolerate annoying, sometime hateful characters, people acting like fools for most of the time and poorly delivered plot twists and 'surprises', then you might go ahead and read this book. Mar 02, Wendy Darling rated it it was amazing Shelves: A fan of Will Herondale, are you? D Yum Merged review: I don't give many 5 star reviews, but this one is definitely a 5 star book for me. While I liked Mortal Instruments, I wasn't as rabid a fan as I know many people are, so I read Clockwork Angel out of curiosity more than anything else This book is A fan of Will Herondale, are you?

This book is spectacular, with everything I'd wanted in the TMI series and more. The magic and mysteries are compelling and Victorian London is a fantastic backdrop to this steampunk tale about a girl who discovers she has incredible powers Tessa is a vibrant, fascinating heroine and all the secondary characters, including Will and Jem and Charlotte, are engaging and sympathetic. I thought this book was much more mature than the TMI series, so I'm very much looking forward to reading the next two Infernal Devices installments.

I have theories about his deep, dark secret Can't wait for Clockwork Prince! View all 72 comments. Mar 01, Kat O'Keeffe rated it it was amazing. I will admit I'm not the biggest fan of 3rd person past tense, so it did take me a little while to get into it, but once I did WOW! The world building and the characters and the story are all fantastic and woven together SO well, and the ending was brilliant, full of action and surprises!

I've already grown attached to these characters and have become invested in their story and their secrets--I'm especially dying to know what's going on with Will! Clockwork Prince, here I come! View all 24 comments. Yes, I'll be doing a review for this on my channel.

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Yes, I'll be continuing the series. View all 22 comments. Some of you might know me for, well, this review. You know, my most popular, most liked one-star review of City of Bones? So I guess the thesis of this review could be people change. Oh, no, not me - I still think that book was a piece of shit, because it really was.


The Infernal Devices 1: Clockwork Angel

I mean Cassandra Clare. As in she got better at writing. The BIG thing that shocked me here was how incredibly addicting this was. Like, I tore apart City of Bones , but kind of the main thing about that book was that it was Some of you might know me for, well, this review. Like, I tore apart City of Bones , but kind of the main thing about that book was that it was really boring. I took over six months to read that book. This book, on the other hand was better than entertaining - it was super compelling.

And speaking of the idea of monsters vs. While Rafael and Magnus are both sympathetic characters in the Mortal Instruments, I think the portrayal of Camille - I love her, by the way - goes further than subverting: Also, love that Tessa is powerful as fuck. There is also a very compelling cast of side characters, including: The reason this character works is because she is highly motivated.

The reason this plotline works is because there are two seperate really badass women in here, both of whom express femininity in really different ways. I also am somewhat convinced that is exactly the dynamic Cassandra Clare was going for, because like… it is really really there.

I started this book highly empathizing with Will - even though I am currently so mad at him - but Jem has never done a thing wrong in his life and is good. I love the direction this series is going. But overall, this was so compelling and fun. I will also say that while I highly enjoyed this book, I kind of Maybe just see my reviews of Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess. I forgot I had emotions. Blog Goodreads Twitter Youtube View all 39 comments. If you love The Mortal Instruments, then you will surely love this book, maybe even more than the original series itself.

The characters were one hundred times more better than that of The Mortal Instruments! Everybody was so much more likable and mature. I really thought for a second that Tessa Gray was older than sixteen years old because she carried herself more maturely than Clary. I always thought Clary was selfish and bratty, but Tessa is the complete opposite. Oh my William Herondale. I thought Jace was swoonworthy. Jace doesn't even come close to how Will swiftly steals the heart of all the ladies!

And maybe even a few boys. So if you're like me, I'm extremely wary of love triangles. It's old and overdone. And my couple never ends up together that's why I get all salty and bitter over them. I don't want to start assuming, but I think it's pretty evident who she'll end up with in the end. But whoever she ends up choosing, I won't complain about at all. Both guys are just so lovable in their own way.

Cassandra Clare's writing has improved immensely since City of Bones! And thank goodness, Cassandra decided to cut down the length of the chapters because I can never find a good place to stop while in the middle of one since some of her chapters can even go up to pages or something that feels like it. I'm looking forward to seeing how these events will ripple and affect the events that occur in The Mortal Instruments. View all 25 comments.

Sep 10, Dorreh rated it it was amazing. Shivered with excitement all throughout the book! This book was so so so good. I can easily say this is one of the best books I've read in a while. It's been a stressful couple of months, but this book was a place I went to where all the stress, the unhappiness, and depression of the past couple of mo Shivered with excitement all throughout the book!

It's been a stressful couple of months, but this book was a place I went to where all the stress, the unhappiness, and depression of the past couple of months didn't reach me. It was such a welcome reprieve. I could babble about how great this book made me feel for hours on hours, but I think I've made my point.

This book revolves around the prehistoric setting of the mortal instruments. The mortal instrument was my first experience with Cassandra Clare, and I remember I was in love with the first 3 books. I admit there was a large gap between the 5 and 6th book, so I didn't read the 6th installment. So I had a good background with Cassandra Clare's work. That being said, I honestly don't think the two series are comparable.

While the mortal instruments was a enjoyable series, this book was an incredible work of art. Tessa, the books main character, while a soft hearted and innocent young women of old time New York upbringing, is of a literature loving and poetic nature. Tessa is so relatable, perhaps that's what attracted me to her most. At some point in the book I realized she may be my favorite character in fictional novels yet. Then there's Will, the perfect love hate pretty boy who would steal your heart no matter how badly he behaves.

Cassandra creates characters that are witty, lovable, and have quite the perfect dynamic. When Will says 'enterprising', he means 'morally deficient. The world and settings are relatively similar to the mortal instruments with the difference of the timeline. Needless to say there is something quite alluring about a secret world right under the noses of the 'mundane'. While I read the mortal instruments first, I recommend reading the infernal devices prior to picking up TMI, it acts as a prologue.

A very entertaining, well written, heart wrenching prologue. While I could rant on and on, since I had read the mortal instruments, the world of shadow hunters was familiar to me. So it was like a sense of de javu, the good kind! View all 26 comments. It was rather boring at times and the story dragged heavily, especially in the middle and towards the end. None of the characters has become particularly dear to me.

The character constellation is almost the same: We have the girl who has never heard of the Shadow World before, but plays a bigger role in it than she believes. We have the boy with the dark past who refuses to let anyone come close to him. We have his best friend, seemingly the only one he cares about, who hides a secret of his own. Jem is nice, but almost too nice sometimes. Still, he is my favourite character of those four.

Will might be snarky and mysterious, but he can also be very mean without a real reason. The plot itself is fortunately different from the Mortal instruments series, but rather slow at times. Despite the something pages this book has, not much happens. And what does happen is also somehow boring because, if possible, Tessa is mostly kept out of the fighting scenes or doesn't participate much in them.

I wish Cassandra Clare would have had the guts to write something completely new instead of hanging onto the success of her first three books. Not sure yet if I will be curious enough to read the sequel, but probably not. View all 68 comments. I somehow picked this up at precisely the right time as I was in the mood for something historical along with an intriguing adventure and this was it. Prompt-a book that starts with the first letter of your name. I'm really excited to finally meet the characters that everyone else is constantly talking about!

View all 30 comments. Mar 20, Cara rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: A must for TMI fans. Oh you guessed it I read this to up my book count! So, granted it's not an entire book but I really needed to catch up. For those of you that didn't know about it here is the link. It's the attic scene from the Will's perspective. This just made me more excited for Clockwork Prince to come out. Goodness I am not patient these days! Seriously blown away doesn't even cover it. I have to admit I had my doubts and reservations about how this book was going to turn out.

We have the eve Oh you guessed it I read this to up my book count! We have the ever present love triangle, a girl that doesn't know her powers, and some other similar plot lines. I was thinking "Oh no not a rehash of The Mortal Instruments! I should have trusted Clare's remarkable way of telling a story. To be sure I won't make the same mistake twice and never doubt again. Tessa is an American girl coming from New York to London in search of her brother.

Things apparently go wrong from the onset. Her brother, Nathaniel, isn't there and she is taken by the Dark sisters. She learns fairly quickly that there is a whole new world she didn't know about. Where terms like Downworlders, Nephilim and Shadowhunters are commonly used. Her path will cross with that of the Shadowhunters and with them she will figure what happened to her brother, but like always there is something lurking behind the scenes.

Something that will change the foundation of both the mundane and magical world. When I first read the City of Bones I had thought the author could have set this in the past, and wondered why she didn't try that. Obviously she was just holding out on us! The cast of characters like always are utterly compelling and you get attached to them almost right away.

I want to refrain from making too many comparisons with this series to TMI, but I'd like to point out that I admired Tessa more readily than Clary. They both are strong female characters but I just clicked with Tessa better. The action certainly did not disappoint, and is one of the reasons why I just can't get enough of these books. I'm so ready for more guts to spill.

There is of course the question of love interests: Both equally gripping characters and at the moment I'm just Team Tessa cause I want things to work out well for her. The wait will be most agonizing for Clockwork Prince. Actually the word agonizing doesn't quite show the gravity how much I want to read the next book right now. What a load of bloody melodrama.

This book ought to be sung in operatic fashion by a cast of three in a slightly seedy theatre in Brooklyn. It's the sort of book that's dreadfully self-important but really, when you think about it, nothing happens: Listen, I'm not going to lie and say I didn't kind of enjoy it. This was my third attempt at reading this, and I guess thir What a load of bloody melodrama.

This was my third attempt at reading this, and I guess third time's a charm. I got through it in two and a half days, and two of those days were spent mostly at work and doing other things. It's not something you need to funnel a lot of time into and it's not something that requires a great deal of thought. All of the deep talk about humanity and love and family and quoting from books I never intend to read is just a smokescreen to disguise that this book is thin, its characters are thin, its mythology is particularly thin, and even some obvious fanservice in the form of Magnus Bane couldn't spice it up.

It's not a bad book; it's not a good book, either. The problem with Cassandra Clare is that she creates great side characters and shite main characters. Tessa and Will are straight-up shite. They're bad people and absolutely tone deaf to what's going on around them, even when it's endangering the lives of the people they "care about". Those air quotes are for real. Neither of them are particularly interested anything other than each other's smell. They're like dogs at the park; the leaves and the trees and the brisk wind is cool and everything but when there's another dog in a ten-foot radius, oh-ho.

Forget comfortable lead walking. Actually, just say goodbye to that dog. I love Jem, but that's the problem, isn't it? He's a side character and yet he's so much more more worthy of being a protagonist than Tessa. I want to follow Jem. I want to know Jem.

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But instead we're trailing along on Tessa's skirts, watching her waffle from room to room of this unnecessarily massive Institute, ruin plans, beg for Will's attention, and generally oscillate around the library while everyone else does the work. I don't expect Tessa to be Xena, because she's not been trained in combat, but if she isn't trained, don't take her on a mission into a vampire nest.

Jesus Christ, how have these Shadowhunters survived so long if they're so dense? There's something almost creepy about this fad of asshole love interests; I know it started long ago, with Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, experiencing a Renaissance with Bedward, and soaring to unprecedented heights in anything written by Cassandra Clare. I mean it - anything. There's probably an asshole love interest on her shopping list. There's probably one written into the alphabet magnets on her fridge. Will is a nasty piece of shit, and he's rewarded for that by having so many people around him who love him.

Someone like Will, who victim-blames, who taunts women, who throws Tessa's confidence and her affection back in her face, doesn't deserve to be surrounded by people who are constantly forgiving him. I know Clare well enough to be certain that there's some sort of "I push people away to protect them" backstory buried under all of this, but that's not enough. Will is simply a nasty bastard with a piss-poor attitude. I think my biggest problem with this book is that it's just sort of limp. The setting felt sort of half-hearted, a kind of par-boiled vision of stereotyped London. At one point Jem says to Tessa, "You're thinking, If they call this damp nastiness summer, what must winter be like?

Winter's actually much the same. This summer I got sunburnt three times and lay out in a tank top in the park, sunbathing with the dogs. I am much farther north than London, which is in the south of England, and experiences a warm temperate summer and mild springs and autumns. The rainiest months in the UK are the winter months, and April and July.

Every few years the dryness in southern England causes a hosepipe ban. So fine, set your book outside of America. I'm sick of books about New York. But for god's sake, ask. Read a few blogs. Ask the people who live there what's it's like. Yeah, it rains in the desert too. Your setting is a sad shoehorn for mean boys and bland girls. This whole Shadowhunter thread just rubs me up the wrong way. I don't like Shadowhunter culture, politics, or mythology. I don't like the way the Shadowhunters mock the Silent Brothers, who are also Shadowhunters but apparently undeserving of respect because they're ugly; I don't like the way the Shadowhunters profess to protect humans but treat them like animals and slap them with a label as demeaning as "mundanes"; I don't like the way they use Downworlders, but how this is excused by the narrative, which tells us that the relationship is edgy between the Clave and Downworlders, but it's fine because the Shadowhunters only hunt the Downworlders whom the narrative dubs "evil" and stroke the ego of those it proclaims "good".

No grey area there, then! As long as we only kill the "bad guys" and have sex with the "good guys" in secret , then it's not about power and control and it's not a privileged few creating a dichotomy out of those they deem less worthy than them. I'm assuming that this is to swiftly avoid the Shadowhunters being labelled problematic, but it's not the way they use Downworlders that makes them so fucked up.

It's the small things, like Jessamine being demonized for not wanting to hunt monsters, the othering of the Silent Brothers, the amount of money that is poured into maintaining the absolutely massive Institutes that house about five Shadowhunters each. The Shadowhunters wonder why demons and warlocks and vampires hate them, and maybe it's not because they hunt them, but because they're so corrupt.

Even things we're supposed to think of as charitable, like Sophie and Thomas and Agatha being employed at the Institute, is fucked up. The Shadowhunters employing those people is as good as signing their death warrants. How can they possibly justify swanning around and calling humans "mundanes", then inviting them into their home to work for them, then leaving them to die in the name of an exclusive creed that they're not allowed membership of. How dare the Shadowhunters drag human Sophie, Agatha and Thomas into their war? And of course, after the clockwork fucking steampunk. Ugh creatures attack the Institute, all of our precious Shadowhunters are alive without a scratch, and only the humans who they looked down upon died.

The Shadowhunters have no connection to the outside world - they exist inside a glass case of superiority, supposedly protecting humans that they attack with slurs and have no interactions with. Even in the Mortal Instruments, it was said that Jace, Alec and Isabelle had only met a handful of people their own age, and they never ever mixed with humans. What sort of protectors are they, if the thing they're protecting is looked at with such disgust?

Why are the Shadowhunters even doing this job? For their own satisfaction? It's got nothing to do with protecting the world. It's about bloodlust, because they don't care a whit about the everyday "mundane" on the street, unless it's to laugh about their deaths or have sex with them. God, fuck the Shadowhunters. View all 40 comments. Jan 30, Beth rated it it was amazing Shelves: I literally cannot give anything less than 5 stars for this book, this is my all time favourite series and I'm SO happy to be re-reading it.

Love is not something that can be wasted. So, as we all know this was a re-read for me. I've never wrote a review for this, so this is all fresh and new. I'm so excited to write this and have been wanting to do so for a long long time! I can finally do so now. I was so scared to re-read this, I thought may I literally cannot give anything less than 5 stars for this book, this is my all time favourite series and I'm SO happy to be re-reading it. I was so scared to re-read this, I thought maybe I'd hyped this up and it was all an illusion.

It was even better than what I remembered. It was also so good, because I had forgot SO much about this series. In particular the characters I had previously become attached to previously. Tessa will always remain one of my favourite female role characters. I love her references and that she wants to do something to help. I love her references and that she is forever quoting books. Her relationships with the whole "family" and how she just becomes so brave and isn't afraid to say how she feels. At the beginning she was so timid and couldn't believe that women were capable to do things men are able to do.

That she was so offended that Camille spoke of her relationship with Magnus so casually had me howling! Over time she began to understand and wanted to become a strong and powerful woman like Boudicca. I fell in love all over again with Will, I swooned far too much once again! His sarcasm was on point! I must of forgotten, how dreadful. It feels as though he doesn't seem worthy of Tessa and to be loved. I love how dedicated he is to his Shadowhunting world, and that he will do anything for Jem.

His moment with Thomas in the end chapters really struck a nerve and it was so upsetting! I can't wait to see him progress in the next books! He was so loving, and always knew what to do and how to act in certain situations. I never thought I'd swoon over Jem, but here I am. This power is who you are. Whoever loves you now - and you must love yourself - will love the truth of you. I hate to say this, but I admit how much I forgot about Sophie. I know I know! I can't believe it! I adored her in this book.

I think that Sophie is someone you would love to have as a friend, she may only be a "mundane" but she will do anything for anyone, I enjoyed her relationship with Tessa. She takes no nonsense from Will, however when Gabriel tries to do so, she has none of it! Jessamine is honestly such a bitch. I like her don't get me wrong I love how she just doesn't give a shit, however sometimes I felt a bit angry towards her and how she spoke to others. Charlotte and Henry I cannot cope. How adorable are they?! I love how mothering Charlotte is and how awkward Henry is.

They're both so lovely! I can't wait to see more of them! I'm going to clutter all of these together: Nate, Mortmain and De Quincy the people you love to hate.

  • Mummy from Hell: Two Brothers. A Sadistic Mother. A Childhood Destroyed.;
  • Clockwork Angel: Infernal Devices, Book 1.
  • More books for age 14+.
  • Whistle.
  • La Biblia de los Caídos (Spanish Edition)!

When I say hate, I honestly hated Nate so much. Just everything about him makes my skin crawl, this is what I want in a book. I love it when a book can make me feel so much emotion to characters. So what did I love? What I didn't like? If you can't already tell, I'm so happy I re-read the first book! I love this series and I'm so excited to move onto Clockwork Prince. Until then, I will just swoon away! Added things I love: I am deceased at the love Jem and Will have for each other! I am here for it. Clockwork Princess - 5 Stars! The Infernal Devices Manga Reviews: View all 16 comments.

Mar 20, Maggie rated it it was ok Shelves: It's not a long life, killing demons; one tends to die young, and then they burn your body—dust to dust, in the literal sense. And then we vanish into the shadows of history, nary a mark on the page of a mundane book to remind the world that once we existed at all. It's really hard for me to review a book everyone loved and have high expectations but then end up not even liking it because maybe your expectations were too high, not met, or you were just bored.

In my case, it was all. Expectati It's not a long life, killing demons; one tends to die young, and then they burn your body—dust to dust, in the literal sense. Expectations were too high and not met and I was bored throughout the whole novel.

Clockwork Angel

I have heard so much of this series, Cassandra Clare herself, and about her Mortal Instruments series. Like, I have a friend who is literally Malec trash and always brings up the show and the new season and everything TMI and I can't relate. I'm quite worried because this is the first book and most people love it from here and continue on loving it only to be torn apart because the third book is an emotional and tear jerker one? Well, if the 2nd book is better and the 3rd even better and is really emotional, I sure hope I at least shed one tear because if I don't I will feel like an emotionless bitch for the rest of my life.

There's not much to say about this that hasn't been said. Do I really have to explain what this is about? I mean, I always do so why not Clockwork Angel , book number one in Cassandra Clare's trilogy that is supposed to make girls fangirl over the male protagonist and love him and this girl because they're pretty together. Finally they reached the shadowed cellar. Their office was ahead, through a set of wide double doors. A narrow corridor led away in the other direction, vanishing into darkness; Tessa had no idea what lay down that hallway, but something about the thickness of the shadows made her glad she had never found out.

She hated this room more than any other place on earth. To begin with, it was always hot and wet inside, like a swamp, even when the skies outside were gray and rainy. The walls seemed to seep moisture, and the upholstery on the seats and sofas was always blooming with mold. It smelled strange as well, like the banks of the Hudson on a hot day: The Sisters were already there, as they always were, seated behind their enormous raised desk. They were their usual colorful selves, Mrs. Black in a dress of vibrant salmon pink and Mrs. Dark in a gown of peacock blue.

Above the brilliantly colored satins, their faces were like deflated gray balloons. They both wore gloves despite how hot the room was. Black, who was spinning the heavy brass globe they kept on the desk with one plump, white-gloved finger. Tessa had many times tried to get a better look at the globe—something about the way the continents were laid out had never looked quite right to her, especially the space in the center of Europe—but the sisters always kept her away from it.

Tessa tried not to wince as the door shut behind her, closing off what little breeze there was in this airless place. Dark tilted her head to the side. She was used to being handed things by the Dark Sisters now. Things that had once belonged to people: Once the laces of a boot; once a single earring, stained with blood. Dark again, a hint of impatience in her voice.

She remembered books she had read, novels in which characters were on trial, standing quaking in the dock at the Old Bailey and praying for a verdict of not guilty. She often felt she was on trial herself in this room, without knowing of what crime she stood accused. And of the only two people in the world she trusted, one was dead and the other imprisoned. Black had been leaning down over her, her breath as bitter as vinegar, her eyes alight. There was a copy of Great Expectations and—of all things—Little Women. Tessa had hugged the books to herself and, alone and unwatched in her room, had let herself cry.

It had grown easier since then, the Changing. She drew on those memories now, tightening her grip on the ragged bit of pink fabric she held. She opened her mind and let the darkness come down, let the connection that bound her to the hair ribbon and the spirit inside it—the ghostly echo of the person who had once owned it—unravel like a golden thread leading through the shadows. The room she was in, the oppressive heat, the noisy breathing of the Dark Sisters, all of it fell away as she followed the thread, as the light grew more intense around her and she wrapped herself in it as if she were wrapping herself in a blanket.

Her skin began to tingle and to sting with thousands of tiny shocks. This had been the worst part, once—the part that had convinced her she was dying. Now she was used to it, and bore it stoically as she shuddered all over, from her scalp to her toes. The clockwork angel around her throat seemed to tick faster, as if in rhythm with her speeding heart.

The pressure inside her skin built—Tessa gasped—and her eyes, which had been closed, flew open as the sensation built to a crescendo—and then vanished. The first moment after a Change was always like blinking water out of your eyes after submerging yourself in a bath. She looked down at herself.

Walker Books - The Infernal Devices 1: Clockwork Angel

Her new body was slight, almost frail, and the fabric of her dress hung loose, pooling on the floor at her feet. Her hands, clasped in front of her, were pale and thin, with chapped tips and bitten nails. She had risen to her feet and was looking down at Tessa with her pale eyes burning. She looked almost hungry. The girl whose skin she wore answered for her, speaking through her the way spirits were said to speak through their mediums—but Tessa hated to think about it that way; the Change was so much more intimate, so much more frightening, than that.

Born in Cheapside, Emma had been one of six children. Her father was dead, and her mother sold peppermint water from a cart in the East End. Emma had learned to sew to bring in money when she was still a small child. Nights, she spent sitting at the little table in her kitchen, sewing seams by the light of a tallow candle. Sometimes, when the candle burned down and there was no money for another, she would go out into the streets and sit below one of the municipal gas lamps, using its light to sew by.

She was smiling thinly now, running her tongue over her lower lip, as if she could sense what the answer would be. Tessa saw narrow, shadowy streets, wrapped in thick fog, a silver needle working by faint yellow gaslight. A step, muffled in the fog. Hands that reached out of the shadows and took hold of her shoulders, hands that dragged her, screaming, into the darkness. The needle and thread falling from her hands, the bows ripped from her hair as she struggled. A harsh voice shouting something angry. And then the silver blade of a knife flashing down through the dark, slicing into her skin, drawing out the blood.

She kicked out at the man holding her, succeeding in knocking the dagger from his hand; she caught the blade and ran, stumbling as she weakened, the blood draining out of her fast, so fast. She crumpled in an alley, hearing the hissing scream of something behind her. She knew it was following her, and she was hoping to die before it reached her— The Change shattered like glass. With a cry Tessa fell to her knees, the torn little bow falling from her hand.

It was her hand again—Emma had gone, like a cast-off skin. Tessa was once more alone inside her own mind. Dark exhaled, a sound of satisfaction. That was very good. The front of her dress was splotched with blood, but there was no pain. She closed her eyes, spinning in the darkness, willing herself not to faint. You remember what happened with the Adams woman.

Weeks ago she had Changed into a woman who had died of a gunshot wound to the heart; blood had poured down her dress and she had Changed back immediately, screaming in hysterical terror until the Sisters had made her see that she herself was unharmed. Black gave a little gasp. What were they talking about? Who was the Magister? She watched through lowered eyelashes as Mrs. Dark jerked the silk bellpull that would summon Miranda to come and take Tessa back to her room. It appeared that the lesson was over for today.

If we told the Magister she was ready, I cannot imagine he would not hurry here without delay. Dark, stepping out from behind the desk, chuckled. But Theresa must not be simply ready. Black, following her sister, muttered a response that was cut short as the door opened and Miranda came in. She wore the same dull look as ever.

The sight of Tessa crouched and bloody on the floor seemed to occasion no surprise in her. Then again, Tessa thought, she had probably seen far worse in this room. But what did they care whether she looked pretty or not, when they could force her to look any way they wanted? What did it matter what her true appearance was? And why would the Magister care? Black swept from the room, her sister following behind her, as she always did. At the door Mrs. Dark paused, and looked back at Tessa. Tessa flinched at the noise, but Miranda, as always, seemed utterly unaffected.

In all the time that she had passed in the Dark House, Tessa had never been able to startle the other girl, or surprise an unguarded expression out of her. Her mind was whirling. Her life in the Dark House had been horrible, but she had—she realized now—grown almost used to it. She had known what to expect each day. She had known the Dark Sisters were preparing her for something, but she had not known what that something was.

Why waste all this training on her if she was only going to die? But something in Mrs. They had achieved what they wanted with her. She spoke softly, the way she might have spoken to a nervous cat. Miranda stared straight ahead, her doughy face impassive. The shock was so intense that she could suddenly see the whole room more clearly—Miranda, the blood-splattered rug on the floor, the heavy brass globe on the desk, still tilted in the position Mrs. Black had left it in. She looked around desperately. If she hid behind the desk, Miranda would simply drag her out and haul her to her room.

It connected with a sickening sound. Miranda reeled back—and then straightened. Her cheekbone was flattened, her lip mashed against her teeth. But there was no blood, no blood at all. She moved toward Tessa, then jerked to the side, twitching and stumbling. Tessa turned from the desk and began to back away as the injured girl spun, faster and faster. She reeled across the room like a staggering drunk, still shrieking, and crashed into the far wall—which seemed to stun her.

She collapsed to the ground and lay still. Tessa raced to the door and out into the corridor beyond, pausing only once, just outside the room, to look back. Tessa darted down the hall, leaving the door hanging open behind her. She dashed for the stairs and hurtled up them, nearly tripping over her skirts and banging her knee painfully on one of the steps. She cried out and scrambled on, up to the first landing, where she dashed into the corridor.

It stretched out ahead of her, long and curving, disappearing into shadows. As she raced down it, she saw that it was lined with doors. She paused and tried one, but it was locked, and so was the next one, and the next after that. Another set of stairs led down at the end of the hallway. Tessa raced down them and found herself in an entryway. It looked as if it had once been grand—the floor was cracked and stained marble, and high windows on either side were shielded with curtains.

A little bit of light spilled through the lace, illuminating an enormous front door. She dived for the knob, seized it, and flung the door open. There was a narrow cobblestoned street beyond, with rows of terraced houses lining either side. It was close to dark, the sky the dimming blue of twilight, obscured by smudges of fog. But here the street was nearly deserted, save for a man leaning against a nearby gas lamp, reading a newspaper by its light.

Tessa dashed down the steps and toward the stranger, catching him by the sleeve. Tessa stifled a scream. Tessa turned to run, but it was already too late. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Learn more about Amazon Prime. Magic is dangerous—but love is more dangerous still. Clockwork Angel is a Shadowhunters novel. When Tessa Gray crosses the ocean to find her brother, her destination is England, the time is the reign of Queen Victoria, and something terrifying is waiting for her in London's Downworld, where vampires, warlocks, and other supernatural folk stalk the gaslit streets.

Only the Shadowhunters, warriors dedicated to ridding the world of demons, keep order amidst the chaos. Kidnapped by a secret organization called The Pandemonium Club, Tessa learns that she herself is a Downworlder with a rare ability: Friendless and hunted, Tessa takes refuge with the Shadowhunters of the London Institute, who swear to find her brother if she will use her power to help them. She soon finds herself fascinated by—and torn between—two best friends: As their search draws them deep into the heart of an arcane plot that threatens to destroy the Shadowhunters, Tessa realizes that she may need to choose between saving her brother and helping her new friends save the world…and that love may be the most dangerous magic of all.

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Could things be any worse for introverted Morgan? Twilight fans have found their fix. Kidnapped to an island of eternal night, Sofia must survive its dark prince. After the Royal Family is assassinated, Nerissa must keep her survival a secret and find the ancient prophecy that is the key to take back the throne. How do you live with yourself when you decide who dies? Find out why readers call this series "addicting. The Bachelor Meets Twilight! When Gwyn's chosen for The Pageant, it's a chance to save her family.

But can she survive the prize Cast out by her warrior family, bound by blood to a deadly enemy, what's a shape-shifting alchemist to do but change the world? The Infernal Devices Book 1 Paperback: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Contract with a Vampire.