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The American Ghost Society is a paranormal investigative group which spans the entirety of North America. It was founded in by Troy and Amy Taylor in.
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This includes medium validation, redundancy of equipment, research, and other control measures. While reports of spirits, ghosts and hauntings have been part of every culture since the beginning of recorded history, we have only recently developed equipment that can objectively document witness accounts of the paranormal.

Our investigations typically include audio and video recordings, photography, the use of various detection devices and methods, interviews, on-site physical experiments, and written accounts of whatever events that may or may not have taken place during the investigation. We enhance the investigation utilizing mediums as a "tool" to gather information which can be collaborated with gathered data.

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American Ghost Society

Sometimes we find evidence of a "haunting" or "spirit activity," and sometimes we don't. If you need assistance or have questions, contact us via email or Facebook. It is currently the oldest, active group in the state. No one was standing in the hall at the time this photo was taken! Shadow anomaly in doorway. Membership was small 82 members over 54 years [ citation needed ] and women were not allowed but during this period it attracted some of the most original and controversial minds in psychical research.

Ghost Club: Yeats’s and Dickens’s Secret Society of Spirits

The archives [ clarification needed ] of the Club reveal that the names of members, both living and dead, were solemnly recited each November 2. Each individual, living or dead, was recognized a member of the Club. On more than one occasion deceased members were believed to have made their presence felt.

Also involved were the poet W. Yeats joined and Frederick Bligh Bond joined , who became infamous with his investigations into spiritualism at Glastonbury. Harry Price , famous for his investigation into Borley Rectory , joined as a member in as did psychologist Nandor Fodor who represented the changing approach to psychical research taking place.

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The Ghost Club records were deposited in the British Museum under the proviso that they would remain closed until out of respect for confidentiality. Within 18 months, Price relaunched the Ghost Club as a society dining event where psychic researchers and mediums delivered after-dinner talks.


Price decided to admit women to the club, also specifying that it was not a spiritualist church or association but a group of skeptics that gathered to discuss paranormal topics. Members in this period included C.

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Following Price's death in , the club was again relaunched by members of the committee, Philip Paul and Peter Underwood. From Underwood served as President; many accounts of club activities are found in his books. Tom Perrott joined the club in and served as Chairman from to In , the club underwent a period of internal disruption, during which Underwood left to become Life President of another society he had revived called "The Ghost Club Society".

The Ghost Club later expanded its remit to include the study of UFOs , dowsing , cryptozoology and similar topics.

Ghost Club

In , Perrott resigned as chairman although he remained active in club affairs , and barrister Alan Murdie was elected as his successor. Murdie has written a number of ghost books including Haunted Brighton [11] and regularly writes for Fortean Times.

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  7. Gearing announced her resignation in the club's Summer newsletter. Several investigations are performed in England every year.


    In recent times, investigations have been organised in Scotland by the club's Scottish Area Investigation Coordinator.