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The Bold Adventures of Rat and Mouse eBook: Jen Turner: Kindle Store.
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Sleep like a Sheep on a Heap! The fable of the parliament of the rats and mice is as old as Aesop, and has often been adapted to express social commentary.

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  5. Critics generally see it as an observation on the problem of controlling central power and authority, which resonates with the political turmoil during the reign of Richard II However, despite his caveat to avoid overemphasizing a historical reading of the passage, he also points to allusions to the Good Parliament in his dating of the B-text xvi.

    Parliament was called in late April in an atmosphere of discontent over royal administration, diplomatic tensions and military failures. The commons presented petitions that complained about disorder and abuse at every level of government.

    Three main speakers called for relieving taxation on the commons, much of which had been improperly used, and having the king bear the expense of war. They also requested support of the commons by the lords through a council of four each of bishops, earls and barons; the king consented, expecting the facilitation of his request for a grant of supplies.

    In May, the commons reappeared with the accusation against certain royal councilors and advisers for the burden of taxation, two of whom were named. There was then a long trial during which officials accused of corruption were eventually impeached the first instance of the not yet established procedure , and the king was granted only a small portion of his financial request. The actions of the Good Parliament were perceived by the royal family as a threat to the power of the crown, so later that year the great council met and the proceedings of the Good Parliament were reversed, its main supporters penalized by various means from arrest to loss of office, title, and property, and Alice Perrers was returned to court.

    With that there ran a company of rats at once, with small mice among them, more than a thousand. They were coming to have a council for the common good, for a cat of the court came whenever he liked and leapt on them easily and seized them at his will, and played with them perilously and batted them about. And if we complain about his game he will give us all grief; he will scratch or claw us and hold us in his clutches, and make our life hateful before he lets us pass.

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    If we had the wit to withstand his will, we could be lofty lords and live at our ease. A rat of renown, most eloquent of speech, presented an excellent remedy to them all.


    They go about unleashed both in warren and wasteland wherever they like, and elsewhere at other times, as I hear tell. Were there a bell on their necklace, by Jesus, it seems to me that men might know where they were and run away. If he wishes to amuse himself, then we can appear in his presence, and if he is angry, we can be wary and shun his way.

    A mouse that showed much good sense, as it seemed to me, strode forth sternly and stood before them all and said these words to the company of rats: