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Topping and tailing this collection are The Visitor and Bitch, stories featuring Dahl's Cunt by Inga Muscio Switch Bitch by Roald Dahl Dogshit Saved My Life by Karl realize this, but Roald Dahl was a crazy twisted motherfucker in the best way. Mainly funny but heart-wrenching as well, especially the "Last Act", it is an.
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A fine copy in fine dust jacket. Alfred a Knopf Inc, Beautiful unread First Printing. Square, tight and clean throughout with just a touch of wear to spine ends but minor. Equally attractive unclipped wrapper is bright and fresh with no creases, chipping or tears.

The unexpected Roald Dahl

A hint of rubbing to extremities. A beautiful collectable copy. Contemporary owner's initials and date in ink at upper corner of front free endpaper, a fine copy in fine dust jacket. First edition, small 8vo.

Switch Bitch

Switch Bitch Roald Dahl Good. Used book in good condition. Has wear to the cover and pages. Contains some markings such as highlighting and writing. A square solid tight un-read copy. A collection of 4 cautionary Mother Goosepimple tales for grown-ups, pages.

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A nice over-all copy.. Pat Cramer, Bookseller Published: A near fine copy in a very good dust jacket. The book has a slight spine lean. The dust jacket has mild creasing at th e panel's upper and lower edges. Small rubs to its spine tips. Dearly Departed Books Published: Very good condition in good d. Used book in very good condition. Some cover wear, may contain a few marks. Ex-library with the usual stamps.

Red full-cloth boards, gilt stamped spine titles and RD at cover, lt. Dj fine; unclipped 5. These four stories originally appearing in Playboy are, by turns, funny, bawdy, touching, and outrageous.

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They are for lovers of tales that combine the macabre and the erotic with intriguing twists of plot. Switch Bitch Dahl, Roald Knopf, Slight lean to spine, else very near fine in near fine, price-clipped dust jacket. They're just not for kids anymore. These four tales are all about sex, sex, SEX. I was actually expecting them to be a bit more titillating, but it turns out they're not explicit at all -- most of the action is implied and all the juicy bits happen "offscreen".

These stories are highly dated, though. This was published in the 's, so I'm not too surprised, but the attitudes towards sex and gender roles as portrayed here are definitely of another era. All of the male characters are highly misogynistic, and that's at their best -- many of them are downright rapey. Still, they all have twist endings and the men who have taken advantage of women in the stories typically have their plans backfire and get some punishment. This was probably my favorite of the collection. Uncle Oswald is one of those people that would be absolutely insufferable in real life--a snobby womanizer who is completely self-absorbed--but he is wonderfully amusing as a character to read about.

This goes about as well as you would expect. This one isn't funny at all like the other three; it's mostly just depressing. I found the first part boring and the ending vaguely confusing. As in, they will be overcome by animal instincts, rip her clothes off, and assault her. See what I mean about the rapey? View all 5 comments. Apr 18, Eric Klee rated it it was amazing Shelves: Fox -- wrote adult-oriented stories as well. It was probably as surprising as when I found out Judy Blume wrote novels like Wifey.


While I enjoy and appreciate the short story form, Until recently, I didn't realize that Roald Dahl -- the famous writer of such children's classics as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, and the Fantastic Mr. While I enjoy and appreciate the short story form, I typically don't read short story collections because too often I feel a bit cheated. I invest my time in getting to know the characters, begin to like and understand them, and then before I know it, the story ends and the characters are gone.

This is not a reason to not read or write short stories, but it can sometimes be disappointing to a reader to get involved again and again with different characters so quickly. The title of this short story collection comes from combining the titles of two of the included short stories: Apparently, Dahl wrote a lot of short stories involving this character's travels and exploits.

Each of the four short stories included in this collection have a bit of suspense to them. It's not in a thriller sort of way, mind you, but once I read one story and realized the technique Dahl was using to write each story, I found myself a bit hooked, very curious, and rushing toward the end to see what happens.

Additionally, each story has a twist at the end, and I found myself trying to guess what was going to happen, much like an O.

Boekverslag Engels Switch Bitch door Roald Dahl |

Lastly, each story introduces some sort of scientific theory that is relevant to the story. Whether they're true or not is anyone's guess, but they're interesting enough to believe for the sake of the plot. Ironically, the introduction says that these short stories were originally published in -- of all places -- Playboy magazine; however, details of the sexual encounters are glossed over, and the narrator always says, "I won't bore you with the details I guess now I can honestly say that I read Playboy just for the articles.

I was quite entertained by Dahl's short stories in this small collection. So much so, that I'll probably look into buying and reading more. They really held my attention and seem to withstand the test of time. Jun 09, Alex rated it really liked it Shelves: Roald Dahl wrote a series of short stories for Playboy, before he got into the brilliant children's books, and here they are.

They're all to some degree about sex, because Playboy, but they mostly avoid wicked bad sexism. It's cool, nothing super special. Note that this is the second story in a row to focus on the old "It's dark so how could I possibly know who I'm fucking" trope, which is my favorite plot contrivance ever. It's the most sexist of them, in sortof a frat douche elbow-in-the-ribs way. It's all pleasant enough. Feb 08, Britt rated it really liked it Shelves: These 4 dark, sexual, but funny stories really showed me a different side of Dahl. First of all, I absolutely love his writing style.

His sentences are mostly short and easy to understand, but the way he describes things and put his thoughts into words is just utterly brilliant. English isn't my native language, therefore it was incredibly pleasant to read this book. I never knew Roald Dahl had such darkness in him, but I can tell you this I thoroughly enjoyed this book and gave it 4 out of 5 stars! Switch Bitch is a collection of four short stories about sex, connected by the same protagonist, Oswald Hendryks Cornelius, whose hilarious or disturbing adventures were later developed into a delicious novel - My Uncle Oswald.

Jul 18, Jean-marcel rated it really liked it. Well now, this might not seem the same Dahl you read when you were a kid. I mean, theme-wise, the stories complement each other very well, and although I don't know much about original publication history and such, it wouldn't surprise me if Dahl intended for them all to end up in the same volume. The stories all deal with sex in one way or another. Many of them did in a roundabout way for Kiss Kiss , too, but it's not so roundabo Well now, this might not seem the same Dahl you read when you were a kid.

Many of them did in a roundabout way for Kiss Kiss , too, but it's not so roundabout here; it's right up there and in your face, or at least as much so as something published in the early s in the english-speaking world can be expected to be. And really, you won't be missing too many sordid details just because this is an old book.

Dahl strikes a fine balance by being just suggestive enough to tell you everything you need to know and not slipping into pornographic writing.

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Plus, at least three of these stories are meant to be funny, and he has no trouble exploiting the sexual angle for humorous purposes. The climax in all four tales is inextricably connected with the sexual climax. I guess if the book were longer this would probably start to get "old", but four stories is just about perfect. I heard people talk about this one before I even read it, so when I did, it was an "oh man, it's this one! This, along with the final story, "Bitch", tells of the exploits of the lothario bastard Uncle Oswald.

The trick is that Oswal'ds nephew has inherited a huge box of the old scoundrel's diaries, which would largely make for such scandalous reading that the nephew is supposed to keep them secret. But he wants to publish them, and keeps consulting his lawyers. And the the thing is, while the diaries are told in a grandiloquent, self-inflated and pompous style, things usually don't seem to work out so well for our man Oswald in the end. He meets a fellow rich man in the form of a friendly Arab businessman, and is invited into the fellow's dreamy castle-like home.

And what do you know? The man has a beautiful wife, and a gorgeous daughter! What's a rakish gentleman to do? Well, it's no surprise after reading many Dahl short stories at least to learn that Oswald has the rug pulled out from him by the end in a nasty, unforgettable way. It's also still just ambiguous enough to make you wonder what really happened. But it's significant that it's the last ever diary entry of Uncle Oswald, isn't it? Two neighbours, who are also good friends, get together over drinks one night, and admit to each other in that bro fashion we all know so well, that they are attracted to each others' wives.

So they hatch a cunning plan to swap bed partners one night every month, without the wives ever finding out. Sound utterly fucking absurd? You bet it is, and you bet that Dahl damn well knows it and is going to string you along for all it's worth. There are quite a few moments of hilarity here, as you might expect.

The two guys bumble around for hours trying to compare "notes", to figure out how they can pull this off, to determine what each partner likes and expects from her man, only to have one of them finally throw up his hands exasperatedly and blurt out, "look, what about the really important thing? What are we gonna do about the cock size problem? Dahl is so good at endings. Ok, this story is unexpectedly depressing. It's also the only tale in the book told from a female perspective. A woman, who seems to have a perfect marriage, loses her husband in a tragic automobile accident.

It takes her a long time to start picking up the pieces of her life, and she entertains many dark suicidal thoughts. She's finally able to get a real job though and seems to be turning her life around for the better. She never takes a lover, though, despite her friends and doctor encouraging her to do so. One day while on business in Texas, she decides to look up an old boyfriend from highschool. In short, it's a terrible mistake. The guy turns out to be a jerk: Things don't go well when they hook up and the ending leaves you with the sad feeling that this might just set the poor woman all the way back to those dark, morbid thoughts.

I liked this one, but it was a real downer compared with the other tales, and also, i suppose, the most realistic, in a way. Uncle Oswald becomes the patron of a crazy scientist who wants to invent a scent that will drive men wild with lust. It works, much to Oswald's delight. But again, things don't really work out the way he wants, on multiple levels. By the time he's decided to use the horn potion to disgrace the President of the United States just because it would be fun , you know the shit is going to hit the fan. Oswald doesn't get his moment of political satisfaction, but he does get to ride with the biggest, ugliest woman he's ever seen.

I probably gave away too much here, and it probably says something bad about my character that I found this one really funny. But so be it! Hopefully I've written enough here to give you an idea whether you'll find this entertainingly ribald or a disgusting waste of time. Personally, I find the writing really sharp, witty and natural, and think this is enough to justify setting aside preconceptions about Yeah, there's a reason most of those are forgotten, I think, but this one shouldn't be. And there's just something ridiculously cool about having a book called "Switch Bitch", and it actually being good besides!

View all 3 comments. Trivizas what are you waiting for? Click on the Microsoft Word icon and type away! I'll tell you something for nothing, Roald Dahl must've been awfy good in bed. Mainly funny but heart-wrenching as well, especially the "Last Act" , it is an utterly delightful collection of short stories. Apr 12, PurplyCookie rated it really liked it Shelves: Dahl's humor is flawless and he leaves you on the edge throughout every strangely sexual tale in this book. If you haven't read "Switch Bitch" , some wonderfully sly, bawdy and remarkably well-written entertainment awaits you.

There are only four stories in this collection but its well worth reading, especially if you've already read Dahl's "My Uncle Oswald" , one of the funniest books on erotic humor I've ever read. Makes me feel like reading the other book again, to re-acquaint myself with that Dahl's humor is flawless and he leaves you on the edge throughout every strangely sexual tale in this book. Makes me feel like reading the other book again, to re-acquaint myself with that Victorian lecher of a character.

He's a man who would "absolutely never permit himself an intimate relationship to last for more than twelve hours. We thus learn of Uncle Oswald's adventure in the Sinai desert after his tryst in Cairo. He meets two of the most remarkable women in his long amorous-filled life.

We are also exposed to the "method" he utilizes to hypnotize women with words: How do they go about it you ask? He meets Uncle Oswald and proposes that with the financial backing of the former, he could then create a perfume which will send anybody into a sexual frenzy. Published in Penguin Books Archived from the original on 22 September Retrieved 20 December The Mildenhall Treasure Boy: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Retrieved from " https: Short story collections by Roald Dahl short story collections Short story collection stubs.

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