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983 Bushwick’s Living Room

Indeed, scientists expect that the next few decades of rising sea levels and intensifying storms will not be kind to our little island town. In addition to the tropical-cyclone level existential problems, we can also expect some smaller, irritating nuisances. A higher likelihood of getting our socks soaked by ever wider and harder to jump street puddles, for instance.

He goes nuts for pulling cushions off the couch and is known for chasing waves.

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Varick is the absolute cutest. And even though he often rolls in the biggest, dirtiest mud puddles he can find, he is as steadfast a pet as any dog could be. Unfortunately, Varick was found abandoned in a cardboard box in a parking garage.

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Varick now lives with the other ShelterPups while waiting for a nice human to love him. Varick hopes for just one thing: Varick is a sporty, high energy dog. Varick's crazily obedient nature makes him the perfect adoptable friend for humans that love to play a lot. I feel so safe!!!

Junior featherweight world titlist Isaac Dogboe is coming to New York. Second title defense against Emanuel Navarrete on Dec 8.

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Here is a serious combination; big roast chicken with pepper and horseradish along with that Sirius wine brewed and fermented here on site. Celebrating the ancient Hebrew holiday of Nayrot, with a nods to Judah Maccabee who renamed it Hanukkah in dedicating the holy temple reclaimed from the Greeks, the Rabbis who linked the miracle of the holy oil lasting for eight days to the magic of God and finally to its rescue through competition with Christmas to a secular celebration of the winter solstice complete with candles, dreidels, potato latkes and eight days of gifts in honor of a minor military victory.

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