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The buried treasure was unearthed four inches below the ground and is thought to be part of a high-quality pendant detailing the holy trinity. How did this.
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The find is not the first Viking treasure discovered on Rugen map: National Rise in pensioner weddings bucks national trend.


When hidden treasure is just a Stone's throw away

News Science News in Brief: News Childhood imaginary friends nothing for parents to worry about, concludes Danish research. National Socialdemokratiet proposes hour working week for immigrants on social security. If you own any of the metal detectors that I have highlighted on this website, you will find instructional videos and information regarding each detector. So how else can you learn how to metal detect? Read the manual, browse forums, check out YouTube, and most importantly, get out there and try it yourself!

You can only get so much information from reading, you have to get out there and get comfortable with your detector. I glanced through the manual and off I went to the nearest park for some treasure hunting. I was frustrated in the beginning but with metal detecting, perseverance is important. It took me months to figure out all the settings and I did lots of research on all the best locations to metal detect. I have compiled that information in this website so hopefully you have a good foundation for treasure hunting. Finally I settled on beach metal detecting and never looked back.

Finding the type of metal detecting you enjoy, whether it be beach hunting, searching for relics, or looking for gold in its pure form, it is something that you will figure out once you have had your beginner machine for awhile. If you are interested in doing further research on your first metal detector have a look at this page detailing the best beginner metal detectors.

The way you swing your metal detector is just as important as choosing the right settings. For example, if you swing to fast, the metal detector will not pick up smaller targets because it did not have enough time to pick up the disturbance in the ground, thus no target will be heard.

Metal Detecting: How to Find Buried Treasure

Additionally, if you swing your detector coil to far off the ground that is depth you are losing if it were closer. This might sound vague but this is an important metal detecting tip because digging up a target without leaving any trace of you disturbing the ground is crucial, especially if you want to return to that spot!

Find of the Month

Use the right digging tools for the job and cover your holes appropriately. Digging a plug involves cutting only a portion of the grass so as not to totally destroy the roots beneath and then firmly applying the loose grass back into the dug hole. Personally, I use a scoop on the beaches and a Lesche digger and pro-pointer when relic hunting.

I Can't Believe I Found This...... Metal Detecting Abandoned TREASURE!

Using the right tools for the job is essential if you want to improve your efficiency when digging. The longer it takes to acquire targets the less area your will be able to swing your coil over.

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Similar to learning how to dig, bringing the right equipment is everything. Your gear should help you stay out longer, dig better, and allow you to enjoy yourself when treasure hunting. For example, I have forgot my beach scoop on more than one occasion when I hastily grab my gear for a beach hunt. I usually keep a small shovel in my car so that is what I had with me at the beach. It was terrible, my ability to get targets went from seconds to minutes! Repeatedly bending over can be rough on the knees and back. These pants, knee pads, and gloves are great for metal detecting.

Equipment and Etiquette for Metal Detecting Florida Beaches

Also, if you really want to speed up the dig time, grab a Pin pointer. I will start by saying I am not a lawyer but I think I have a decent grasp on the laws governing metal detecting. Now it is mostly going to depend on your location but in general private property is going to require permission, written permission being best.

This is because if you are metal detecting on private property without permission it is considered trespassing.

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If you have any family members or friends with property, kindly ask if you can metal detect there. Also, state and national parks are off limits and usually the rangers will write you a ticket with a fine and confiscate your metal detector. Public property is hit or miss and there is a lot of grey area. Parks, beaches, schools, churches are going to be dependent on local laws and the people who work there.

I have been asked to leave a local park and I agreed, this was by a maintenance crew, not the police. Could I have argued with the guy regarding his authority, sure, but it is worth it? There are plenty of places out there. The best places to metal detect are all about finding that spot that no one else has detected or one that is continually replenished. Yes you can get lucky and find targets with little research but it can pay off big if you look into the history of the area.

Many are quite happy for you to go metal-detecting on their fields — so long as you split any profits If you would rather search beaches than fields, don't expect to make your millions. You're more likely to come across "modern finds," says Evan-Hart. If you strike lucky on your holiday, don't assume you can just pocket your treasure. Topics Alternative investments The Observer.

These amateur enthusiasts have uncovered some spectacular finds.

Viking treasure trove discovered in Scotland. Retired businessman Derek McLennan found more than objects, including solid gold jewellery, on church land last month. The crowds combing a Folkestone beach are getting a taste of the wonders of searching for antiquities, a rural pleasure that connects us to our ancestors.