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Ethics in Service [William H. Taft] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. William Howard Taft was an American jurist and statesman who served.
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In presenting and defending this new approach to ethics, care theorists have rejected the universalism, rationalism, and individualism of traditional theories. Instead of focusing upon the universal rights and obligations of individuals, care theorists have built their theory around relationships.

Research Ethics Structure in Scotland

They claim that special responsibilities can arise within particular relationships particularism that do not hold universally; they also see certain relation-building emotions as being no less important than reason. Finally, they suggest that even our personal autonomy is partly produced by our relationships.

Key themes in the ethics of care include the following: For good reasons, the ethics of care perspective is compatible with the social work profession's overriding concern about human well-being, relationships, and interdependency. This conceptual framework offers an important adjunct to traditional ethical theories that, at times, can seem formulaic, linear, sterile, and insensitive to the profound emotional consequences of ethical judgments.

Consider, for example, a case where a clinical social worker provides counseling services to a year-old adolescent who struggles with depression and anxiety. The teen tells the social worker that she just found out she is pregnant, and implores the social worker to not share this information with her parents.

Ethics Services at Providence Health Care

Using traditional ethical theories, the social worker would consider whether she has a fundamental duty to protect her client's privacy and right to self-determination a classic deontological view or whether she should make her decision based on whether she believes telling the parents would or would not produce the best outcome for all involved a classic teleological and utilitarian view , even if this means violating the client's wishes and trust. These are important, albeit possibly conflicting, considerations, but they do not necessarily factor in the critically important nature of the key relationships in the client's life, including her relationship with her parents and social worker.

Viewing this dilemma through the ethics-of-care lens would encourage the social worker to pay very close attention to the ways in which her management of this ethical dilemma would reflect and honor the caring relationship she has with her client, the client's primary relationships, and the impact of the social worker's decisions on her ability to meet her client's needs. The ethics of care does not produce easy and quick answers to complex ethical dilemmas. We accomplish this by paying careful attention to how we interact with one another and the people that we serve.

We do this not only in the care we provide today, but ethically grounded research, innovation, and teaching will continue to ensure the future wellness of the citizens of BC. Ethics is the philosophical discipline that examines ideas about right and wrong. This ensures they are able to put participants at the heart of their review.

Public sector ethics

Nodes also support full ethical review committees and sub-committees for each of the RECs which cover all other committee work including proportionate review; responses to Provisional Opinion; substantial amendments; and assessment of breaches and serious adverse events. Each Nodal centre supports research ethics committees and provides advice and training for researchers.

Each Nodal centre can provide advice to researchers and sponsors in line with HRA guidance. Full review applications need to be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the meeting.

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Applications suitable for proportionate review will be allocated to the next available meeting in any UK REC. Attendance at a full REC meeting is expected, therefore you should choose a REC that you can make yourself available for. It is possible to teleconference into some committees.